How to Give a Shahada in Ten Minutes

August 19, 2007

How to Give (and Get) a Shahada in 10 Minutes

By Kamal El Mekki (former Imam at George Mason University) 

Great Reward; Nabi Allaah ” were you to guide one person through you it is better for you than the red camels.” So if you teach one person to pray you get the reward, as well if those people teach 10 or more people. If we keep on doing these things Nabi Allaah (sal Allaahu 3layhi was salaam) gets the reward for it as well until Yawmu Deen.

And you can not guide the blind from their straying….

Two Types of Guidance
1.) Hidayatul Irshaad: Verily you do not guide those whom you love, but Allaah gives guidance to whom he wills.
You can give dawah to the same person more than once, some people will take longer than others but the dawah is still our duty.2.) Hidayatul tawfiq: This is from Allaah, this is when Allaah opens a persons heart to Islam. Our duty is to only let people know where the truth is. Allaah puts the hidaya in the heart the da’ee (caller) does not do that.

This type of guidance is from Allaah, and when you know that this is true, nothing can stand in your way. In the end direct them and the rest is up to Allaah. Allaah guides whom He wills, and Allaah is the one whom places guidance in the heart.

Obstacles on the Path of Getting a Shahada:

1.) Expecting Instant Results, you can not expect instant results, if they do not take the message right away do not give up.2.) I don’t have enough Knowledge, As long as you are Muslim you have enough knowledge. They will not ask complicated questions, so go with what you know.3.) I myself am in need of Allaah, Who’s heart is 100%, that is a mental obstacle. If your intent is good then you will find that you will get results. This type of thinking are just excuses, no one is all knowledgeable of Islaam, but the effort and the intentions is what get results.

4.) Not knowing who you’re talking to, We need to fund out who we are talking to, what obstacles they have. Many times we assume they are Christians, and that they believe in the Trinity. You must let the person talk and find out where they are coming from, this helps the dawah a lot.

Umar (ra) when he first became Muslim he brought a lot of people to Islam, 10 of which were giving the glad tidings from Allaah. The non Muslim that you are calling will not ask you questions that are so hard, thus, your knowledge of Islaam does not have to be at the level of a scholar.

The reality is like having a scarf that you wash, in the end are your hands clean, yes, but the intent in the start was not to wash your hand’s, it just happened in the process.

Not knowing who you are talking to, do not assume everyone you are talking to is Christian. As well as there are obstacles from the prospect, sometimes people are looking for a sign. In the bible it talks about a clear sign like a vision, so people are looking for a sign. Allaahs says; ‘ Verily these things are signs for those who contemplate/ or for those who consider” in another ayat. Sometimes people already have their vision, but they are waiting for the deep voice or a light. If you love Islam from studying then become Muslim. Sometimes you may only get one sign from Allaah, so you have to let people know the signs of Allaah are subtle. Asking what the person dislikes about Islam, may save you a lot of time. So tell them if you are waiting for a sign would you like a big neon sign (to show them how silly this thinking is). So again, the signs of Allaah are subtle, if Allaah puts you in a position then take advantage of that. Allaah is choosing you, and putting you in this moment over everyone else. Go over the 5 pillars, it may take some time but it is worth it, and they may remember what you said for the rest of your life.

Excuses for Not taking Shahada:

1.) Looking for a Sign: The signs of Allaah or subtle and sometimes often Allaah puts you in a situation to receive hidaya.

Soorah Ra’d: In these are signs for those who consider.

2.) Misconceptions about Islam/Muslim/Religion: Thinking that problems and misconceptions apply to Islam as well as Islam, when this is not the case at all. Sometimes people have misunderstandings about Islaam, and religion as a whole. Do away with these misconceptions. 3.) Problems are caused by Islam: Thinking that Islam will cause a problem in their life and in their daily dealings.Some people feel that religion causes problems, well this Is not correct, find the problem and apply the medication. 4.) Influences of family and society: Feeling that they will be shunned by the people and get negative feed back because of their new found faith.

Rejection from friends and family, we cover every thing with a person and they still refuse. Ask them what is stopping them from becoming a Muslim at that moment.

5.) Problems apply across the board: For instance the actions of the people can not be used to view Islam, that is that individual person, not Islam and His prophet (saw).

Some people have a Big problem with Christianity and think this applies to all of the religions. This is not the case, and many people do not know all religions. Say Christianity if that is what you mean, because the majority of people do not know about All the religions to generalize like that.

Some people think the problem with their religion applies to All religion’s.

The Various Dawah Methods:

1.) Pamphlet Pushing: Setting Areas with heavy traffic. Make sure you bring enough material, as well as make sure that you get as many people as possible and that time allows.Pick and area with heavy traffic, have a plan you and another sister/brother on both ends. Get as many pamphlets out as possible. Have a catch phrase, you either take it or you hear it. ” Free information on the purpose of Life” Catch phrase get people to stop.2.) Goal is to hand out as much material as possible, get as many coming in and out as possible.

