Can Humans Marry Jinn?

July 13, 2007

Like humans, jinn also come from a variety of different religions, ethnicities, regions of the world, etc.  There are Muslim jinn and kaafir jinn.  There are probably Sunni jinn and Shia jinn and Sufi jinn and maybe even desi jinn.  There are good jinn and bad jinn as the Holy Quran states, “There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary.  We follow divergent paths” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 72:11).  The jinn themselves live together and procreate as the Holy Quran states, “He was one of the Jinn, and he broke the Command of His Lord.  Will you then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me?…” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 18:50) as this verse proves that jinn procreate and have progeny.

However, the question that this post attempts to answer is whether or not humans and jinn can intermarry.  Intercourse is possible between species here.  There is somewhat of a difference of opinion held upon the matter of marriage.  Malik held the opinion that a human male could marry a female jinn but a human female could not marry a male jinn.  Similarly, if a human male was to marry a female jinn, the female jinn would count amongst being one of the four wives the male would be allowed to marry.  Ibn Taymiyyah held the opinion that humans and jinn could intermarry and have children.

Nevertheless, many scholars say marriage between a human and a jinn is not allowed in Islam.  Scholars that say this marriage is impermissible point to the verse, “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates among yourselves…” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 30:21).  In this verse, mates among yourselves seems to point to humans being allowed to marry only within humans (and jinn within jinn).  Al-Hasan al-Basri held the opinion that marrying a jinn was possible, yet not permissible in the Shar’iah.  You may ask, what?  It is similar to the idea of a Muslim man wanting to marry a Hindu woman.  It is possible, yet it is not allowed in the Shar’iah.  Nevertheless, even if it is possible to marry a jinn, it comes highly recommended that one try not to pursue it…

Update: Shaykh Bilal Philips was recently asked the question of the permissibility of humans and jinn inter-marrying.  He stated he was of the opinion that it is impermissible.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    How would anyone know if it’s a Jinn?

  2. That’s a whole other subject, ahkee. This is just based off knowing whether or not a potential spouse is a jinn.

  3. hira Says:

    jinns are baad ….but awesome

  4. Actually there is more difference of opinion.Most of the scholars agree that it is not Haram with a capital H. Marrying a Jinn is like marriage to Ahl-AlKitaab. You have to be a person qualified to deal with all the ramifications that go with such a big step. The idea of marriage to a Hindu or other religion is Haram totally. Marriage with a Jinn on the other hand is not Haram but highly recommended to stay away from because of the responsibility.

    And YES, it does count as 1 of 4 wives. Just because your Jinn wife is invisible does not mean she does not count!

    Check out this video about Jinns

  5. Istu Pid Jahil Says:

    There are three signs indicating your wife might be a jinn:

    1. She nags you about daily household chores.

    2. She gets inexplicably furious at the slightest hint that you want to go out with your guy friends on a weeknight.

    3. Her beauty slowly but surely dissipates away year by year to the point where other women start looking more and more attractive to you.

  6. nasreen Says:

    dear brother Istu Pid Jahil ,

    according to ur reply . the identifications u ve mentioned all belong mostly to the commom women. do u mean to say all the women are jinns? or are u attempting at some humour here or making fun of women????

  7. abu-sunnah Says:

    jinn are real …i was visited nightly by female jinn and the jinn had relationship with me while i was sleep, i was in a coma type sleep but fully aware of what was happening, i communicated with her and had conversations through my mind.she said she was my wife and i think she wanted kids by me.. she used to wake me up for salat.. sometimes i awaken and she lay on top of me,i did not actual see her but i felt her by feeling her while i was awaking she had a overwhelming beautiful figure and long became a headache after a while because i worked a lot and could not get any sleep because of this jinn wanting to lay with me and have sex and kiss me all night.i was not scared because i only fear Allah and i think thats what attracted her to me.i belive i cross over to the orther side some how with Allah permission she was a good jinn i never had any problems with her. but i did recite sura 2 -255 when i did not want to be bothered..i guess i scared her away by telling her to fear Allah i knew how to get rid of her when i wanted…to sum it all up i did have relationship with her on several ocassions with my cloths on and i did feel her with my soul on certain ocassions and i could communicate with her through my mind.. i got scared and i stop because i was getting super powers hearing through buildings people talking on one incident the female jinn said she wanted to control my mind .. i told her she,ll have a better chance escaping out of hell because that will never happen.she knew i was running the show . i have a lot more incounters if you interested let me know..i hope im not half jinn half human because im strong 38 look 20 and people see me and cross the orther street because of the light of Allah on my face..i belived if i wanted to i can control the jinn with Allah permission because of my good deeds and no major sins…

    • lipi Says:

      hi abu sunnah,
      it is realy unbelieveable that u have a jin wife.i m very interested to know about them.would u please tell her to make me her friend.i want to talk with her.if she is good jin so she can’t creat any danger,right?please tell her about me that i want to make friendship with her.i m lipi.may b she can know me if u say my name.ok allah hafez.all the best.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    wow the guy above me is a f*@king idiot. u think u can have powers tht Allah granted to a prophet. and only Allah can judge us if we committed major sins or not. and how do u know people move out of ur way because of the light Allah has put on your face. wtf if your so cocky and u think your goin to heaven then i guess your not afraid to die. well do something stupid that will eventually result in your death so that i can see u on tv and see how cocky u really are

  9. Illunge Flarous Says:

    Who here has encounters with ifrit? I would like to know. email-

  10. Warda Says:

    I have a real story about a male jinn attracted to this girl..but i wont share it because its long and it does include plenty of sexual content in it, so I wont write it.

    Jinns are a creation of Allah, as are humans, but the jinns were created before the creation of man. One should constantly recite Ayatul Kursi, which will keep things like jinns away and thus they will not be able o harm you. A person said that one of his female relatives had a jinn possessing her.

    They took her to a Shaykh, who made the jinn talk. The Shaykh asked the jinn why he possesed this girl and the reply was that the girl was walking out one day and went past the jinn. The jinn said that she had a beautiful perfume on, which attracted him towards her. So he began liking her. The jinn said that he is a muslim but cannot help himself and loves his girl. Well the Shaykh told him to go away and leave the girl alone. He gave the girl taweez and wazaif to read. She is alright now.

    These things do happen and one should not be surprised by it. One should stay in constant Wuzu and recite quran, especially Ayatul Qursi.
    It is not ‘love’ but attraction. Jinns do attract to very strong perfumes but at certain places and times
    So women who don’t cover their hair and go out after magrib are more likely to be attacked.
    It is VERY real but nothing to be afraid of Alhumdulillah because Allah Ta’allah has provided us with sheilds like Ayatul Kursi.
    It is strange when you first hear about it and its hard to believe when you havent personally experienced it. But it happens. Jinns are attracted to perfume.. womens hair and beauty. Just like we are. I have seen a cousin sister suffer from this and many other people too. It really is a shock to the system when you see them suffer!!

    Staying in wudhu, keeping hair covered, not standing under trees close to sunset and after (it is known that the jinn like to sit on trees at this time), reciting daroordshareef/ last 2surahs of the quran, aithal kursi can all help us keep ourselves safe.

    And one should never doubt works of Allah SWT, NOTHING is impossible for Him to make anything happen.
    they are attracted to beauty of the human beings.

    There is an account of a disciple of Sayyiduna Ghous-ul-A’zam Shaykh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Radil Allahu ‘Anhu whose daughter went to the roof and disappeared. In short, it was a Chinese Jinn who took her because she was beautiful. He was later asked to be killed by the King of Jinns when the disciple on the command of Ghous-ul-A’zam Radi Allahu ‘Anhu went to meet the Jinn clan. The King of Jinnat said that they shiver on hearing the name of Sayyiduna Ghous-ul-A’zam Radi Allahu ‘Anhu.

    There are also incidents reported where female Jinns possess male human beings because of their beauty.

    They are attracted to the beauty of humans because we are the most beautiful of all creation.

  11. pohon24 Says:

    yes, human can marry jinn. bc jinn is human too, jinn from the word Genius (genii / geniuses)

  12. Hawa Omar Says:

    slmz…im a little off the topic…kinda in-line with the first q and ws wondering if any1 had sm info as to hw to ascertain that an individual is actually a jinn and if so, pls eml wth info…iv found out that jinns can present themselves in human form so hw ought 1 to know the difference btwn them and an ordinary human being? jazakhallah khairun…

  13. Naz Says:

    What the heck is this? This is the biggest joke i’ve heard. I couldn’t help from not laughing at the first couple of people’s messages. Any possession is more likely to be some kind of mental problem. The chances of a jinn possession are only likely if you really piss it off.

  14. tajimul Says:

    Is there anybody can controll jinn. Let me mail please at tajimul@

  15. Hajji Muhammad Says:

    Remember the narrative about Nabi Sulaymaan (AS) & Bilqis?

  16. abu khalid Says:

    wow this is scary!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, let me get this straight some say you can marry a jinn and some say you can’t. But if the jinn is a muslim surely there is no reason why you cant marry them.

    But sorry going to contradict myself here. Seriously need to ask how do you marry a jinn if they are invisible? I was under the impression that invisible meant, cant be seen. How can you possibly have a wedding or a relationship of any sort with something or someone you cannot see or if your a sane person feel?

    By the way Abu-Sunnah March 22, what are you on?

  18. abusunnah Says:

    Asalamualakum LISTEN READERS…

    Im just telling you about jinn exsperience to say im cocky like rocky is absured. Allah let me go through this to increase my Iman, increase my fear of Allah.some people never went through this and if they did they run away from islam or freak out in a mental ward talking bout Qfos.I get visits when i dont recite sura 2 ‘255 and they try to hop on the johnsons AT NIGHT TIME. Im a real brother i call a spade a spade its real ,it happens ,and its part of islam to reject it is kufur.Stop hating on me because Allah increase my imman and fear of Him.I dont stress the night visits remind them About Allah they step off, ya act like little kids ghostes and thing i may add is that last night i was visited and i did not recite sura 2 vs 255 and i was in a tired coma state i had relations with one , my mouth was dry and she poured water in my souls mouth from the orther side due to the heat from her which caused my body to loose fluids.i communicated with her through my mind and reminder her About Allah , i was able to grab hold of her with my soul this is strange , and she salam me and i salam her as she departed. so now im seeing that the soul can communicate and the soul can move about when its commanded by ALLAH permission , i never really got up and walked or tralved , just grabbing and talking , my next faZe is to wander about and open my eyes what i exsperience will be shocking i may add i woke up and drunk a whole carton of orange juice boy i was dehidrated.this is some thing i exsperience im in the process of completing a book on jinn exsperience and night visits.IM still doing research on this matter i also had exsperience with the evil eye thats a whole different ball game ,almost caught a seisure when this teacher gave me the evil eye only thing saved me was my salat watch ,zuhur prayer came in and she took off, it took me 1 minute to get my self together ,when i did i went after her with a base ball bat.story to be continued…continued….. any one wants to further there educations on this matter or HEAR THE REST OF MY STORYS OR have questions please feel free to email me at ….GET THE REAL FACTS FROM SOMEONE WHO EXSPERIENCED IT , NOT JUST TALKING OR ASSUMING.. ASALAMUALAKUM

  19. abusunnah Says:

    Asalamualakum today is 5-31-08 i just had another visit right after i fell to sleep at 6pm it happen after margrib round 830 pm.I Guess this is why Allah says guard your children when dark approaches rub your self down with the 3 quls this is for a reason. im thinking the jinn has territories and they mark the house of the ones they have relationship with and try to claim their areas, accorrding to there clan if there not married to you, meaning only there group or sect is welcome in that house it,s sorta like markings on a house. any way i was sleep and the sheets flew off me i was laying flat on my stomach and the jinn turn my soul around while i was still laying on my stomach, i know it sounds strange but it happen.i guess it was a male jinn because after he turn me around and held my leg up he seen that i was a guy and left, just befor he could leave my soul grab him and through him against the wall i heard him say ooch and i woke up .so this tells me that the soul can fight off the jinn and the jinn can feel pain just as they can feel pleasure .and the soul can shift or turn in any direction while laying flat on the stomach with out moving.the only thing i can think of was that some female jinn set the male jinn up as a joke or they have markings they put on house to show they had sucess at having relations with humans.any way i dont think he be coming back anytime soon. i think i found a way to control my soul like i can control it when im in my physical, this will be a huge break through.its all in the mind while u are sleep,, if you tell your mind what to do and your souls does it for you its sorta like a reflex if u can master that u be a dangerous person while your sleep. asalamualakum

  20. abu-sunnah Says:

    asalamualakum i had another episode last night , i guess the jinn thought i was and insane human who did not give a hoot. anyway i was asleep and this jinn put a square box on the end of my souls tail bone it had wires hanging from the box as i woke up it thinking he was trying to drain my semen since semen comes from the spinal area of our tale bone, or maybe he was trying to see if i was fully awake or sleep, they have there own little gadgets like doctors trying to do research and stuff.i was trying to grab hold of him ,but he jetted real quick, if i could of grabbed him with my soul, since i mastered controling my soul while im sleep, i would have broke his back in half by ALLAH decree. i made wudu and rub my self down with the 3 quls ,i think this jinn or succubis never came across a brother like me b4 ALL PRAISE to Allah so there kinda of surprised at the things they come across dealing with me.Now just 4 the readers if i HAD rubbed my self down and recited the 3 quls and said AL-KALICK meaning CREATOR this would have never happen.THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING CAUSE IM NOT IN WUDU AND FORGET TO RUB MYSELF DOWN AND RECITE DUAS B4 I GO TO BED… ALSO ALLAH WANTS ME TO GET CLOSER TO HIM…these are the only things that can put a stop to this . asalamualakum i,ll keep u posted INSHALLAH.

