The Heart Litmus Test

May 30, 2008

Ok, so imagine you’re driving down the street and BAM! a car accident.  What are the first words out of your mouth?  Is it “subhan’Allah” or “insert profanity here.”  The fact of the matter is, this simple test is a good way to determine where your heart is right now and how much eeman it has.  So, ask yourself, how purified is your heart?  Here’s an easy-to-do recipe by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah [rahimahullah] who said:

  • “There is no doubt that the heart becomes covered with rust, just as metal dishes – silver, and their like – become rust.
  • The rust of the heart is polished with dhikr [remembrance of Allah], for dhikr polishes the heart until it becomes like a shiny mirror.
  • When dhikr is abandoned, the rust returns; and when it commences then the heart again begins to be cleansed.
  • Thus the heart becoming rusty is due to two matters, sins and ahafah [neglecting remembrance of Allah].
  • Likewise, it is cleansed and polished by two things, Istighfaar [seeking Allah’s forgiveness] and dhikr.”

Take Home Message: Always remember Allah and ask for his forgiveness.  You got some free time?  Recite some Quraan.  Walking to class?  Riding the bus?  Laying down?  Say some dikr.  What if that accident is the one the causes your death and those are to be your last words?  Remember Allah and pass the heart litmus test, insh’Allah.

(Source: Al-Waabilus-Sayyib Minal-Kalimaat-it-Tayyib, p. 80)

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