3.) Requires a plan for canvassing the area:

4.) Not much talking:

5.) Cover the entire pathway so you don’t miss a single person:

6.) Have a catch phrase to arouse interest! Take it or hear it. Either the person takes the sheet or they get a long drawn out talk from you and they wont like that because it will take up time.

7.) Know what you are handing out. Maybe read the material ahead of time so you can properly facilitate.

Do not make Islaam sound like Christianity or Judaism that is not how it works.

One on One

1.) Time is of the essence. Be efficient! You will not have much time to get into a long discussion on Islam, so make sure you are clear and concise. Two or three people is good enough, do not make the people or person feel like you are ganging up on them.2.) Travel in groups or pairs, Take others with you so that you may all get the point across, as well as in case there is more than one person.3.) Take security into consideration!

Walk with me
**One on One/ Sit Down
A detail oriented theological discussion; usually pre-planned

1.) Begin with how much the person knows on Islam, diagnose to find a problem2.) You have time, but still use it wisely3.) Listen, do not interrupt and let them finish

4.) If the person has studied Islam: find the core issue that keeping him/her from Islam.

Find out what the sickness is and apply the medication. Find out what bothers them or confuses them about Islaam.

Do’s/ Dont’s
1.) Do Be patient, be prepared to come across people who do not want to hear your dawah.Going to give dawah you have to be patient, All the prophets were rejected denied, accepted. Keep going and being patient.

2.) Do be straight forward, Allaah is straight forward in the Qur’an so do the same, Allaah says; ” They ask you about” He is direct. “Say”

Allaah is direct and to the point so be straight forward with the people. Do not let people think you are trying to trick them.

3.) Do aviod unnecessary confrontations. Arguments…simply move on. Some people just like to argue, and they have no intention of having a civil conversation, so go on. Focus on Tauhid, if they do not want to keep them on this issue.Unnecessary talk unrelated to the dawah end it. Keep your eye on tauhid. This is why having a partner is a good idea, because that person will keep you on track and you will keep him focused. Remain on tauhid, you want to take that person through the process of negating the Trinity. One must train themselves to remain on the subject at hand. If they do not get tauhid they will not get the rest.

4.) Keep your eyes on the ball and keep the ball rolling; Some people like to get off the subject and they will divert you from the main point. If they go into talking about meat animal rights, cut them off that has nothing to do with Tauhid.

5.) Have a partner with you; If you have another person with you the other person may have another view, or may see something that you missed, and will be able to interject, and add to the missed issues. As well as for a precaution.

6.) Use simple language, use small word, do not go into large words the person is un-clear about. DO not speak in another language or use big ambiguous words that they do not understand.

8.) Understand needs, obstacles and issues:

9.) Listen with your eyes and your ears 70-80% of communication is non-verbal. Listen for the needs and concerns of this person, find out what they are lacking in understanding about Islam.

Our job is not to corner them, to try and refute each point they make. Do not argue with them.

Tell them that only you (meaning themselves) are the one that can convert you, I will not convert you.

10.) Try to coin statements into a positive manner, highlight words like “good” & “yes”11.) Be neat and clean in appearance.12.) Get your prospect to listen: Nod, say I hear you and understand your point that way they feel you are listening to them as well, so that they may give you the same respect. Remain eye contact.

It is important that you get them to listen, by doing so you must listen to them.

13.) Use open gestures: Smile, Laugh, lean into them, maintain eye contact but do not stare.14.) Find points to agree upon: Present them with concepts that will get you a “yes” , They may think that you are laughing at them but keep a smile on your face, that way they feel easy with you. As well as smiling at your brother and sister. Nabi Allaah (saw) “Do not belittle any of the good deeds.”

If you have 99 differences with a person and you find one to agree upon, then you build on that one point.

15.) Acknowledge their questions as intelligent: Ask this person in simple terms that is it possible that Allaah not send messengers, then ask is it logically possible that Allaah could have sent many messengers, they will say yes, if Allaah wants He can send whom he wills. Do not ask if they believe it, ask them if it is possible. If the person does not have a problem with this then give him his/her shahadah. GO in order establish the Oneness of God, and that He sent messengers one after the other.Ask this person is it logical that someone like Jim Jones whom instructed many people to commit mass suicide a prophet, they will for sure say no.Ask the person is it logically possible that Isa was not the last Prophet, that He sent another? Do not ask them if they believe it, but if it is logical.

“That’s a good question”
“I’m actually glad you brought that point up”
“I can see why you understood it that way”

You may explain something to some one and you ask them to become Muslim, and they still say no. They need to know what they are getting into. Explain the five pillars, and other small things related to Islaam may keep them away from Islaam, so explain the five pillars. Sometimes the major things are ok, but the lesser points will push them away.

Cover the Main things
.16.) Ask for a name: Be personable, get to know the person, be on a first name basis. Makes it appear you do care.Nabi Allaah (sal Allaahu 3layhi was salaam) said to Uthman ibn Af’an: Verily I am the Messenger of Allaah sent to You, and to the rest of humanity.