  21. Warda Says:

    hey abusunnah..what did she look like? detail? does she talk? what language?

  22. abu sunnah Says:

    asalamualakum she spoke english i guess they adapt to their sorrounding i recited sura 2 ayt 255 and rub my self down after reciting the 3 quls because this was happening almost every night.sura 2 ayt 255 Allah sends and angel to stand by your bed to protect you till fajr salat. the same night i recited the suras my bed was making crazy noises as if some one was moving around in a romantic way it was obvious a suucubi was in my bed ,making her self at home.i had a blow up plastic mattress on a wooded floor so u can imagine the noise it made. this is why i recited the duas , i did not want the suucubbi to think i agreed to this voluntary. i never really seen the suucubi because i was asleep but awoke meaning my soul was aware of what was going on. im not trying to say marry a jinn im just saying these duas are no joke, it protects you belive me, all my attacks was romantic but some peoples are violent .all i can do is invite her to islam in the future and about marrying her , i think it would not benefit a person in the least, but to each its own .also it depends on your iman and fear of Allah to withstand these,s night attacks, some people without knowledge would have a heart of attack or freek out, me i aint stressing it, im trying to get InshAllah to paradice just accept it and move on and u be ok.sometimes i tell her to get loss or throw her across the room and go back to sleep real nigg . do real things…im talking about my soul throwing her across the room and talking to her , how i can explain that ALHAMDULILAH all i can hear is her hitting the floor and crying while im still asleep in my phyical my spiritual meaning my soul be fighting and communicating.this is a level that im trying to understand and master once i can master this with all my interlects.. see hear touch smell, taste, the next stage would be to move about and travel i belive this would be the final stage with the help of Allah INSHALLAH.i i masterd everything except seeing with my soul eyes , i think i have to tell my brain to open my eyes and i think once that happens ,and i see what on the orther side the jinn side i think and ALLAH knows best i would be able to see them in the physical every day BOTH WORLDS due to my understanding and exsperience between both worlds.i may add, i exsperience a lot in my life fear nothing but ALLAH ,real solider of ALLAH, , it took over 20 years to develop this consciousness from disbelif as the most dangerous person on the planet to accepting islam and carry over these qualities.i dont incourage this at home seek spiritual advice ,some people are stronger than orthers , me im a monster warrior, fear none but ALLAH …..

  23. Warda Says:

    abu sunnah..i sent u an email. Please check! 🙂

  24. Warda Says:

    what did the male one look like? did they look white? asian? black?
    more info please

  25. abu sunnah Says:

    asalamualakum i did not receive your message i could not see anything but from what i see the male jinn getting jealous cause his female partner chasing me.i just slam the male jinn against the wall as he was trying to leave . there main concern is not being caught by a person soul , the soul is dangerous if you understand how to control it, if you mster that you u just increase your vertality by 100 percent.

  26. helia Says:

    salaam mualaykum
    i am a 14 year old girl i have been having trouble sleeping im seeing things move by my eyes am i goin crazy or i there something or someone with me and if it is evil how do i get rid of it

    last night i couldnt close my eyes i was lost like actually lost i had no idea what i was doing and what i was seeing may allah help me and please guide me to find a clean enviroment to live in and have allah by my side

  27. abu sunnah Says:

    asalamualakum helia recite sura nas sura falaq sura iklas last 3 suras of quran . recite these 3 suras 3 times each in both palms of your hands covering your mouth, then spittle like u blowing in the palm of both hands with spit slashing all over palm of your hands .then rub your self down starting from your right side of body first then left as much as you can do this 3 total will be right side then left side right side then left side right side then left head face first to feet .then play sura 2 ayt 255 -286 from quran on cd or tape befor you go to bed, then say al-kalick.then make sure you in wudu befor you go to bed and you will have no more problems at night.if you do please call email me at

  28. Assalamu Alaikum Sr. Helia,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Below are some recommendations that you should consider to undertake if you haven’t done so already:

    1. fear Allah alone and fulfill your Islamic obligations as that includes praying 5x a day and on time and covering yourself properly when you go out in public.
    2. recite ayat ul kursi once in the morning and once in the evening (it is verse 2:255 in the Holy Quran)
    3. recite the last two ayats on Surat Baqarah (Ch2) of the Holy Quran before you go to sleep.
    4. recite surat ikhlas (ch112), surat falaq (ch113) and surat nas (ch114) 3x each once in the morning and once in the evening
    5. recite the following dua 3x in the morning and evening, it is the 11th dua down on: and begins with bismillahilladi…
    6. try to recite some more of the morning and evening remembrances found on the website above.

    insh’Allah this will be some help for you. may Allah swt protect you and give you the best in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.

    Wa assalamu alaikum.

  29. Ali Says:

    Is it possible for humans and jinns to have children? They are completely different species. If possible, what would the children be like?

    I never heard anyone ever getting married to a jinn and this is a very good question. But I think that we need to remember that they are a different species.

  30. warda Says:

    have been reading all ur stories…and i believe them, i talked to a girl who messaged me back and forth and she had kinda the same experience…only she said she had sexual relations with them…even male and female( i know, it shocked me too) she was sharing her story and people asked her questions. i will send u what happened…just give me the okay.

    sooo any more stories u have? what did she look like? her hair? how tall? what did the “male” look like?
    so the female actually likes u? as in she likes the way u look or she’s serious about marriage.
    i have soo many questions


  31. Dark Phoenix Says:

    Asalam u alaikum to all,

    excitin talks has any1 read -the hakima’s tale:revnge of the blue jinni…
    abu sunnah and warda can i have ur emailz im doin a little research on jinns and i think i could use both ur infoz.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    ok…but give me yours 1st..i dont wanna post my email for all to see.

  33. nameseek Says:

    Being able to see and communicate with jinn does not necessarily make one near to God… It could, in fact, be the opposite. (i.e. veiling)

  34. nameseek Says:

    (sorry for the double post)

    I just wanted to add that I’m not pointing my previous comment at any individual(s). I know everyone is just being sincere (in what they write),and I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

  35. janine Says:

    to abu sunnah, YOU said people turn the street wwhen they see you, Why is that? Do you look weird or sumthing. please explain. Because I think I saw a jinn once

  36. Maryam Says:

    asalamuh aleikum abu sunna,

    I’ve come to warn you about the danger in what you are doing…I’m a person who gets dreams when I pray my prayers in time and keep myself as close to Allah as I can and doing what is neccesary.
    Please be carefull not to lose yourself in this..I noticed when reading your stories you came across as someone who sees himself as a special person because of what you can do,and probably you are special because Allah has chosen you to experiance these things wich not may people are alowed to experiance.
    My advice to you is to be sure to stay humble about this,don’t say things you don’t know for sure like you were the most dangerous person in the don’t know that…don’t say you are more or better than the jinn you fight with.please don’t forget it’s Allah and not you who keeps you alife,don’t forget only because of Allah’s will you are able to do the things you do.
    You say you believe Allah let’s you experiance all this for you to become closer to Him..and I agree with you in this.Only I don’t believe the ultimate goal in this is to live life seeing the two worlds..There is one world in wich we all live jinn and human..and I believe the ultimate goal in this for you should be..How do you deal with all that is given to you?Do you show it off to the world so people may envy you or look at you as if you were a god so special?
    Or do you stay humble and thank Allah for what He gave you and ask Him to guide you in what to do,maybe please to stop all this so you won’t feel special about yourself and put yourself above others human or jinn…maybe to teach you a way to turn this into something with wich you can help people or jinn towards Islam and through that towards Allah so your soul may benefit from it.
    No Muslim wants to be subjected to romantic or sexual encounters as such,this explains the whole reason for wearing hijab…don’t invoke jinn to do bad to you,try to protect yourself and them from being in situations like this,it’s not good for any of you…
    It’s not to judge you I write this..I write this from honest and deep concern for you as my brother,forgive me if I made a mistake in my reaction towards you I don’t mean to make you look bad..but i put this here so other people might take the same advice when they are into this aspect of life.
    please be carefull and Insha Allah you will see can’t make yourself go to paradise,you can only try to favor Allah in your ways of dealing with things so He might forgive you and might be mercyfull to you and let you end up in paradise….you’ll never will be able to say..I did all Allah asked me to do so I’m sure He’ll send me to paradise…no..even if you did all He asked you…it still depends on Allah’s will if you go into paradise or not..we can only beg and pray to Him He will see us through…
    Please don’t let this experiance take up all your time,I believe you say it only happens when you are not washed or didn’t say your sura’s and things.Don’t leave out your washing expresly to get experiances like this….because not doing this will bring you further away from Allah instead of closer….
    Please again I advice you from all honesty and what I’ve learned from my own experiances…
    Don’t lose focus don’t lose yourself in this…be carefull!
    asalamu aleikum warachmatulah wa barakatuhuh

  37. person Says:

    wooooooooow…someone has the time to write a full book.

  38. habib Says:

    Saleem Siddiqui is a fraud and needs to stop fooling people, he claims on his website to have power to heal people who are possessed and I all he did was waste my time. He does not know anything about islam or jinns.
    Look at his posting. Where in the Koran is it said that marying a non muslim is forbidden?

    What about marying one of the people of the book? Is it forbidden?

    Saleem Siddiqui is a fraud and a lier.

  39. Arif Waheed Says:

    Hello Warda – Could you please contact me directly? I have spoken to a male jinn while I was awake.

    I already sent a detailed e-mail to Abu Sunnah on my experiences about jinn.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    why would u marry someone from the book? these are the same people who astugfurallah think Jesus(pbuh) is Allah’s son? these are the same people who think Jesus(pbuh) died on a cross!! are u serious?????????????

    times now isnt like back then! there isnt a shortage of Muslims…if u have muslim women or men..why go to non muslims…makes no sense!

  41. warda Says:

    ARIF..I sent You an email..CHECK YOUR EMAIL

  42. Dark Phoenix Says:

    U HAVN’T…..


  43. warda Says:

    what do u want to know…I cant give my email out randomly like that on a public site..whatever u wanna them here. I dont like to do e-mail

  44. Abdul Kareem Says:

    I want to marry a Jinn girl or Jinn woman.
    Kindly tell me how can i do this.
    waiting for reply……..Allah haafiz.
    mobile no.919985780157.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I dont know…..why would u want to? arent there enough humans in this world. this isnt permissable in Islam. Allah(swt) forbid this. He made mates for each other..jinn marry jinn humans marry humans. I think u are cluelesss about the world of the jinn. its not AT ALL FUN AND GAMES….they can and will hurt you…do u seriously want to catch the attention of one? go ask a person who has been possessed…and see what they have to say.
    to answer your question….I DONT KNOW AND WOULDNT WANT TO KNOW….its enough people get possessed because the jinn is in love with them. these people go through hell to recover.
    and here u want to marry one?

  46. warda Says:

    that was my response..i just didnt write my name in.

    but dont even think about attracting them!!!!theyre A DIFFERENT CREATION…people who mess with them or get involeved with them are either regretting it or not alive to actually regret it.

    if after all this…u still wanna go against GOD..go ahead, see what happens!!!!!