17.) Find out the beliefs of your prospect: Do not assume that this person believes in the trinity, educate them about the oneness of Allaah, and His tauhid.. As well as how He send messengers (saw). As this person.

18.) Avoid human obstacles (partner), do not let other distract you from the prospect whom is interested. If someone calls you away do not let them interfere, tell them one moment, do not let anyone get between you and the prospective shahada.

Often another Muslim will interrupt you giving the shahada to a non-Muslim, do not let human obstacles get in the way. Let your partner if you are a pair deal with the obstacles. Remove obstacles away from you and your prospective shahada!

Focus the talk on what their misconceptions are.

GOLDEN RULE: Ask for the SHAHADA [/B]Close the deal, do not let the person get away with out that shahada (if you can help it, and without being pushy), the person can die after they leave your company. Doing this is like a sales, be the care salesman, go for the close ask for the business. Tell the person you are not asking them to change their entire life, but rather asking them to believe in what they already know. The person will be a bit hesitant in the beginning. Do not think the person will change right away. Nabi Allaah, he did not get the ayat about alcohol until later on, let the Imaan sink in. One must ask for the shahada, other wise it does not work! ” The Home-Team religion.”95% of All sales that do not go through, it’s because the salesman did not ask for the sale (i.e, the shahada) Ask for the shahada, go for the goal. Even when you think the person is not ready. They will know that one of their obligations is to accept Islaam.!


19.) Don’t start by attacking or being aggressive people become defensive and put a mental block.This is a bad idea, because the people will become upset. Example: Ahmed Dedaat debate, some Muslims are passing them on to their Christian friends, it is not a good way to be. Aggressiveness is always shunned by non-Muslims. Sometime this way is to harsh. This person may never become Muslim after being insulted. Do not be the reason why someone never becomes Muslim until they die.20.) Don’t use an approach that may annoy people. Like using a mega-phone, do not annoy and aggravate people. You will be attacked. Do not be aggressive, do not agitate people.

Aggressive Dawah! Annoying Approaches Should Be abstained from!

21.) Don’t be evasive: The prospect feels that this is a bad religion and that you have cornered him, and they will then not respond. Do not give people hardcore dawah, so much so that the person feels almost like they were forced and had to submit.

22.) Never use the ‘lets not push him’ technique: Saying oh let’s give him 10mins. Making the person feel like they can not leave with out taking shahada, almost so much so that you put fear in their heart. The person has to have knowledge of what they are saying. Do not tell them to repeat behind you in arabic, and they do not know what they are saying then tell them that they have just taken shahada. Allaah (swt) says: “They wish that you would compromise with them so that they can compromise with you.” Make sure you remove this type of person.


23.) Never interrupt a person giving dawah unless VERY GOOD reason or you have a good point your partner overlooked.

If it is an experienced person, do not interrupt unless it is dyer need. If you see your partner having a hard time, then you can step in and affirm his words, or pick up where that person (your partner) left off.

24.) Don’t Begin a sentence with “No” or “What you need to understand.”

25.) Don’t use “but” it erases all that was said before it. Instead use ” I agree”

People erase everything before the “but” Do not negotiate!

When something in Islaam is haraam, all the avenues that lead to it are forbidden as well! When the Jews came to Nabi (saw) and said worship our god for one day I will worship your God for one Year !Allaah revealed” Soorah Qalam, “They wish that you would compromise with them so that they can compromise with you.”26.) Give up if the person seems uninterested or makes fun of you. If the person seems to be making fun or laughing that you then you may wan to give up but keep trying. They may try to make fun of you but keep going. Be patient with these types of people be firm and do not make up things.27.) Do not Falsify nor exaggerate information. Do not make things look false, like saying oh it is just your average American life, tell them that there is a difference. Do not feel sorry about Islam, do not do this trying to make Islaam comfortable for them.

28.) Misrepresent Islam’s position regarding the other party ” Don’t make the kafir comfortable with his Kufr”! If you do this they do not feel the need to become Muslim. If you dumb down the religion then they do not feel the need to become Muslim.

Do not mis-represent Islaam, if you go to a Jew or Christian and they say what does Islaam say about them, tell it to them plainly. ” You are going to Hell”, tell them what Allaah says. Do not make them comfortable with their kuffar.

29.) Make a Judgment based on Looks. If the person seems or appears to be off mentally, or seems to be not wanting Islam, then leave them alone. However, looks may be deceiving someone may be interested and you miss out due to first looks.

Methods and Techniques:

1.) Avoiding Handshakes: There is no need to shake the hands, {coughing and sneezing in your hand does not work}. Simply say I do not shake hands. Occupy your hands so much so that you do no have room to shake the persons hand. Do not free your hand.2.) Using the name “Allaah” Do not be afraid to do this: Use the name Allaah, this sets you apart from the other deviant sects out their, You have to submit to God, this sounds like all the other religions out, Allaah is just the name of Allaha in Arabic. That is all it is, they are the same God, using Allaah set you apart. Make it a disclaimer.3.) Clothing: thobe vs. pants: The only difference is that the people think you are clergy and as well it brings you dawah. As well as making yourself stand out from the non-Muslim and seeming to be a minister for the religion is keen.

4.) Using aggression appropriately : Nabi Allaah (saw) was this way as well, because you have to wake people up, they must know the reality. Let the person have it. Let them know that all their money and everything that only your good deeds and your family is with you, and even they leave you. Let them know of the punishment of Allaah, because they, the prospects tend to joke. You want to take them away from the laughter, and get to the seriousness. Nabi Allaah (saw) sometimes he would say something harsh even though he was gentle. In different ethnic groups some people can take harsh dawah. However, let them know that the bible has been altered and that the Qur’an has not changed. The bible is not a reliable source, and show them, because they will challenge you.

Jeremiah 8/8.

Why is it that the Trinity is the Most important issue in the Bible, They say ” There are three that bare in heaven.” How can this be the case when Jesus never said that he was a god, it never says that because it was invented in the 4th century, Constantine gathered the people after he became Christian and he waned to unite the people under one dogma. 325 AD, they wrote out the doctrine of the trinity the term (Oma Usi)…. of the same substance. {Athinisus}

How do you go from asking someone is something logically possible to say the shahada? The idea of what you believe is logically possible and what you believe is not that big of a gap. Other’s who claim to be a prophet had no mention or made no mention of the rest of the prophets, and did not come with the same message even as the other messengers. Nabi Allaah saw came with the very thing that other’s came with before him (saw).

Walk-away point: Depends on the type of Dawah;

When to know you are wasting your time, the thing is you will not know, and maybe you are not wasting your time. Some time people believe inwardly and disbelieve outwardly.

Never give up on a person, continue to talk and you may get result’s. The person may be affected years later, and even if they do not take their shahada, they may understand and sympathize with Islaamic causes.

When people are acting in a strange behavior and seem to be out of their mind, and show that they are not listening. Or if you run out of time. Why do you cover/ Why do you not cover, it is something which is natural, this is the first thing that Adam/Hawa did when the understood their nakedness. Why do you grow the beard, why not, why do you shave it is something which is natural.

Part II
Understanding Dawah from the Qur’an:
” Call to the way prescribed by your Lord with wisdom and with fine admonition, and debate with them in the best manner (Soorah an Nahl 16:125” And do not debate with the People of the Book except with the Best WORDS , (calling to Allaah by means of His signs and by drawing attention to the proofs He has provided)……Soorah al Ankaboot (20:46)Understanding Dawah from the Qur’an:

” Say, O Muhammad, this is my way: I call to Allah (alone), upon certain knowledge myself and those who follow me, and Allaah is free from all imperfections and partners, and I am free from those who associate anything in worship along with Him.” (Soorah Yusif 12:108)

Using the best words, and debating in the best manner…

Make sure the dawah is for Allah it is not for you, when you do it for Allaah if you are insulted you do not care, when it is for you, you feel hurt and want to attack back. As long as you have the basics you can go and call others to the way of Allaah. And do not call to something from which Allaah and His messenger did not perscribe.
” Whoever calls to guidance then there is for him a reward like the rewards for those who follow him and that will reduce nothing from their rewards, and whoever calls to misguidance will have sin upon him like the sins of those who follow him, and that will reduce nothing from their sins.”Patience:Indeed messenger before you, Muhammad were denied and rejected buy they patiently bore the denial, rejected and harm of their people until Our aid came to them.


“Indeed it is We who have sent down this Qur’an to you, Gradualy.”
” So be patient with what your Lord has decreed”The simplicity of the Matter:1.) They said: ” Are you the one who has done this to our gods, O Ibrahim” He said: ” Nay, this one, the biggest of them did it….”) referring to the one he had left alone and had not broken.

Most people think problems with their religion automatically apply to others.

2.) (Ask them, if they can speak). He was hoping that why would admit of their own volition that these idols could not speak and that this idol would not say anything because it was inanimate.3.) So they tuned to themselves and said: ” Verily, you are the wrongdoers.” Then they turned to themselves: “Indeed you know well that these speak not!’) He said: ” Do you then worship besides Allaah, things that can neither profit nor harm you”) Fie upon you, and upon that which you worship besides Allaah! Have you then no sense.)What we are trying to do is get people to think outside of their BOX. Because people are within a certain way of thought and only by them getting out of their box will they then see the error within. One must take a step back and see the flaw to understand the error in their ways. By Ibrahim doing what he did he got them to think outside the box.

4.) The Questionnaire: Ask people what is the purpose of life, to work, make money, get them to think out side the box. They will for sure ponder their creation. Some people will reply and or respond to this question if you ask them, with to get money pursue a certain dream. This can be your clue to give them the answer.

5.) Questions you can ask: What is the Purpose of Life? Gods in Thailand: They feed fresh food the idols in this country, they do not think and ever ponder why the food is not being eaten. They can not see something that is so clearly flawed. If the purpose of life is to make money look around the world, Japanese work to hard, so he explored the Saudi culture and he discovered about Islam. One needs to contemplate the purpose of life.