  47. Dark Phoenix Says:

    *sigh* very well ill post here….k how much do u actually know about jinn?by your reply above u sem confident about ur know how about jinn….
    anyway who said its forbidden as far as i remember it is mentioned in the Quran, We ascribed partners from among you, which could mean that its forbidden or that we can marry the Muslin jinn…
    besides u seem to forget that some jinns live among humans in human do u know if your partner is not a jinn?
    U shoudnt jugde other people desires or thoughts just cuz u thnk about in a different way….da way u speak about jinn, i wouldnt say u respect them as a being rather that u seem to feel like your better than a jinn.
    Humans are made superior but somehow i doubt that those who dont act like humans can be superior to other beings…..i support Abdul Kareem…besides its not worth marrying a human if they dont behave like they are supposed to…Would u say dat ur da perfect wife as described in da Quran? dan how can u tell someone else they are wrong when u cant follow as well?

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Ur comment made me extremly angry…u GOT PERSONAL..and i dont appreciate that!!!! U WANT MY INPUT BUT THEN U INSULT ME WHEN I DONT GIVE U THE ANSWER U WANT TO HEAR?
    Im not even going to stoop to your level of ignorance.

    soo just because I tell you its not right to marry one..u automatically think i dont know anything about jinn? thats an ignorant reply, and ur statements are outlandish!! how the heckk do i think im better then a jinn?? are u mental?. My answer is backed up by many Islamic scholars, there isnt one thing in my posting that isnt backed up by Islamic scholars. I spoke to SHEIKHS! the same person if u did in fact get in touch with the jinn..these are the same people who have to take them out of you!

    why are you going around chasing jinn women….do human women not like you? Im serious! this is a valid question..u seem to be obsessed with contacting one!

  49. Warda Says:

    and u Quoted the Quranic verse u need to go back and read the Quran before you start talking pure ignorance!!
    And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect” (Ar-Rum: 21)

    In these verses, mate and mates refer to spouses from the same kind, i.e., humankind.

    a scholar even said
    It is not recommended because of the different characteristics, physically and spiritually, like appetites for example. Understanding a jinn for a human will be like understanding a newly discovered animal or plant if you get what I mean and this is not possible for a layman.

    i can go on an on and on…..but I will not give u any informantion since you have no respect for me. What you said was rude and out of order. Not once have i disrespected you in any way shape or form….I dont care if u contact one or whatever…good luck WITH THAT ONE…i would love to see how your life ends up.
    People like you no offense are “SLOW”….u dont understand what youre getting yourself into!!!
    I know of true stories of people WHO NEVER ASKED FOR A JINN TO LIKE THEM…but these people throughout their life have been possessed by them!!! and here u are trying to conjure one up?
    If contacting jinn was Halal..why is magic haram? why dont u see respected muslim people contact them?
    Im telling you 1000000000 times…you dont understand the caliber of what can and will happen to you!!!

    as much as u want to get ignorant with me and start insulting me..I wont even stoop to your low level..because im a respectable woman!!!
    and thats something u will have to live with.
    may i suggest to you…go talk to a person who has been possessed before!
    And let me clear another ridiculous statement u made(u amde plenty)..If I tell a Muslim woman that it isnt permissable in islam for her to marry a christian man…Does that mean i think im better then christian man? NO!!
    these arent my laws…these are Allah’s laws…if we were suppossed to mingle and chat with them….why dont u see it happening regularly? they are invisible to us for a reason only Allah(swt) knows!!!
    soo youre going to go against Allah(swt) and contact a jinn?
    before u attack me as a wife…why dont you look at yourself as a “Muslim”
    this is SHIRK!!!
    Again, Allah(swt) gave us free will to do as we choose…some may follow the right path..and some try to make halal what is haram and haram what is halal (people like you).
    This is what the Quran warned us about!!

  50. Warda Says:

    you remind me of those obnoxious people who contact the spirit world and mess with spirits….U know jinn arent stupid.
    U deserve everything that happens to you! I can lead a horse to water but i cant make him drink. I can give u a billion evidence but u will still be stubborn and blind. thats just like a muslim knowing drinking is haram but does it anyway! and what is your excuse? that there arent any good women around? woooooooooow maybe its not the women sir..maybe its you!!!
    if a person doesnt find their right match…be patient! not go and find some “jinn bride”
    that is the funniest hting i ever heard in my life. Maybe next time i find a single woman..i will offer her a jinn husband!
    there is nothing in the Shari`ah to the effect that it is permitted to marry members of the jinn. Allah Almighty says: “Marry women of your choice” (An-Nisaa’: 3). It is known that women refers to female members of human kind. This indicates that it is unlawful to marry other than women.

  51. Dark Phoenix Says:

    talk about obnoxious!
    watch it ! how dare u suggest my reaction waz on ur denial 4 ur email?!?
    I never said i knew da verses by heart!
    and by da way i have very good reasns 4meeting 1
    besides i just saw 1!
    and the way u talk does show desrespect 4 them…
    besidz my family does have a lot 2 do wd jinn…
    i want to know more about them not summon 1…but i think there is 1 that has been wd me for yrz ever since i waz a child…
    i dont want 2 marry 1 i waz just supportng da guy i woudnt xpect u 2 understand though…
    u seem like those who read and know but have no sense of true meaning thought by yourself…tell me is ur knowledge basd on experience and descovery or stuff u just heard or read?

  52. warda Says:

    watch it? umm dude, u dont intimidate me. so i suggest u try to stop acting big and bad and drop that attitude! i would insult u but ur words just did my job for me!
    second..if ur gonna quote the HOLY QURAN….quote it right!!!! there is no room with mistakes, the wrods are solid and clear as crystal!
    ahahahahaha…u saw a jinn? YEAAAAAA NOW I KNOW UR CRAZY! u dont “see” jinn…..u may see one in their forms…such as dog,human, etc….but u cant see them in their original form. but dont listen to “lil ole’ obnoxious me”

    how do u know anything about me sir! besides my screen name…how on God’s green earth do u know anything about me?
    If i think im better then the jinn then all the experts think theyre better too…THESE ARENT MY WORDS OH IGNORANT ONE!!! im not talking out of nowhere!!!
    ur mad and now u feel stupid that i corrected u! next time before parading around and flapping ur gums….KNOW UR FACTS BUDDY.

    ur a waste of time!

    I feel soooooooooo bad for the jinn that u contact! poor jinn.

  53. warda Says:

    ohhhhhh and i dont have experiences…..go and ask abu sunnah!!!

    i mean look at ur screen name…dark phoenix? u remind me of those ouja board,,,zelda….majic the gathering nerds…..God help you.

    I not only have expereinces AND family members who had expereinces and close reliable friends AND the quran(which, u seem to know nothing about)

    U are acting like the Quran doesnt mean anything. IF U GET POSESSED….Islam is the only religion that will get the jinn out…the mention of Allah(swt)
    if u think low of me because I have Quranic verses to back me up…then talk all u want!

    sooooo go do whatever ur heart desires…I dont care what happens to u.

  54. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Ok guys, if you all want to have a discussion about jinn, that’s all fine and dandy. However, please give each other their due respect. It’s ok to disagree, but it can be done tastefully. We are all brothers and sisters in Islam and that bond makes us closer to each other more than any other bond on this earth. Therefore, start addressing each other with proper respect or I will delete your comments.


  55. warda Says:

    Cool guy…U SHOULD TELL HIM ABOOUT THAT…Go back and read my original post and you will see with your own eyes who got hostile first. I give him evidence and proof and he gets mad because of that.So thats something people take under consideration….u try to be nice and answer things according to Islam, and they get mad because Islam is only trying to protect the believers.
    I think this is totally unfair! he gets hostile! and i get a warning?
    yea…thats very unfair!

    Dont feel u have the need to warn me
    Im done with responding to this blog.


  56. Assalamu alaikum,

    Sr. Warda, the warning was not meant strictly for you, it was a general warning, it just happened to be that I wrote it after your post. I appreciate the fact that you are sincere and honest in your answers and please forgive me if I offended you.


  57. surprised Says:

    wow, i hope no one is reading and believing this guy’s hoohaw…abu-sunnah, you are abu-al mashakil

    may allah guide us all

  58. I like your blog!!!


  59. Dark Phoenix Says:

    i apologiz 4 my behavior but i dont like it wen people start calling odrz crazy just cuz they think differently so i got agitated @ warda’s response 2 da odr guy..i appologize once more but b4 i gt 2 my main question id like 2 clear a few thingz up : firstly , the name dark phoenix dznt mean anythng as warda thinks it does i actually went through a dictionary 4 dat dark means dark or black haired phoenix mean da coming of…
    Secondly which is also something im asking about
    wat xactly wazzit dat i saw?
    i know im not seeing thingz and i never said dat i saw da jinn in its true form wat i saw waz definatly humanoid but glowing and not 2 mention twice my size
    and only appeared for a second or two?

    besidz who said dat a jinn would only appear in da form of a dog or human i mean they have a will of their own right so who says they wont appear as a snake or a bird besides going though history people have claimed 2 have seen many strange creatures and ive also read in some sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that they have their own animals as well……

  60. Anonymous Says:

    because YOU said u wanted to marry some jinn!

    Im not even going to comment on “dark phoenix” I could care less about him.
    Im surprised he’s actually quoting Islam, seeing all his statements were far from “ISLAMIC”

    if anyone else has a question or comment..please feel free to drop it.

  61. Dark Phoenix Says:

    I sincerly request coolguymuslim to tell warda to get off my back.this is a blog for jinn not her ironic and childish opinions about people no one is interested in how perfect a muslim she is.if u dont want to contribute dont im not interested in your opinions.
    if anyone has any “proper” answer to my question please reply….

  62. warda Says:

    CoolMuslim guy…I would like to apologize to You….but this person has gone too far!
    he questioned my faith *in his 1st post
    and mock me for following my religion…eveytime i quote from the holy book……….he seems that it means ur some radical muslim for following Allah’s book ASTUGFURALLAH!!
    and mock me as a future wife *in 1st post

    Anyone reading this….U know which is the child and which is the adult! some people would of cussed him out. But me being a lady, I will let him slide and focus on important matters.
    But i hope to God….he gets his.

    For the rest of us civilized God fearing people.. I found the url to a lecture(its interesting)
    its like a radio show explaining the “jinn”

  63. warda Says:

    they keep updating it..and if u have a story you can post it too. But there are plenty of stories that some people can actually relate to. Such as…many of the posters recall being asleep and “instantly paralyzed” cant move..and then reading ayat al kursi in their head and it going away.
    Also there are stories about jinn marrying a person in the family..things like that.
    the link is:

  64. warda Says:

    Two stories from the site

    #83 sallam hi i want to talk about an experience when i was in palestine, i lived there for 7 years and i was around 13 at the time, and i was sleeping and i woke up & my bed was facing the door and across the hall was my aunts room and her door was open and when i looked inside i seen a tall lady going through her cabinet, she was sort of maroonish and looked really scary and freaky, and she all of a sudden turned around and looked at me and began walkin towards me and i right away went under the covers until sunlight shinned thru my room windows hamduallah she didnt harm me thank Allah, and ive had many other things happen but i will submit later on sallam By ~RaMe~

    My friend lived near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and his dad built a beautiful mansion near a wadi (valley). Everyone told him don’t build there. But my friends dad insisted. When my friend and his sister were playing there one day, a man approached them from the fields and said: “Ataref Meen Ana?” (Do you know who I am?), but my friend said the man’s voice was not coming from the direction where the man was standing. It was coming from the left side of the field. When the kids said “My dad isn’t here”, the man laughed. His voice came from behind them. And then he approached them very fast. My friends sister then said Aouth B’ellah and the man disappeared. I know Saudi Arabia has a lot of Jinn, but do they act this aggressive? To this day the mansion is not very easy to sleep in

  65. Dark Phoenix Says:

    hmm..well written incedences but does it really mean that these were evil jinn ? here is a video i found on youtube is this really a doing of a jinn?

    i dont know about the caption but it isnt something ive ever seen before kinda a good example of how strong a jinn is…can anybody tell me if this is real ?

  66. Miltex Says:

    Is it not Haram to even contact a Jinn? I thought Prophet Suleymaan (pbuh) prayed to Allah to make Humans controlling Jinns (or having deliberate contact with) unlawful? Please correct me if i’m wrong somebody and shed some light on the matter..


  67. warda Says:

    I’m glad you asked that question Militex. Im guessing u want the REAL ANSWER and not an opinion from any random person.

    it is an act of shirk (associating others with Allah) and a major sin to call upon anyone in the Unseen — a dead person, angel, devil or jinn — for help or intercession.
    There is absolutely no basis in Islam for anyone to claim that he or she can get in touch with the souls or spirits of the dead, whether martyrs, saints or even Messengers of high status, including Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and get things done through them. Such a claim is not only preposterous, but totally absurd and must be shunned outright.
    One of the explicit teachings of Islam, duly emphasized in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, is that the matters of the unseen world (such as what happens after death or in the future) are in the exclusive realm of Allah, and that no humans can have access to them except in the measure that Allah has allowed it. We are further taught that no one can benefit or harm us but with Allah’s permission, and therefore, we must seek help from no one but Allah — regardless of the status of the person through whom we are appealing.

    Furthermore, the Qur’an is also categorical in its denunciation of those who indulge in speculations concerning matters of the unseen world; it is considered a most heinous offense.

    I advise you and other board members to read this interesting article. kinda lengthy, but worth it.

  68. Habib Says:

    What is the fastest way to commit suicide?
    I mean quick and peaceful.

  69. Habib, ahki, suicide is haraam and forbidden in Islam. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem (as any and all problems in this life are indeed temporary). It is highly advisable for you to seek professional counseling as soon as possible.

  70. Dark Phoenix Says:

    well miltex i actually agree with Warda on this one lol…nope it is wrong to try and contact the dead or worship them..but considering your question was on jinn….well it is’nt definate that a human try and contact a jinn, they may contact a person.
    And yes controlling jinn against their own will is definately forbidden…but im not sure what is said if they wish to offer their services of their own will…..

  71. Shaikh Says:

    How to give jinns link to this blog ? they may like to go through the opinions about them. Please guide me.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    I dont mean to sound rude…but what’s with the creepy questions?

  73. curious Says:


    WHAT ARE JINN ATTRACTED TO? (makeup,hair,heels…what?)


    Do they fall in actual love with a person? or they just like their beauty

    Why females get possessed more??

    please answer asap!!

  74. Reality Says:

    Visited by jinn during sleep?
    Nope, this phenomena is known as the HYPNAGOGIC PHENOMENA/ SLEEP PARALYSIS
    Look it up…(replying to that idiot abu sunnah above)

  75. Amira Says:

    salam ppl…. i tlk to jinns… i have a good one and a bad one… astagfiruallah the bad one wouldnt leave me alone.. n masallah the good jin is alwayz wid me and helps me masallah may allah protect us all AMEEN

  76. jinz Says:

    what do jinns actually look 4? n what sort of humans attract them ive heard that the bad jinns are attracted to women who are filthy as in not clean its kind of bizarre really and the good jinns well there not afta humans cuz obviously there gud. n what do they eat n drink

  77. warda Says:

    Allah(swt) told the jinn to stay away from us humans….so the good jinn leave in isolate places away from people or near the mosques, but they dont botehr or come to people. ONLY THE BAD JINN INTERACT WITH PEOPLE..and jinn can fool u! they can make u think theyre good when theyre not!

    u should only seek help in ALLAH(SWT) never seek help from a jin..that is shirk, Allah(swt) is the only one that can help u, jinn are just creations of Allah(swt) dont trust their words.
    Allah(swt) is the most powerful,merciful,almighty,none to be worshipped but he.

  78. warda Says:

    jinz…thats a great question!

    bad jinn are attracted to things like…people who arent in touch with religion,and commit sins. they are also attracted to things like blood,semen,urine,stench,feces and foul bad stuff.
    good jinn are attracted to the Name of Allah(swt) being mentioned and Islam. Beauty,fragrance,cleanliness.
    so u can see the very CLEAR distinction between the 2.
    The jinn eat and drink. Ibn Mas’ood said: “The Messenger of Allaah said: “One the jinn called me, and I went with him and recited Quran for them.’ He took me and showed me the traces of where they had been and the traces of their fires. They (his fellow jinn) asked him for food and he said: “You can have every bone on which the name of Allaah has been mentioned that comes into your possession, as meat, and all the droppings as food for your animals.” The Prophet said, “So do not use [these things] for cleaning yourselves [after relieving oneself], for they are the food and provision of your brothers.'” [Muslim]

    The believing jinn may eat any bone on which the name of Allaah has been mentioned, because the Messenger did not permit them to have anything on which Allaah’s name has not been mentioned – those are for the disbelievers among the jinn.

  79. Wittie Says:

    marry i jin!
    you guys have all gone crazyy
    go read some quran on your selfs
    like wtf is rong with you people
    talkin to jinns…getting visits…and what not
    we all have our invisble frends. But lets drop them i did when i was 7. I believe in jinss and possession but seeing them and communicatin with them like ya all talkin about. If its true and it happen to you. then okay. but as for the rest of you let jins be. like you dont see them makin websites about humans.
    you be you and theyl be them

  80. warda Says:

    wittle i couldnt agree more.
    Like its ok to ask if they can marry humans…i mean people are curious.
    BUT GOODNESS…i read somewhere that some guy claims a jinn works in a supermarket..i read soo many “strange” things.
    I get what u say about jinn dont make websites about us! ahahahahahah
    but it all comes down to curiosity. people wanna know about the “other creation”
    its cool if its backed up with reliable facts..but wwhen people start pulling stories from God know;s where…it gets ridiculous!

  81. Dark Phoenix Says:

    Salaam my brtheren and sisteren
    ive came back after a while….feels good
    anyway…appearz ill agree wd warda once more about the jinn lieng sometimes….but still ill also say that Allah created this world and nothing happens against His will and im very sure that their are going to be alot of problems regarding the jinn….or @least they have been a large increase in such issues like black magic
    hmmm…from what ive been had been growing since the past 10 years in underdeveloped countries but now has started in developed places like UK
    so i think poeple should know more about jinn than ever… far as marrying them is concerned i wont comment…lol
    jinn have a wil of their own just cause they were told to avoid humans doesnt mean that all that make contact are evil..just like not all people praying 5 times a day are good or proper humans being good or bad depends on alot more than just prayers
    i dont pray much but the jinn dont bother me neither hurt me…i dont pray but i also do a lot more to make up for it…i also do counciling for depressed people online without telling them i make them get better
    praying only benefits me..i like helping others more than myself…

    also people have come up to me from here and asked for advice on jinn and other things: to those and others who will Inshallah come to me..i just wanna say i really appreciate u guys trusting me with ur problems and i promise to use all my sources to help u and just flattered i was trusted so thanks and ill help u anytime

    my contact is — (msn) (yahoo)

    so regards all and thnx again ^_^ MAY ALLAH BLESS U ALL….


  82. Muslim 4rm South Africa Says:


    I have been reading all the comments on the website and i surprised that a topic could last almost a whole year. its a sunnah to seek knowledge as well. I had an experience at a graveyeard whereby whilst burrying someone the were 3 black dogs that came frome behind the trees and disappeared into the night. Do you think it is a Jinn because i hear that Jinns dwell in open places like broken down houses and open fields.

  83. aysha Says:

    please help me with prayers, or what to do?i’ve got a male jinn and a female with me.i sometimes have sexual intercourse at different times with a man or woman in my dreams,they appear to me in faces that i know.i have visited lots of places to get rid of them but they dont talk or say anything after the quran is been recited.and they keep appearing to sleep with me.this makes me cry every day i have such dreams.i learnt that they are the ones driving men away from,anytime i start a relationship the man disappears after a while and i dont hear from him again.its like the male jinn is “said” to have been married to me and he’s the one not allowing me to marry.please what to i do to get rid of them?i need your help.

  84. warda Says:

    I really advise u to listen to this whole lecture..the best

  85. curious Says:

    hey aysha..what did the both of them look like??
    did they speak?
    can u be more detailed please

  86. aysha Says:

    Thank you very much,will watch it immediately.

  87. Assalam Alaikum,

    The video lecture link Sr. Warda provided three posts above is CoolGuyMuslim approved 🙂


  88. Dark Phoenix Says:

    Thnx for the link Warda it is really enlighting …do u know the link for the second part?

  89. warda Says:

    Youre very welcome CoolGuyMuslim and Dark Phoenix
    unfortunately I dont have the link to part 2, I was trying to search for it.
    I will try to search some more for that vid or any other vids or info.

    I would like u guys to read a story from a woman on another forum. This woman swore on everything that this is the truth. She wouldnt lie.
    This story struck me because a girl was relating an expereince similar to her and she used words like that too..she said they smelled like ” real faint barbecue and vinegar”
    true story just read
    When I was in my mid 20s, I was married to an abusive alcoholic. We had met at a church prayer meeting. He seemed very spiritual in the beginning, but he quickly became obsessed with money and “stuff”. He became so caught up in work that we would hardly talk anymore. It was at this point that I had a miscarriage. I didn’t even know I was pregnant! But, the doctor told me that I might have only been a few weeks along, and not to worry, as it wasn’t my fault. He was pissed. He started blaming me for everything. He complained about the house not being clean enough or the clothes were dirty. I really began to think he was mad at me for losing the baby. But, I don’t drink or smoke and I didn’t even know I was pregnant. That bastard! I felt so hurt.
    Not too long after this, our relationship went downhill pretty quickly. He would grow increasingly angry at things that went on at work, and so he started drinking. Our sex life became virtually non-existent other than the occasional 2 minute quickie. I felt lonely and quite used and depressed. He wouldn’t touch me. We would hardly kiss. There was simply no more joy left in the relationship. A counselor and family friend suggested that we might try adoption to help ease the pain. I readily agreed, and surprisingly so did he. So, we made plans to adopt. But, before I had a chance to get excited about the adoption, I found out he was having an affair with one of my girlfriends. I was devastated. He wanted a divorce, and so we did.

    Well, he divorced me before the adoption was finalized, so miraculously they let me adopt as a single mom! While I adopted her at birth through a teen pregnancy intervention charity, my daughter was actually about three months old when we “officially” divorced. So, I was able to buy a nice little home with the divorce settlement, and have some extra money in the bank. We lived on our own (just my daughter and me) for almost three and a half years (with no boyfriend or lover) before I got re-married to a most wonderful man. I’ll talk about him in a minute. But first, here’s my actual experience:

    One summer night in 1999 (I was 32 then), my daughter and I were alone in our house. It was a very quiet night, probably around 11 PM or so. I was getting ready for bed when I felt a very strong energy in the room. It was heavy, almost electric. It was spiritual. So, I finished brushing my teeth and headed to bed. At this point (my daughter was nearly three and a half) was sleeping peacefully by herself in the bedroom down the hall from the master (my room). Well, once I crawled into bed, I felt surges of energy swirl all around me. It was more of that spiritually electric energy. It began to pulse and hover over me and change slightly from electric to more a warm energy. It literally got into bed with me, and began to warmly cuddle around me. I felt very warm and loved as it gently began to brush over my hair. It felt almost like a person, but I knew there was nothing there. I could feel breath, but it felt more like the wind lightly blowing over me. I don’t know quite how else to describe it.

    Gradually, the energy began to manifest as more of what I would describe as an entity force. It began to gently caress my back. It felt like a pair of hands gently touching me. I began to feel warm all over. I was lying on my side, and so it also started to glide over my left breast (at first through my nightie top, but then somehow “through” my nightie – if you can understand what I mean – I never took it off). It was extremely gentle, but very stimulating. It seemed to like my energy. I began to get aroused, and the entity seemed to know this. My breathing began to change, as I became more spiritually and sexually aware. Ever so gently, I began to roll more unto my back and stretch out more. Almost immediately, the entity began to flow unto and over my body, and began to put pressure on my chest. I then gradually felt my legs being gently spread apart. I climaxed almost instantly. It was more like a sudden surge of pleasure that took me off-guard. It felt really quite wonderful. This being then began to stimulate my breasts full-on (I felt like my nipples were going to explode), and my breathing grew more intense. I climaxed again within about 30 seconds of the first one. I could definitely feel that there was a lot of metaphysical energy present around me. At that point, I felt very loved and relaxed. I could tell that it wanted me to continue to interact more, so I gently lifted up my hips and thrust forward a few times.