Most people think problems with their religion is automatically apply to others.
Main advantage we have is Tauhid, their main disadvantage is the Trinity.
Thinking Outside of the BOX: 6.) Trinity: three in one or one in three? If they say it is one in three then they are worshipping three gods.1+1+1, How can this equal one? This equation does not make sense, how does this mathematical problem still equal one? So they must be worshipping three gods! Whenever you find something that is not logical make a comparison to the Dunya. If you take three water bottles and ask them how many are there, they will not say 1+1+1, they will say three. They will not ask you “Oh are we multiplying”. Isa gave many sermons on the mount, not once does he mention, or explicitly say this. All the terms that were Used are ambiguous! John 3/16How can this be the most important message that Isa was sent with. That is like saying you are going to teach someone French and then giving them a Spanish book. When Isa “said” I and my father are one, did this mean literally?

How many gods were there when Jesus died for three days? Because he had to die for three days (according to them) ? Most Christians do not know, and can not answer this question.

Your main advantage in giving dawah to non Muslims is that we believe in the Tauhid and they do not. Is the trinity three in one/ one in three? If you ask them this question, they will be confused themselves. If they say it is one in three they worship three gods.

7.) How many Gods where there when Jesus died for three days? God the son on earth, god the spirit between the two, then god the son whom died for three days and raised form the dead, during these three days how many gods were there. 1+1+1, this equation is not logical, the result will be three. To make people think logically give them a comparison to the dunya.

How can this be the most important part of the religion, when it is never spoken about. If we are the children of God, then we are all gods. But they will say will he is the begotten son. Psalms/John Chpt. 2.” You are my son, and this day I have begotten you”

God says to Israel you are my first born son, we do not take this literally, so why then do we take it literal about Isa (saw).

8.) Why never an explicit mention of the Trinity in the bible since it is the crux of the religion? If this is the main issue of the trinity that Allaah or god sent his son to die for us, since the fall of man until the descending of Isa, God has been upset with humanity. Bible “The parent is not responsible for the sin of the parent nor the child for the sin of the baby, or child”. How can this be the Most Important issue and Isa himself never spoke about it. Why is it when a praise is made of Isa it is divine, but when another prophet is mentioned it is ignored. Jesus said I am the word, does this negate that it means he is god, unless you bend it and force it you will not understand it that way. Where was Isa before he came on earth, so did he know he would be sent down to expiate the sins of all of humanity? If Isa did not know what was going on then he was not a god, when he was about to die, he said let this cup pass from me? Or how about when he was placed the cross why did he say ” Why has God forsaken me”? This is a religion where it is logical and there is no confusion therein. Our religion has signs which do not contradict themselves. If you look at the start of the gospel of John, is says kids not born of natural will but of god, then we all are children of god. But they say well it is not children like Isa, but in the lesser sense. Psalms 2: God speaks directly to David, and; “says you are my son, this day I have begotten you.”

Some people are emotionally attached to this belief of trinity, they do not logically believe in them. They also say well my father, mother, brother, as well are Christians. “The Home Team Religion”. So you will see most times that some people do not think it makes sense they have emotional feelings for it.

When you come to them from this angle, they make excuses like it being a mysterious thing, the bible said “God is not the author of confusion.”

Trinitarian Analogies:

The Egg One egg, the yoke, the and the shell. The minute you separate these things they are not the same thing anymore, it is no longer an egg. You can be a wife, sister, daughter, however, each of these things have their own attributes and you can not be the daughter of your husband. The trinity was physically separated so how were they one.

So how could it be the son was physically separated form god. If they were physically separated they are not one anymore. Act, God will say to Isa come sit at my right hand. The author says this is not set in stone. Even in the heavens they are separated.

The flame: The fire, the heat, and this is three things, but if you separate these things it will not be a flame, which makes the fire.

Water: one substance that can be a gas, liquid, or solid____ Water one substance in three forms, you can not use an example of three things to explain three in one. How do you use an example of one thing that can be three things at once, to explain something that is three in one? The concept does not make sense. No one will logically comprehend, if Jesus is god in the flesh and god is the spirit then, ask them for the daleel? They will say it is inferred. If they are co-equal whom is worshipping whom? Bring them into the truth kindly! What about those people who say believe, and then you will understand. This is one argument that they put forward. This is like a doctor giving you a sugar pill and being told it will help you thinking it is medication. But if you were told in the beginning then you would not have took it. You are comparing it to something deceptive any way, it is a method used to trick people.

Before Isa was sent down to earth did he have a say so in the heavens? Did he know he was doing to die? Why then did he make sujood in the garden of Yosemite?

The problem is a lot of people focus on the emotion because like Mormons they always go back to saying our book is the truth. The fact that you are comfortable with something does not make it ok. Like the monk who sits in the temple does not make It ok. This means we need to remove emotional feelings with regards something being the truth. I saw, I felt does not mean you are right. We have to get them away from that feeling.