    Within seconds, I felt the entity draw closer to me, and there was a very warm sensation that began to form. The sensation got a little tighter, and I began to rock back and forth, continuing my thrusting a bit. This lasted for about 3 or 4 minutes until I felt a rather gentle burst of warmth in what appeared to almost feel like fluid. Suddenly, my whole bed began to shake, as if I and everything in my bed was almost alive with a very powerful energy, and I could actually feel this entity have its own “climax” of sorts. I call it that because I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s almost like my spirit could see the entity’s sexuality or something. I was breathing so heavily and became so super sensitive at this point, that I could actually feel its pleasure. It was very intense. I could hear the wind suddenly pick up in the room and even outside, almost sounding like some kind of a moan. At that precise moment, I suddenly felt another burst of warmth down there, this time a lot more intense. It felt like someone was rinsing me with hot water down there. It suddenly dawned on me that I had just helped to bring this being to orgasm. I almost climaxed again as well, but I just couldn’t give myself permission to drop off for some reason. I could actually feel that the entity wanted me to, but I somehow didn’t feel right about it. So I chose not to.

    Suddenly, the whole energy level began to shift from warm and inviting to very cold and foreboding. The wind began to blow very strongly in the room, and then I heard my bathroom door slam quite loudly. For a minute, I thought the door slamming might wake up my daughter, but thankfully it didn’t. Then, I began to hear water running. At first, I thought the sink tap was on, but it really sounded more like a man relieving himself while standing in front of the toilet. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about, especially if you have boys or a husband around the house. It was a very bizarre sound. It just kept going and going. This noise went on for what I perceived as roughly five minutes, followed by several loud bursts of air that I could only describe as sounding like loud flatulence. I couldn’t really tell what it was, because the sounds were being muffled by the closed bathroom door. After that, I felt the energy levels in the room drop off quite a bit. While the room around me became chilly (odd for a summer night), I still personally felt quite warm. Now that the noises had stopped and the energy had mostly dissipated, I felt the need to have another release. So, I took care of myself..

    Now here’s the really weirdo part… After my powerful release, I had the sudden urge to pee, so I got up out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Upon opening the door and entering the bathroom, I could smell a very strong mix of semen, urine and sulfur. It was very pungent and foul smelling, almost like somebody really let one. The thing is it wasn’t me! When I turned on the light, I noticed the toilet with full of urine. Now let me say that I always remember to flush, and I know I had used the bathroom and flushed earlier that evening. The urine was a very dark yellow color and it smelled very acidic. So, this was quite strange. Well, as I sat down to use the restroom, I looked down and smelled a very powerful odor of semen emanating from my genital regions. If I could better describe the odor, it almost smelled other worldly. It was very pungent, much more than I’d ever smelled after any sexual experience I had encountered before. When I was done, I got up to flush. Again, this might sound really bizarre here, when I looked down into the bowl, I could see two sets of urine that began to almost co-mingle together. It was really, really weird. My urine was lighter in color, and towards the top of the bowl. The darker urine was somehow heavier and settled to the bottom of the bowl. The darker urine gave off a sort of ominous metallic looking glow as well. As I flushed, I watched the two sets of urine swirl around almost like a yang-yang symbol. The air around me in the bathroom was very electric. The stench of sulfur was still pretty heavy as well. Very weird!

    Needless to say, I was rather freaked out by the whole experience. I went back to bed. I was so tired, that I was practically asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. When I woke up the next morning, my breasts felt sore and tender, as well my hips and my privates. I still felt relatively at peace, but just very sore. Well, the story gets even stranger still, at least in my opinion. About two weeks after this entire experience, I was about 4 days late on my period. Now, my cycles have been very regular since I was a teenager, and I did not have a boyfriend or any sexual activity (other than solo) during the three years I was on my own. Well, make a long story short, after about five days of being late, I was sitting on the toilet when I felt two very sharp and painful contractions. They were so intense that I physically winced and practically doubled over in pain. Then, I looked down and noticed that I had started, and I had an unusually heavy flow. This continued for about three more days before it got considerably lighter and my cycle ended for the month.

    I want to re-emphasize that ALL of this really happened to me. It was so real, but no one was “physically” there so to speak. So now that I am happily re-married, I’ve only had one similar experience in the last 7-8 years. I often talk to my husband about the experience I just shared with you, and he thinks that it was a demon incubus. Needless to say, I wasn’t very pleased with the prospect of that. While that may sound far fetched, would it be possible that I might have been briefly pregnant after this bizarre encounter? If it was in fact a demon, why was I at peace just about the whole time? What about the “demonic” urine? And finally, was what I perceived as semen actually something that came from my own body? I mean, there was no one there! Am I crazy? I am a bit confused, but grateful to share my experience with others

  90. Dark Phoenix Says:

    wow O_O thats some experience..hmmm
    is it possible that the jinn himself killed his child with the womanso as to cover his tracks?
    or did she have another miscarraige?
    amzing definately something ive never heard of…to think that she had physical evidence…hmm umm a guy asked me this and i wont deny this question has appeared in my head before as well…can jinn be gay as well?
    this woman described a real experience as far as i can tell..technically its clear as water.
    hmmm i wonder why women are targeted by jinn more than men i have talked to girls who have been in similar situations but i dont think that those jinn had much experience or they would have been able to seduce those girls..this one was somthing else hmmm……..

    im willing to bet on 2 things regarding this woman’s experience

    1—either this jinn is or was an ancient one…one who has quite the knowledge on how the human body works and a bit of psycology as well….other wise he shouldnt have been able to seduce her..

    2—its also possible that this was a jinn who is probably the young kind roughly equivalent to a human with the age ranging from 17–20 something…once more il say that he has good knowledge…..

    either way ill say this much is clear to me…he has probably been watching this woman for quite sometime probably since she hit the age when she startd menstruation cycles…though i wonder if it was a shaytan….naw he wasnt…..probably had a crush on her -had sex and left…this might point him 2 be young and restless……
    ill take a guess and say that jinn can see auras of things as well….does someone have anything to add or subtract from my observations?

  91. warda Says:

    good question hmmmmmmmmmmmm I dunno…possibly. just like the sheikh said..they can inflict any disease on earth imaginable on a person. He probably had control over her pregnancy or lack thereof.

    OH YES DARK PHOENIX…ITS TRUE..THEY CAN BE GAY. Just like humans have different personalities and do they. I read a true account from a girl that trusted me enough…but she also admits to having relations to both male and female.
    I would go into depth..but i dont want to share her business. Maybe if a person leaves their email..i can send the message..but i dont wanna post her story.
    i believe women get targeted more because of their beauty..jinn are attracted to the woman’s beauty
    and also the sheikh said women tend to get scared more then men.

    lets look at the situation,
    she’s a woman living alone
    she has a daughter..3 years old
    around age 30

    and I swear i read many stories like this..and they both had 3 things in common
    1. the jinn’s use of a toilet
    2. the smell of vinegar/sulphur/
    3. that it felt great…lool not to be blunt but they said it felt amazing.

    those are the three things these stories have in common!!!

  92. warda Says:

    Dark Phoenix..the question u asked about jinns being able to seduce females…umm i think u wanna take a look at this video.!!

    Even the woman has the thought that she may have been pregnant for a while.
    I asked a friend about this and their response was maybe he somehow pulled the child….because this sounds a bit sketchy
    i think there was a baby…even the woman has a feeling within her that something is wrong.
    just read this quote
    “Well, make a long story short, after about five days of being late, I was sitting on the toilet when I felt two very sharp and painful contractions. They were so intense that I physically winced and practically doubled over in pain. Then, I looked down and noticed that I had started, and I had an unusually heavy flow. This continued for about three more days before it got considerably lighter and my cycle ended for the month.”

  93. Dark Phoenix Says:

    Humans are made of mud….yet we live in different places and even wether we are or of the same religion or not…we do have different cultures
    hehe funny in a way it can be said that humans have mutated culturally……….

    Jinn are beings of fire mainly……but they also have different cultures….and from what i gather jinn can also be described as elemental spirits
    as in they have been known to live in fire-air-water-trees-earth etc basically the elements……

    ill guess the jinn have mutated elementally in this regard and have somehow evolved just like humans have evolved technology wise….im pretty sure something big is up here…..

    i dont think it would be wrong to say that they are now experimenting…that child born in this way…..half human..half jinn…im guessing that
    humans are clearly capable of a few things that jinn are not…so if they have babies with a human then it is possible that eventually a child will be born without that weakness…..

    kinda like a vampire …they cant stay in the sun…but if one has kids with a human its possible eventualy a child would be born that will be able to walk in the sunlight……

    thats just an example to make my point clear……..

    so the 3 thingz in common… just showz that
    either…its the same jinn or a certain group …..which just confirms my theory ^^

    and its probably the fire jinn doing this……

    the sulphur smell represents fire as sulphur is present in volcanoes and the vinegar just shows that their urine is probably more acidic then ours 😛

    the fact that they were all satisfied showz that they ( the jinn) has/had the same agenda each time….if they just wanted sex they would come just about all da time and posess them like they normally do when in love……but its not so..

    the use of toilet is simply just same as for most humans once they are completely satisfied thats no bigy……..

    although this does show that humans can conceive a child with a jinn ……u remember when i asked about marrying jinn warda ? thats exactly why i was asking about it…to find out if they can have a child…this showz that it is possible…although probbaly haram…

    well this is my theory …once more any additions or subtractions from it would be welcome

    May Allah (SWT) bless u all *peace*

  94. Dark Phoenix Says:

    k now i have seen the video….so it seems i was right after all…come to think of it….those children that resemble humans…..they could switch them with other human kids…..and that would lead to…O_O another theory confirmed………this would explain how some humans have been super smart and cdfourageous…or etc….a good example would have to be..well im sure those who have heard stuff about him will definately agree that Adolf Hittler definately qualifies as such a child….i will also like to think that Alexander the great,Albert Einstein possibly Napoleon and a few others would drfinately qualify as half human and half jinn decent if not directly then probably passed down from such a family 😛

    it seems resonable since these people were amazing in there own selves and hittler was definately amazing in many ways and also ive heard and observed that the super natural is pretty much associated with him………

    im sure this is how it is because it would definately cause comotion among humans and well that has been happening….also their are people that i know and have as friends with psychic abilities…..i also conversed with a girl who could see flashes of weird beings or spirits sometimes and also that she this ability was passed down in her mother’s side of the family…she didnt know what they were but i asked a few questions and her answers confirmed they were jinn…

    also a friend ( with whom i talk alot) she is also a psy…among other things she is capable of telling the past about things she touches…she told me that when she was looking to buy a house she came across one —very beautyfull house…but inside there was one room that she touched that showd her a vision that once this house was where a few people had hid during some kind of war and those people were killed there……..

  95. warda890 Says:

    they even thought Queen of Sheba was part jinn.

  96. Dark Phoenix Says:

    yes i have heard that as well….and its possible that she was such a child..hehehe im really enjoying myself knowing that my theories were right..yay i should give myself a medal for this
    XD not every 19 year old could have worked all that out from scratch..offcourse warda u have my utter thanx wdout ur post i wouldnt have been able 2 confirm my work so thnx

  97. warda Says:

    Oh, I believe a poster posted a question a while ago..I dont know how I couldnt have noticed it..but its an interesting question.
    I believe the person asked
    what are jinn attracted to? what attracts them on a person?
    i will let others comment before i do

  98. Dark Phoenix Says:

    Personally an answer to that question is highly simple..
    the Jinn are kinda like us or we are like them in the regard of free will
    so just like every human being has their own likes and dislikes ( different things attract us all) its probably same for the Jinn…. that’s unless they have a specific reason to go after someone ^_^

  99. warda Says:

    great response Dark Phoenix..can u be a bit more detailed…like generally what theyre attracted to.
    I heard it was the smell of “iftar”

    and other things..i will try to copy and paste a response

  100. Dark Phoenix Says:

    Thank u Warda

    well i just meant that the Jinn like us each has their own personal tastes…… some may be attracted to the eyes,some to the hair and probably some to the smell of “iftar” as u say ….

    just like humans after all they have their own will each Jinn probably chooses as they please..=P

  101. warda Says:

    but then again i wonder..lool why isnt this whole world possessed?
    think of many men and women go out their house dressed up to the nines and looking Phreshhhhhhhh!!!

  102. warda890 Says:

    what about music?
    doesnt that attract them
    lool a tribe of jinn jamming to some rap or RnB
    or hindi music

  103. bournejason Says:

    darn, how do i get one of them female jinn as a wife? i dun want a human wife because its troublesome for the type of work i do. Im always going overseas.Anyway, when i turn 18 i said to my parents, ” I dont want to ever get married and even if i change my mind down the road which you’re so sure of, it will be in my 30s so you guys might never get to see my kids.” Its nice having very old parents because they are alot more understanding. I rather work so that i can support my parent like a good muslim and send money back home. My line of work requires me to go everywhere around the world, sometimes places of old where jinns reside.
    How is it even possible to marry a jinn? Maybe only a handful of such marriage exist in this world? I have had my chance to score but i say im taken and i want to remain faithfull so im still a virgin now, all because of my fantasy for jin marriage.

  104. Dark Phoenix Says:

    umm dude i did support the guys above but i will warn u that isnt as simple as u think….although yes there have been such marriages and yes somtimes u cant tell the difference
    but they are a lot stronger u piss off a jinn and well hello pain..take my word….
    u shouldnt decide on a marraige with a jinn so easily……although u could see her if she stayed in human form…etc
    so find out all about the jinn and thier customs ____and DONT GET THAT ADVICE FROM A FORTUNE TELLER OR ANYONE SIMILAR…..

  105. Mansur Says:

    Salam, Abu Sunnah! Get in touich with me my names mansur ali..

  106. warda Says:

    i came across this story written one “text gear jinn bulletin page”
    Assalamu Alaikum. I am saying this “Wallahi I swear by Allah that i am speaking the truth here”. I was in Canada in 2004 and by the will of Allah i was shown a miracle sign that i would get some power from Allah (swt) to be able to do good in this world. I cannot get in to too much details as some stuff is very sensitive! I had been going through a very very tough test and it was on Sunday April 6th 2008 and i was CONTINUED..

    in my friend’s car in Mombasa, Kenya and we were just driving when suddenly i was not in control of my lips as i was saying things like ” wai wai wai woo woo waw waw” i quickly said to my friend that im NOT in control of my lips and that something weird was happening. Suddenly within seconds i started to scream “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! very loudly! My friend stopped his car in shock and i gotta out quickly through the window (dont even ask me how i did that and why!!) and started heading to mosque as it was Isha prayer. On the way there i was saying things like “Allahu Akbar! Islam will prevail! Islam is

    peace! I realized it was Jinns that had possessed me. I got to Masjid and made wudu and when i when joined the Salah i felt like i was going to be thrown of my feet! (the jinns were in pain and trying to leave as i was swaying back and forth and it was very tough to keep Balance in salah (Jinns were obviously hurting soo much by the Imam’s reciting) i had to really control myself from falling since there were people are all around me. Anyways i finished prayer and made dua. When a person gets possessed he should recite this as Angel Jibril (a.s) read it on Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) when sihr was done on him.

    “Bismillah arqeeka min qulli shayin yudheeka. Wa min sharri kuli nafsin aw aynin hasid. Allah yashfeek! Bismillahi Arqeek” It means “In the name of Allah i perform ruqya on myself! from everything that is harming me. And from all evil souls and every evil eye. Oh Allah grant me healing. In the name of Allah i perform ruqya on myself” The jinns would scream and cry in agony! I would recite ayatul Kursi alot!! I mean Alot as i would go like days eating very little and sometimes sleeping 1 to 3 hours. Eventually i realized i had 4 Jinns as they would start speaking to themselves and they were arguing alot and they were each trying to blame each other! They would tell each other to CONTINUED

    ” Shut the F@*! up” “i am not going listen to you” “Who made you boss?”.. I would still read more and eventually they finally told me truth that they were each around 2000 years old. I found out each of them a MARIDA (any Jinn that is usually around 2000 old and very powerful and have extensive knowledge in Magic). I found out i had been possessed by Iblees’s Top 4 Jinns. Imagine that the top 4 Jinns of Iblees had possessed me at once! Eventaully they started to tell me things and they explained that they were stuck and couldn’t leave. CONTINUED

    they started to curse Iblees as they were fed up! I found out who controlled the world and where they were located. I emailed and told them my name and that i know e whoverything about controls the world and where they are located and also i don’t fear them as i fear Allah alone! As soon as i left the internet cafe a very angry voice was speaking using my lips saying (who the F%$^are you?) (Im gonna F*$@ you up). (Iblis man what the F%$@! how does this guy know me??) and so on! Anyways i recited quran and read the ruqya very loudly. The voice was moaning in great pain! I realized that the

    person who controled the world ( By Allah’s will ofcourse had connected to me using SIHR (don’t even ask me how!) and he was very scared as i knew too much. He kept saying “F&%$ you Iblis how the F@%& does this guy know my name?” “Oh man ! what did i do to deserve this?”. The voice just seem so scared, confused and really stressed! i just kept reciting that ruqya, Ayatul Kursi,Surah Falaq, Surah Nas, Fatiha and also kept sending peace and blessing to prophet Muhammad (pbuh) alot! Anyways after making subra i came back to Toronto, Canada January 2009! I know 100% that the FBI and Israeli Intelligence (MOSSAD) know me very well and they are keeping a close eye on me. I don’t care as i have

    written to them (FBI and MOSSAD) and told them some secrets that are VERY TOP SECRET! I DO NOT FEAR any JINN or HUMAN. I can go to a place that has 1000 evil Jinns and if they hear me read and they hear the voices inside me screaming in pain and agony (they will all run for their lives!). Anyways it is now Saturday Feb 28 2009 and Allah has shown me a true miracle sign that some power will come soon INSHALLAH around March 27 2009. The really amazing thing i checked and i found out that March 27th is a Friday! I also found out by the will of Allah that the Jinns that possessed me will die and then a miracle will then happen. Just making subra InshAllah till then! Omar Sheikh Toronto, Canada

    another user writes: Omar, how did the FBI respond to your email? Did they take you seriously? My husband once told me he read that the Israelis are using the jinn to torture the Palestinians in their prisons wallahu alim.

  107. maryam Says:

    that he most ridiculious crap i ever heard!!! first of all us humans dont even know what ginn look like so if we have never seen ginn how we can marry them lol they live among us of course but they will never say to a human ”hey im the ginn nice to meet you can i take your hand in marriage”i think humans are meant to marry humans an thats it, lets not go to extreme here but if a ginn will ever come to me and asks me i will let yous knw but i doubt it lol

  108. warda Says:

    first off…if u think its crap..why are u reading it? u must have some sort of interest.

    u dont know anything ur talking about. Go talk to scholars and religious leaders and they will tell u of stories about jinn infatuated or even falling in love with humans…so who are u to say whats possible and whats not possible?
    where are ur sources?


    but jinn falling inn love with humans is not absurd.

    so where are u coming off with this.

    u sit here and call it crap when u sat and skimmed/read posts.

    im about to go off….

  109. AngellFury Says:

    hello abu-sunnah and hello warda i have tried to contact you on the e-mail addresses you specified but i do not think you have received them, please contact me on i will truly appreciate your response

  110. warlockasylum Says:

    I am a product of Jinn and human intercourse…,so does that men i cannot marry either or?

  111. curious Says:

    no warlockasylum,
    youre the product of drugs and alcohol

  112. Selam, In Islam we should not think of Jinns as a big thing. We should know there real but other then that you should not really be concered with them.

    And also about the marriages, Its haraam, according to a verse:

    YUSUFALI: And they have invented a blood-relationship between Him and the Jinns: but the Jinns know (quite well) that they have indeed to appear (before his Judgment-Seat)!
    PICKTHAL: And they imagine kinship between him and the jinn, whereas the jinn know well that they will be brought before (Him).
    SHAKIR: And they assert a relationship between Him and the jinn; and certainly the jinn do know that they shall surely be brought up;

  113. warlockasylum,

    If your situation is true, I would recommend you consult a scholar whom you trust as I am not an authority with the right to make fatwa. May Allah (SWT) give you tawfiq, Ameen.


  114. naveed Says:

    to warda: slam all. i have more things to share with u but not here v=can u send me mail so that i would reply u .

  115. warlockasylum Says:

    I am not into drugs and drinking, i have been a vegetarian for quite some time. I am suprised at some of the “negative” statements that have been made by people on this site. the Dictionary of Islam states that the jinn “propagate their species, sometimes in conjunction with human beings; in which latter case, the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents.”

    I can be reached trough email at or


  116. warda Says:

    I suggest you get your “facts” from reliable sources..there are many sites that claim to be genuine but really arent.
    Not to be rude or anything but I honestly think you dont know what you’re talking about.
    Why would u come online with ur deep issues when u can go seek professional help from an Imam?
    Nobody here can help you with your “problem”
    so why ask us?
    if i got a bullet lodged into my leg, would i sit and go on a forum and ask people on the forum what to do?


    we cant provide any help here, we are just discussing the topic.
    I honestly believve youre faking seems far fetched and lame

  117. warda Says:

    and i dont give my email address on a public site like this..If you have something to share..share it on this website.
    I posted stories that have been on the “MA” side.
    There is nothing that you can say to me privately about jinn that you cant write on this blog.
    I am not comfortable giving my email out to anyone.

  118. warlockasylum Says:

    I don’t have any issues. I just wanted to share my experience from what was written here on the blog. What makes you think I have issues. My experience is a reliable source. The writer of this blog posted some information based on sources that they have researched. However, based on the subject mantter i thought that I would give some input. For example, if you saw a blog on Islam and you felt that there was some aspects that were not covered, wouldn’t you give a response?

    Now if I do the same thing, all of a sudden I need to go to the hospital or something right? I imagine that there is quite a lot of perspective on the Islamic religion, some of it is biased. Now your going to take the same position of bias and propagate it towards others.

    Thanks Warda for showing your true colors.

  119. Silver Spiked Says:

    man this warda has a problem with everybody and keeps starting fights

  120. I am a Muslim Says:

    Interaction with Jinn shouldn’t be seen as something unislamic and wrong. After all prophet Solomon saw them, spoke to them and commanded them. If you advance spiritually enough to the level Solomon was at then you will be able to Interact in the same way Solomon was able to, that’s not to say its easy or that anyone will be able to do it but its not impossible.

  121. warda Says:

    silver spiked mind your business! trust me i can handle your tail, youre no challenge!!!
    I dont tolerate ignorant simple minded people!

    if u got something to contribute about jinn…we’re all ears here!!!
    if u dont…PEACE OUT!! VAMOS!! POOF! BE GONE!
    dont ruin cool guy Muslim’s blog!

    stay on topic


  122. warda Says:

    warlock and silver are the same people…silver spiked responded 27 minutes or so after warlockasylm, which leads me to believe there is a link. Are you schizophrenic or what? you seriously should stop being cowardly!
    Cool Muslim guy has a great blog going on here! unfortunately there are the occasional “disturbances”
    first off u sy Islam is biased? ASTUGFURALLAH!!!
    youre not even muslim! youre just some creep wanting dare you insult Islam!!
    no you dont need a hospital,,,,you need the asylum! you know the place with padded white walls

    let me tell u something, u havent seen any true colors..I am respecting cool muslim guy and other members here,so Im keeping cool, trust me..Im not the ONE, NOR THE 2 NOR THE 3, dont get it twisted, you havent seen my bad side!
    I tell it like it is! your story is phony..I have years of expereince sniffing out bs and lies!

    now i suggest you check yourself in a good mental institution and stop playing games online
    its rude and cowardly
    and stop creating fake names, we know its u.

  123. warda Says:

    sorry for the rude interruptions everyone!

    this is an interesting video, its in arabic..but some man talks about his expereinces

  124. Naveed Says:

    Miss warda can u behave. this site is about some serious topic and i am watching that you are continuously creating fuzzz. so please stop.

  125. warda Says:

    Im not creating any mind your business!
    WHAT HAVE U CONTRIBUTED HERE??? NOTHING! so you should keep your lips closed
    i contributes stories,links,videoes,etc!!

    its not my fault people come here and start trouble.

    your probably An extension off of warlockasylum!!
    I done had it with ignorant people

  126. warda Says:

    Dont try to take me out of my character!
    because I never seen these people before in my life..and now they want to somehow “pop up”
    Im not the one!!!
    dont u dare ever tell me to behave myself..Im not a child and youre not my gaurdian, HOW DARE YOU!
    Right now Im respecting cool muslim guy and other members here.
    If this was a face to face confrontation I gauruntee you wouldnt stop blowing hot air and get off your high horse!
    and u jump on my back to behave?
    get a life! i would say something more but im trying to keep cool.
    there have been rude disrespectful people that came on here and mocked the topic and said dont talk about jinn..why havent u replied to them?
    dont think that just for a second im a female u can tell me what to do because im not your average

    so as we like to say…MIND YOUR BUSINESS!