Using Stories and Analogies: When doing this make sure you utilize the following guidelines:

1.) Begin with the most simple explanation first, and the more complicated as the situation necessitates.
2.) Make comparisons to the dunya. What happens to someone who spies on USA, so why is it hard for them to understand that the same thing will happen when leaving the religion of Allaah. If they do not take this argument, Deuteronomy 30-8-9: Here it says the one who leaves his religion, he should be killed. They do not even know this is in their book. If this does not work then go into another detail, 73 Ali Iram Allah (Swt) says: ” A group from the people of the book would say believe in Islam, and leave it at the end of the day.” This is what the non-Muslim used to do, Jews become Muslims in the morning and leave at the end of the day, so this goes on and on, what will happen to the mentality of the people seeing this. Will this deter people from becoming Muslim, so Allaah legislated this and how many Jews did this the next morning, NONE!However, the bigger issue is Tauhid and that must be focused on. The punishment on top of jail is being abused physically and mentally. We have the truth, do not apologize for the religion of Allaah. Deuteronomy 8-9, 73 Al-Imran, for the one whom leaves his religion (Islaam).

Using Stores and Analogies:

1.) Put the religion under the microscope.We invite people to put Islam under the microscope, you will not find a mistake therein, we are very confident about Islam, we tell them ok, it’s either true or false. We invite others to find flaws in Islaam.2.) Human value system

Every society or community will determine what is wrong and what is good. In some society it is not wrong to still, “We borrow and forget to ask”. By law if you catch someone stealing you have to go to the jail and see them taking them food and drink. Some things that are good in the society are bad in the sight of Allaah. So when you say I am just going to be good, and you have a boyfriend that is not good.

3.) Evil and the Jar of darkness

If God is good and loving why does bad things happen to people. You respond by saying one way is that it expiates your sins. Darkness does not exist in and of it self, it only shows up when there is no light. When people do not follow these rules then this is the result. Heat and cold: There is no such thing as cold it only occurs as a result of lack of heat.

4.) Religion and violence

Most of the violence on earth is because of religion, well lets count and do the math and see if this claim is correct. WWII alone 23million people died, this was for land, oil and that war did not have anything to do with religion, there was an ideology involved but it was not the main theme of the war. Any act of violence or religion was, was it motivated by someone reading scriptures. Example, If some one a Palestinians blows himself up, was it because he saw an ayat about this? No, it was a pursuit over land. Even the best example the crusades had nothing to do with religion, they drew images of Muslims desecrating holy Christian sites. There are other factors that come into play here. The verses were revealed in the time of war in the Qur’an relating to killing the non-Muslims at that time.

a.) most violence not because of religion
b.) Media, politics vs. pure teaching to kill

5.) Women polygyny 1+1=2

If you do not understand you will not get a an algebra equation, why would one focus on 4 wives and not tauhid. One must focus on one God, and He is the only creator and that worship is only for Him, then this is when they will understand everything else, they will understand. Why does Allaah care if you eat a ham sandwich, no, it is how you are going to obey Allaah. When Allaah says do something does not matter how much bug or small it is. Allaah owns your body as well, and it is His to make commandments.

6.) Concept of Justice and resurrection.

How do you explain that there is a god but no resurrection, how do we refute this person. Describe this god to me, and they will say he is wise, all knowing fair, and just. Ok, now if you say he is all of this lets say that one person is good and been this way off his life, and he does lie cheat or steal, and you say there is no resurrection he is done and buried and it’s it. Then you have a guy that is the opposite and did bad deeds, dies and is buried and is not brought back. These two people are in the same place, is this fair. Infants have this understanding better than adults that there is a reckoning, they know even at this age they know retribution. How is it that Allaah will not or cant do this and understand punishment and reward. Islam is the abrogation of Jewish Christian religion.

7.) Prophet continuation chart

The Jews come and believe in all the Ambiya but Isa, Christians come believe in all prophets but Muhammad, Islam comes and we believe in all of them one in the same. We believe in the same angels and that heaven is the same.

Some people have no idea that the prophets have or had the same belief. We believe in All the messengers, believing in them all. The Jews deny Isa, the Christians deny Muhammad.

8.) Organized religion/Disorganized religion

If you do not want organized religion do you believe in the opposite, disorganized religion? With life everything must be organized, ones own self wants things to be organized. You will not find someone wanting this in dunya so why for Allaah?

9.) Fun and Happiness

People confuse fun and happiness, They feel like they have to play all the time and do the things that non-Muslims do. The body eats, sleep, but what about the soul. Even Atheist believe in something. Everyone has some type of system. When they play to the max, they see this emptiness. Investing your time in something that when you look back will only feel like moments, isn’t it worth it then to leave this life-style. So what is the use of this, this is one way to get people to think of something different.