  127. warda Says:

    lets make it clear



    all of my replies were of jinn videoes,resources from trusted scholars,text,links,etc that everyone can benefit some knowledge from.
    None of my statements are from my head, therye all from genuine sources!
    I spoke with many learned knowledgeable people on this topic.

    my issue is when random people come in and start insulting the topic by saying “you shouldnt be talking about this” “are u crazy”…etc
    if u dont like the topic..then LEAVE! thats disrespecting every person on this board that contributed. If you dont have anything to say about the topic that has to do with it…DONT COMMENT! and all these people who said its not posssible for jinn to like humans,etc..DONT HAVE ANY PROOF!

    Another issue is people lying. Its really obvious when someone lies.
    I will just leave it at that, youre not fooling anybody but the drama.
    I’m not going to sit here and claim Im half a jinn, thats not funny! its a serious claim.
    On top of that..the person who made that claim also insulted Islam! so thats a double whammy!!

    I dont disrespect anyone and Im not going to be made out like a bad villain by a select few people!! grow up!
    instead of trying to bring me down because you feel theat im a threat to your ego, try reading what these people are saying.
    so if you want to talk about the TOPIC of jinn marriage…we’re all listening
    but if you want to fool around,make false comments, mock this blog…dont be surprised when you find someone who wont tolerate your petty behavior.

  128. Naveed Says:

    sorry warda that i flared u up. but we all should keep cool and talk about the subject. if somebody denies your information or give wrong interpretation about ISLAM just ignore. i have never talked against u. did i?

  129. warda Says:


    yes u did talk against me! because apparently naveed, not once in this whole blog have i seen your name only one time…and that was the time u decided to flasely call me out without reason!

    I wont stand by a person who calls Islam biased and neither should any other self respecting Muslim.

    they can deny information all they want! ITS NOT MY INFORMATION! this is from trusted scholars…so its foolish of them!! its not my loss, its theirs.

    this is the last time i will speak of this!
    this isnt a talk show blog!
    this is a jinn blog.

  130. warlockasylum Says:

    warda said: “silver spiked mind your business! trust me i can handle your tail, youre no challenge!!!
    I dont tolerate ignorant simple minded people!….no warlockasylum,
    youre the product of drugs and alcohol”

    It’s sad that Sir Warda has acted this way and claims to represent a religion of peace. I thought gossiping was a transgression in this faith.

    I used the word “biased” because there are things that exists whether you like it or not, and the perspective that was given I felt was biased. I wasn’t implying a faith. Ihave never met silver spiked. However, i have nothing for or against him.

    I have given my email out because i tech classes on the Simon Necronomicon, you can look this up for wourself at this site:

    Maybe you should obtain a copy for yourself and stop threatening people who have freedom to express their own opinion. This is a public forum. I am not posting any spam or anything foolish. If you look at my site you can see that it is well-researched.

    I have nothing against you, Sir Warda. yet i think it is unfortunate that you use your religion as an excuse to show animosity towards others and then try to back that up with some verses from the Qu’ran.

    Naveed has provided an open forum for discussion and there is nothing wrong with people sharing opinions that are pro or anti the discussion at hand. This is where maturity comes in at. All of this threatening and etc, just reminds me that you do not believe in what you claim to believe otherwise there would be no need to attack others. If the shy appears to be blue at noon and someone says its green. Are you going to fight the guy? or just consider him insane?

    Here you have accused me of all these things, such as drinking, drugs, and etc, and you have not even met me. Let alone that none of these things are true nor do they find a place with the topic at hand. This is sad because you claim to be a Muslim, but you cannot even conduct yourself with the same respect as a Non-Muslim, which is a lesson to everyone here who has been interacting on this board.

    Be well Lost One

  131. warda Says:

    how am i gossiping? I told you straight up how i felt! go look up the definition of gossip.





  132. warlockasylum Says:

    It’s okay Warda! I apologize if anyone hear has taken my comment offensively.

    I said that you are gossiping because you mentioned some comments that were not true and you have been talking about someone’s character that you do not know.

    It’s okay Warda. We know what the truth is and if you want to continue with your role-playing that is fine,. You have shown what you really are by just reviewing your previous coments. Maybe you should re-read them in the context of how you sound in this discussion

    I never spoke about Islam as being biased of it. However, what you call Islam is a whole different story.

    Be Well

  133. warda Says:

    well warlockasylum..since u have some jinn in u…u might be able to help us in this question

    Ok a friend of mine from facebook and I were

    chatting a while back and she asked a question..i was puzzeled!
    you know how jinn can see us and we cant see them?

    so do they sit and watch us like a cinema feature movie or do they not care? etc

    women who have jinn falling in love with them…do they follow them everywhere? or what?

    many lectures spoke of this but they didn’t go into depth

  134. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks Brother Warda!

    To answr your question..,No they do not sit and watch human beings though they are aware of them. It is man who has lost certain abilities that he once possessed. Remember, the angels were told to bow to Adam. Why would they be told to do such an act and man cannot see into those worlds? Because man’s mind today is too entertained.

    It takes some effort by the Jinn to assimilate into our world, much like a human peering into their world by meditation.

    For those jinn who are attracted to a woman or m man, they usually visit these ones thatthey have selected during their sleep. No they do not follow them everywhere the woman goes.

    I hope this provides some insights to the questions you have presented.

    Be Well Warda

  135. warda Says:

    Im not a “brother” Im a female..warda means flower in Arabic, but ur welcome.

    in the video the sheikh said something about a woman he was curing and she had “relations” with a jinn, he would follow her everywhere, even on the bus(I think he said bus, it sounded alot like bath,but im sure it was bus)

    lool I mean who wouldnt wanna waatch humans..we’re entertaining!! lool

  136. warlockasylum Says:

    My apologies Sister! Every Jinn has a differetn approach, just as there are over 5 billion people living on this planet with all sorts of various tastes and etc, so it is the same in the world of the Jinn.

    I am happy that you posted additional information about the video that the “sheikh” had posted. Seems like you have been doing quite a bit of reading as of late :0

    what are some of your experiences with the Jinn? Or should we arrange one?

    Have a great day. Look ofrward to hearing from you again.

    Be Well

  137. warda Says:

    yes,,,I know of many “encounters”, some have come from relatives.others from friends…and i will not mention my side personal side of it.

    hmmmmm what do u mean by “arranging an expereince” u kinda shocked me there

  138. warlockasylum Says:

    Well I think you have my email, so I think we can discuss some of this off the boards. However, I thought that you might want to arrange a visit from the World of the Jinn, since you were a litte skeptical at first.

    I am interested to hear some of your experiences as well. Thanks Sister.

    Be Well

  139. warda Says:

    lool what do u mean?
    do u have some jinn buddies just hanging around?

  140. warlockasylum Says:

    Something like that. I know that you have been looking for some time. Maybe you mate is in that world

  141. warda Says:

    hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold the phone bro!!!



    be specific.
    its not every day that ppl get offered something like that
    (although i knew a girl that offered something, but i wont go in details)

  142. Naveed Says:

    hi Warda how r u. every time u says that u wont go in details. thats not fair by keeping it secret

  143. warlockasylum Says:

    Hey Sister! What I am talking about is arranging a trip for you to see the World of the Jinn. I figure that since you were skeptical at first that maybe you might see things differently once you have traveled there.

    Be Well

  144. warda Says:

    1. I never said i didnt believe in “jinn” I suggest you read my topics carefully on the forum

    2. this is creepy

    3. the jinn dont live in a “world”(this is a common misconception)..they live among us but we cant see them,but htey dont live in a different WORLD…they live in abandoned places or some good jinn muslims live near pious muslims and moques.

    4.not to be mean but i will NEVER engage in any cult-like activity…of conjuring up jinn!!

    we cant see themonly if they shift forms

    thats why i asked u a 10000 times to explain yourself

    • Layla Says:

      Asalama Alaikum Warda

      I’m a fifteen yr old Muslim girl and I once had a dream and it started off like this.

      I was at school and then everything start to freeze and then the sky made a human shape of a man with a white hat and a huge beard and I told my friend to look up and see and she couldn’t see anything but ordinary clouds. The sky then started to speak in different languages and I couldn’t understand, then he spoke in English and said “prey.”

      and then I woke up

      A few months later, I had another dream and I was in a mosque, it was the most beautiful mosque I’ve ever seen. It was the colour green and gold and when I looked left and right the hall would never end and there wasn’t a wall and when I looked up, there was no roof but a moon and alot of stars and in the front, there was a huge golden chair. A man preying finished and said “prey.” I replied I cannot, and then automatically, I preyed even if I didn’t know how to.

      To this day I can prey an no one taught me. Can you explain this to me because I’m baffled.

  145. warlockasylum Says:

    Of course they live amongst us. I didn’t mean in a separate world but to open your vision up for a second and not be too entertained.

    I don’t see anything “creepy” about learning and experiencing what has existed for thousands of years.

    No i have never asked you to koin or engage in “cult” practices.

    You can see them in whatever body they take, even if they take one to get on the internet. maybe you do have one following you around 🙂

    Time will tell.

  146. warda Says:

    we do have jinn all around us…we just dont see them.
    YEA its creepy because u just dont hear that everyday. They are dangerous u know! im not putting myself Intentionally in a sticky situation that i cant get myself out of. I must be insane.
    the only way to contact them is through “unIslamuc” ways..God instructed the good believing jinn to stay away from humans..only the bad ones medel in human affairs.

  147. warlockasylum Says:

    That’s not true Sister! Maybe your just afraid because of the vivid dreams you had when you were younger. 🙂

    Anyways, everything in creation relates to another. Don’t you have some animal pets? Animals are separate creation, yet they relate in some ways to our livelihood. if there are those of Jinn-human relations, I am sure that is could not take place if it were forbidden.

  148. warlockasylum Says:

    Don’t worry Sister Warda, I will come for a visit this weekend 🙂

  149. warda Says:

    1. you cant put animals and jinn in the same category!!! Allah(Swt) gave humans and jinn free will, we are not on the level of animals…animals act on natural instincts. They will not be judged on the day of judgement, Only human and jinns.

    2. what vivid dreams are u talking about??? im not speaking of dreams

    3. ok, I dont think u understood me…Allah(swt) INSTRUCTED the good believing Muslim jinn to not interfere with humans!!! why do u think people just dont talk to them on a daily basis, jinn are of the “UNSEEN” theyre name in arabic even translated to that.
    The only jinn that won’t listen are the bad jinn who will interfere in human’s lives.

  150. warlockasylum Says:

    So I guess your saying that I am Part “bad” Jinn? Does this mean that humans who are non-muslim are bad too?

  151. warda Says:

    u are whatever u think u are! Im not gonna tell u who u are.
    But at the same time dont twist my words and put words in my mouth!!
    There are good jinn and bad jinn just like humans have good and bad. There are knowledgeable ones,peaceful,angry,malicious,ignorant,etc.

    However, the GOOD pious believing jinn are Muslims.
    Good jinns are those who love Allah(swt) very much, pray to him all the time to get away from all bad sins and deeds, are very truthful and obedient. They don’t disturb humans AT ALL

    the bad malicious ones are disbelieving malicious evil jinn who want to harm mankind and lead us astray.

    If God ordered the believing jinn to do something…if they dont do it..that means theyre against God..and if you go against God and his teachings…YOU WILL BE THE LOSER!
    if God said do this..YOU DO IT WITHOUT HESITATION
    The jinn are instructed not to communicate with humans…thats how we know that the jinn who do communicate are most likely bad!

    there is a story about a bad jinn who acted as if he was a “muslim” and his fake name was Usman…turns out usman is not muslim and he tried to fool people!
    bad jinn are trickey and theyre good liars..dont fall in their trap

    It was Iblis who said his goal was to mislead man and lead him into hellfire

  152. warlockasylum Says:

    So i guess all the humans who are NOT Muslims are bad, since all the Jinn who are not M<uslims are bad also. Is this what you are implying?

  153. warda Says:

    yes thats what Im implying…sure there are muslims that do bad things! BUT IF A MUSLIM FOLLOWED ISLAM ACCORDINGLY AND FOLLOWED THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM, THEY WOULDNT BE “BAD”

    same as bad jinn…the ones that taunt humans ARE NOT MUSLIMS..if they were muslim they would know that God told them not to interfer with humans

    what part dont u understand!!!??
    if u dont….UR NOT A BELIEVER
    sorry to break the truth to u

  154. warlockasylum Says:

    So what your saying is that humans who are Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Wiccans, are all bad people? And can it be true of the Jinn if they are not Muslims?

    So I guess all of creation that doesn’t follow Islam is bad?

    I wonder what does that make someone who is part-Jinn and part-Human?