10.) The names of Jesus and Moses mentioned in the Qur’an more than Muhammad

Emphasized the names of Isaa and Musa (as) more than the prophet Muhammad. If you want fame and fortune go to this man, is this self promotion? If we assume that he did this for himself would he pump himself up, instead of Musa and Isaa, and would he make himself a regular human being, “I am a human being like you.” You would find contradictions in what he said, “The senseless evasion of the Islaamic equation.”

If he were not a real Prophet (saw) he would have had senseless solutions that did not make sense. If he got money he would have not lived in poverty. He was not in it for the wealth and the status.

If Muhammad was not a real Messenger, he would not have mentioned Isa and Musa more than himself. IF he wrote the Qur’an then for sure he would have out of wanting popularity mentioned himself more in the book than other prophets and messengers. This is one way that we know he was a real messenger (sal Allaahu 3layhi was salaam).

11.) Tauhid nor partner mention children, wives, friends helpers, ridiculous

When you mention grandchildren or wife, or cousins. You ask people if they have a problem with this. Explain the logical and ask them if they have a problem with that. So, Allaah sends Prophets, so out of His fairness he send messengers to warn them. Is this logically, is what you could ask them.

Why was Muhammad the last messenger (sal Allaahu 3layhi was salaam) Because Allaah protected and prefected His religon.

12.) Explain concept/logic then ask if there is a problem with that logic. Is it logically possible that this happen or could be?
Why do people convert:13.) Agrees with human nature and makes senseThe concept of Islam makes sense, when you come to Islam it agrees with human nature and it makes sense. Others are impressed at how Muslims are devoted to Islam it self. Often times the best dawah is example, because we are so dedicated they find this to be good and it impresses them. The conversion of Hamza: Nabi Allaah (saw) was making tawaf around the kaba, and it ended with them attacking him, Abu Bakr came to his aid, and Nabi went back the next day to make tawaf and abu jahal would insult him every time he (saw) came around. A woman saw this and when she got up and left out of the harshness of this, she told Hamza if you would have seen what this person did to Muhammad. Hamza said you curse Muhammad while I am upon his religion. He went home and the Qurash hear this, Hamza said he could not sleep that night, do I go back on my words, or do to embrace it. So made dua, O Allaah if this religion is for me keep me upon it, if not keep me away from it. Hamza said a word that brought him into Islam. We must create the sense of urgency.14.) Prayers

15.) Solutions to Social ailment

16.) Devotion of Islam’s followers

Create the Sense of Urgency:

17.) Uqbah ibn abi Mueet

He was a leader of Qurash and when tension grew between Nabi and them, he invited Nabi to his home and asked him to eat, Nabi said I will not eat until you testify there is no God but Allaah (worthy of worship) I am the messenger of Allaah. So he said I will not eat, so Uqbah said his shahadah, and the next day Waleed ibn Mughria his friend from childhood, said either me or Muhammad. So he goes back and spits on the face of Nabi. Allaahs says: ” The day when the un-just person bite his entire hand saying I wish I had not taken this person, but this person. But his shahadah kept him as a muslim until pressure from dunya made him leave.

Allaah (swt) says: “We have not become believer but rather we have submitted!”

18.) Omar ibn Al Khattab

Nabi saw grabbed him and said is not it time for you to be Muslim. Then the news they got was that Umar was coming to the house, he knocked on the door, Hamza said let him enter and I will kill him with his own sword, he became Muslim.

19.) Abu Sufyaan

Ibn Abbaas raced him and gave him protection until he got to Nabi (saw), then Nabi said is not it time for you to testify, he said I have not problem with Allaah being one, but you I have a problem with. Imaan did not enter his heart at this point however. Imaan entered his heart the next day, when Bilaal was sitting next to the kaba, and said may Allaah save my father from seeing this black man on top of the kaba. Abu Sufyaan, did not say one word, on three occasions at this time Imaan had entered his heart. He became Muslim on the eve of them entering Mekkah/Bakkaah

Abu Sufyan said as for Allaah being one, I have no problem with that. But as for you being the Messenger of Allaah I have an issue with that. He said after when he took his shahada, even though imaan did not enter his heart. The incident occurred when a black man (Bilal) entered and desended the kabah, Abu Sufyan did not say anything, at this point he said Imaan entered my heart.

20.) Say ” La ilaha ilalah

He created a sense of urgency, he did not make it a stipulation that one had to have imaan, they just wanted them to submit. There is a differnce between submitting and having Imaan. One must create the sense that this issue of them saying their shahada is of extreme importance. The imaan will come later by being among the Muslims and studying on the religion. Explain to them that one is not promised tomorrow, that they can not put it off, get the shahada, they do not have time and express this to them.

Many times Nabi Allaah (saw) said Ya Fulan, qul la illaah ila Allaah!

How to approach people: Direct/Indirect approaches

Indirect approach:

1.) Dawah through manners and behavior.

Show them Islam through indirect measures, through your actions. But, we must not abuse this. One must as well work and propagate the religion as well. We have to give dawah.

2.) Having a discussion with a friend or partner intending for non-Muslims to hear.

So we do this a lot taking a bus, elevator and start a chat with a friend. Seem as if you are making dawah to your friend, and have him reply to your questions. And that way all who are around will receive the message. We can do this is school, work any where.

3.) Performing acts of worship in Public

The girl whom became Muslim was at the airport, three middle eastern men look at their watch and then go to the bathroom. She said then they came out and the other advanced forward, and they began to make beautiful movements. She got on her plan and I close my eyes and saw them bowing and prostrating. Just as the man washing his foot in the bathroom at work, this is also dawah to the non-Muslim. It starts a curiosity in them. Someone made shahada after seeing a picture of a kaba.

a.) Prayer at Airport
b.) Foot in the sink
c.) Picture of the Kaba

4.) Leaving pamphlets on train and bus seats/bus stations/doorsteps/hotel rooms/ Dr. office etc.

5.) Bumper stickers

6.) Other methods
Direct Approach:7.) If you have a dawah table8.) In street dawah approach is very straight forward.9.) But in an elevator or store? How? What ways are there to strike up a conversations?

10.) Are you a Muslim? Why not?/ From this response you see how far or close they are to Islam.

Ask, if they say no, say why not? Ask inquire get them thinking as to why they are not Muslim. You have to save time so get right to the point.

As well you will yourself find ways to strike up conversations with a non-Muslim. They have this calm look to their faces, and you can see that they will make good Muslims. Start about little things, just find something to talk about with this person. Again Allaah puts you in the path of someone whom wants to be Muslim. By Allaah’s fairness He sends messengers, ask them if they believe this, the prophets are saying the same message, and Muhammad was sent as well. Ask them if they know how to become a Muslim? Tell him/her the English version of the shahada. Then later stress the importance of the beard, and the clothing…..etc. Logic is very digestible.

Scenario…… Someone believes in God but not organized religion?

1.) Disorganized?

Explain to them the concept of evil, good and bad.

2.) Fallacy of religion and war.

Explain the Wars of the world

3.) Evil in the world/Jar of darkness.

4.) What is good and what is bad?

Explain Islam’s take on good /evil as well as oppose to other religions

5.) Science & Qur’an6.) Islam fastest growing religion for a reason7.) All claim to have the truth/ put religion under a microscope

All religions under a microscope and when we find wholes discuss and eliminate it. It could be possible that the person was not able to tell the difference between the two. Analyze each of them go through the mistakes in all of the religions. The one that stand through the test, then this one must be the truth.


1.) Building in desert watch in the woods. Ridiculous to come from nothing.

The chair did not create it self, if you see a cabin you will not assume that these things created themselves. You can not get something from nothing. Allaah only refuted them with one ayat ” Were they created form nothing or did they create themselves, or the heaven and earth”. Does the universe have a creator from outside of it self. How does Allaah if He never announce His presents then how or why do so many people believe in Him (swt). Soorahtul Tur. Were they created out of nothing or did they create themselves. The humans have a creator outside the earth.

2.) How did we hear of creator?

3.) Fairness/sending prophets

4.) Justice

5.)Authored a Book

6.) Sit-down

7.) Fastest growing religions

Two Theories:

So are they basing their whole life off of a theory, rather than a proven fact. And or a hypothesis which you can set up an experiment and test and analyze it’s results.If they feel like the Big Band theory was the reason behind the creation of the heavens and the earth, then tell them to get the liver, heart, lung’s, kidney’s, spinal cord and other tendons and ligaments that make up the human body and cause an explosion and see if a human being can be extracted from this. Why would the earth (logically) be created out of chaos, but it take the coming together of a man and a woman in a union of marriage to create a human being. So why can there not be a creator of all of this.1.) Strong faith, shake the foundations, when they reel back then show Islam (Mormons) Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith

2.) Weaker faith don’t get into biblical debate unless necessary, just present Islam, it makes more sense and is more acceptable in it’s theories.

Mormons will not tell you but their book use to say god used to be a human being, and then he became good. If they can not tell you the main core belief from day one, there is some wrong. DO not get into a biblical debate avoid that, you may have to end up teaching them what you are telling them. Just talk about Islam and focus on that.

“You don’t need to know their religion Know yours”

Follow-up Methods:

Dawah Talk/ Muslim Talk

Talk to the person afterward exchange numbers, tell them to participate in the Islaamic community. As Nabi Allah (saw) said wolf devourers the lone sheep.

1.) Brotherhood System

Introduce the new Muslim to other brother/sisters. Get all the brothers together at a easy time, give them one brother to keep in touch with and get to know. One person take charge and be responsible for one new Muslim etc.

2.) Commitment System

Buddy System Method. Get the person to commit as well, tell them of all the daily doing’s in the community and have them choose which ones they can attend. They will see what fit’s their schedule, and they will have made their own commitment. When you get them to make this promise themselves they will more likely want to follow through.

**Community Challenge :
If someone becomes a Muslim provide her with a list of stores where she can go buy Hijab, Jilbab Qur’an. Where she can be provided for until she is able to maintain herself. Teach her Fatihah the salaah, and basics of aqeedah.

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