    I guess your saying that I am bad as well? What country do you reside in?

  155. warda Says:

    God judges us by what is hidden in the hearts. Even if Hindus as a whole are not classified as ‘people of the book’ for the sake of earthly judgments, we can never say for certain how God will judge an individual because we do not know what is in his or her heart.

    We can only know what God says about how He will judge people. Anyone who believes in God and who tries to do what is right in their lives will have their reward from God. We know this from very clear verses in the Quran including.

    *{And they say: “None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian.” Those are their (vain) desires. Say: “Produce your proof if ye are truthful.” Nay,-whoever submits His whole self to God and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.}* (All-Baqarah 2:111-2)

    To believe in God and submit yourself to His will means to believe in God without partners or rivals in His power and authority to give law about right and wrong and hence how you should live your life.

    Worshipping idols amounts to asserting that there is not one morality, one system of right and wrong, but that there are many rival moralities and many different masters to serve. How can someone be a morally good person, how can they be submitting themselves to the will of God when they are in fact submitting themselves to multiple Gods? Of course it is impossible.

    This is the core of the message of Islamic monotheism. As for whether Hindus could be regarded as monotheists, it may be that some of them think in terms of one God and universal morality and in so far as they try to live by that, God may reward them.

  156. warda Says:

    Of the perpetual prohibitions is marriage between humans and jinn; it is not lawful for a member of human kind to marry a jinni.

    Allah Almighty says: ”O people! be careful of (your duty to) your Lord, Who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same (kind)” (An-Nisaa’: 1). He Almighty also says: “It is He Who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature.” (Al-A`raf: 189).

    An unauthentic hadith was reported on the authority of Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya to the effect that it is forbidden to marry the jinn.

    According to Rad Al-Mehtar `ala Ad-Dur Al-Mukhtar by Ibn `Abdein, a Hanifi scholar, the jurists define marriage as “a contract that makes it lawful for a man to make love to a woman without there being a lawful prohibition to this marriage.” A lawful prohibition here refers to marriage to another man or to a hermaphrodite, a polytheist woman, a closely related woman, or a female jinn.

    Contemplating the verses ”Marry women of your choice” (An-Nisaa’: 3) and”And Allah has made wives for you from among yourselves” (An-Nahl: 72), one can realize that it is only women of human kind that are lawful for men to marry. In addition, a jinn male may take the form of a female and vise versa.

    Also according to Al-Ashbah, a book on juristic rules by Ibn Nujaym, marriage between a human and a jinni is not lawful, for they are of different worlds.

    It was said that Al-Hassan Al-Basri was of the opinion that such a marriage is lawful so long as there are witnesses to it. But it was also reported that he did not believe it is lawful.

    Any way, the more correct opinion to follow in this regard is that it is not lawful for a human being to marry a jinni, for they are of different worlds.

    In Al-Ashbah wa An-Nadha’r, Imam As-Suyuti, an eminent Shafi`i scholar, wrote: ”Answering the question ‘is it lawful for a human being to marry a jinni?’ Imad Ibn Yunus said, ‘Yes.’”

    This question was also one of those that Sheikh Jamal Ad-Din Al-Esnawi posed to the supreme judge Sharaf Ad-Din Al-Barazi.

    Sheikh Jamal asked the supreme judge, “Is it lawful for a man to marry a female jinn? Contemplating Allah’s Words “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves” (Ar-Rum: 21), I find that from among yourselves refers to that one’s mate or spouse is to be from the same kind as one, and this is a blessing from Almighty Allah. But if we supposed that this might be lawful, as Ibn Unus said in Sharh Al-Wajeiz, would the man in this case have the right to oblige his jinn wife to stick to home or not? Suppose also that he would dislike to see her in a form other than the human one; would he have the right to prevent her from incarnating in other forms? Also, would the conditions required in a valid marriage contract be required in this case, also? For instance, would the jinn’s guardian’s approval be required? Would their marriage be acceptable according to the jinn laws? Suppose that once, he did not recognize her, for she was incarnating in a form different from that he usually sees her in, but she told him it was she. Would he believe her and thus could he make love to her? Would he also be required to provide her with food that the jinn eat, such as bones and the like?”

    The supreme judge Sharaf Ad-Din Al-Barazi answered:

    It is not lawful that members of human kind marry members of jinn kind. This is inferred from the following verses: ‘And Allah has made wives for you from among yourselves’ (An-Nahl: 72) and ‘And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves’ (Ar-Rum: 21).
    The exegetes say about these verses that the words from among yourselves in both verses refer to human kind; they may be paraphrased from your own kind or from your own nature.

    These verses are analogous to the verse “Now hath come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves” (At-Tawbah: 128), for from amongst yourselves here refers also to human kind.

    Besides, Allah Almighty refers in His Book to the women who are lawful for men to marry: “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts” (Al-Ahzab: 50). [What was applied to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) according to this verse is also applied to Muslim men in general.] Mind that it is juristically known that this verse also indicates that single women who are not related to one may also be marriageable to one.

    Allah Almighty also refers in His Book to the women who are prohibited in marriage to one. Notice all this is about marriage to women of human nature. This is because there is no marriage between human beings and jinn. (The words of Sharaf Ad-Din Al-Barazi end here.)

    [Still according to As-Suyuti,] Sheikh Jamal Ad-Din Al-Esnawi commented:

    This is Al-Barazi’s answer. If I was asked for my opinion in this, I would say that marriage between human beings and jinn is unlawful for many reasons.

    First, Al-Kermani reported in his Masa’il that there was a hadith reported to the effect that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) forbade marriage from the jinn.

    Though this hadith is not authentically reported, yet its truthfulness is supported by the opinions of the scholars in that respect. For example, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Qatadah, Al-Hakam ibn Uyaynah, Ishaq ibn Rahawei, and `Uqbah Al-Assam were of the opinion that this marriage is not lawful. Also, Al-Jamal As-Sajstani, a Hanifi scholar, said in his book, Minyat Al-Mufti `an Al-Fatawa As-Sirajjiyyah: “Marriage between human kind and jinn is not lawful, for they are of different worlds.”

    Second, the aims of marriage are to find tranquility, peace, and compassion with a partner close to one. All this would be lacking with jinn partners, for hatred for human kind is innate in their nature.

    Third, there is nothing in the Shari`ah to the effect that it is permitted to marry members of the jinn. Allah Almighty says: “Marry women of your choice” (An-Nisaa’: 3). It is known that women refers to female members of human kind. This indicates that it is unlawful to marry other than women.

    Fourth, it is not principally permitted for a free man to marry a slave woman, in order that they not may bring forth a slave child, which is not in the interest of the child. By comparison, marrying a female jinn may result in bringing forth a child having jinn characteristics, which is far worse than slavery. Hence, so long as it is not permitted for a free man to marry a slave woman, though both belong to the same kind (human kind), it is with greater reason not to permit marriage to jinn, for they are of different nature.

    By analogy, we also find that it is prohibited to cross donkeys and horses, for this results in a hybrid different from horses, and this may, in turn, lead to the rarity of horses. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) commented on those who do so by saying, “Those who do so are ignorant.” If so is the case with animals, it is with greater reason that it also be the case with marriage between humans and jinns.

    However, Abu `Uthman Sa`id ibn Al-`Abass Ar-Razi said in his book Al-Ilham wa Al-Waswasah that it was reported that some Yemeni people wrote to Imam Malik: “A male jinni has come to us and proposed to marry a young (human) woman saying, ‘I seek to stick to the right path by this proposal.’” Imam Malik answered, “I see that there is nothing wrong in doing so, but I dislike to expose this woman to a situation where she might be asked about her husband and she would answer, ‘It is a male jinni.’ This may lead to corruption among Muslims.”

  157. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks for your well thought out statements. However, I still think you do not understand. I am speaking from my own experience as being a progeny on Jinn-human relation and your giving me a scholastic report. So your God does not approve of me? Or does he judge the heart?

  158. warda Says:



  159. warlockasylum Says:

    That what you believe and that’s fine. As far as my side of the story…I think I already spoke of it, however, i will go into again, so that you can be clear if i spoke in a unclear way.

    I know several people who are of the same progeny. it happens during relations and depending on the conditions relations the person is possessed by the Jinn in copulation and after i was parented by them. That is my experience. They would visit in real and beholdable form.

    I am not going to debate with you about who your God is because the truth is what is around you today. I just know from my experience. I know that what you call the Jinn are the creators of mankind. read the Sumerian Tablets. Read about Ishtar. You believe what is told to you but are you really experienced with what is divine or godly? Because if you areally have a relationship with “God” that relationship is not based on a book or what some scholar says.

    Its the same thing as having a relationship with your parents. If you have never spoken to your parents and only read about their lives through some book, you never really had a relationship with them. the Jinn have been around for thousands of years and are much older than the race of man, now i have someone telling me that they are not to be spoken to based on a book, and scholars that are thousands of years younger than they are and the books that they read. These people have no contact with the Jinn or “God” This tells me that the story was reversed and that it is a quise of Shaitan who says told man not to speak with the Jinn because the ones that do are evil.

    I hear so much about the Jinn being bad when man has done worst than the Jinn. Man has killed millions of humans. No Jinn was ever told to bow to man because the creator wouldn’t tell another creature to bow to anything other than him/herself. This is how i know that the “God” you worship maybe a powerful entity but is not he creator of all worlds. Look at how microscopic man is in the universe. man is not that important in the universal scheme of things, yet he is important to other entities that are a step above him and this is the Jinn. It is only the rebellious Jinn who invented this idea that communication with the Jinn is wrong and this is the truth for every Jinn-human progeny, something that we can’t always speak openly about due to the ignorance of man. The “God” of this world doesn’t need a human worshipping him/her, but a rebellious Jinn might. How is it that the creator of all these immense celestial bodies needs human worship, when humans only live 70 years compared to the life of a star or planet. Man is only important to the Jinn, and the classes of them which sometimes are in conflict. So what you are really worshipping is one of the Jinn posing as a creator. Because the real creator doesn’t need a human to declare the message, but a rebellious Jinn might because it is difficult for some of them to enter this world they will use a human to proclaim some messasge that changes every 2,00 years. This would explain why the Prophet was was at first thought to be possessed by the Jinn, because he was.

    this is the Tradition as taught by the Jinn to their children.

    be Well Sister Warda! I will see you soon :0

  160. warlockasylum Says:



  161. warda Says:

    I am not a blind sheep..I follow ISLAM, I have a head on my shoulders!!
    Maybe u should start reading some religious texts!!
    or are u too busy with ur jinn friends

  162. warda Says:


  163. warlockasylum Says:

    Dear Warda! I feel sorry for you. You have spent the last few days talking badlt about the Junn. Yet you have shown everyone here just how uncivilized you are because as soon as someone expresses a view different than your own you start acting ignorant. You give Islam a bad name and you have also put yourself in danger by speaking against the Jinn of which your “god” is a part of. You have set a bad example for Muslims eveywhere since you do not know your history or the Quran. I feel sorry for you as the Jinn will make your way difficult.

  164. warlockasylum Says:

    Dearr Warda! I did not post that link up as one of my sources t wai just for you to read. I am the source of my experience just like you would not need a reference to describe the relationship with your parents..then stop asking me for references about my relationship with my parents. You humans are disgusting. Here you are the last of everything created and yet you know the answers to everything. You are not even aware that you have worshipped the Jinn all this time, regardless of what you call us..Allah, Jesus, Krishna, or etc. Then when we speak to you-all you can do is talk about what a prophet or what some scholar says. Many of your king view our kind as being bad..Yet it is Us who view your world as the Abyss. Just look at your world. War, humans can’t get along because they look different from each other, you have not learned how to share the eartha resources, and your religions har caused you to hate each other. You are the worst of all creation and we reach out to help you-you are so stuck on religion you refuse the help we give based on an idea in your headteacher

  165. Usman Says:

    hi. what warlockasylum said in last few posts is his personal view. i think he even don know what he is talking about. are u insane. just do what others have been doing at this forum. we are here to share experiences not to point out at others religion. hope you people will keep in mind next time

    • warlockasylum Says:

      I thought that we were ll here to share personal views and experiences. Now Usman says that he believes that ‘I don know what I am talking about.’ This is what happens I guess at times when religion gets in the way. If my personal experiences are in conflict with your personal beliefs then you are ready to attack me.

      Here you have a so-called Islamic woman come on a public forum and call me “scum” yet i am accused of not knowing what I am talking about. I have not used offensive language this whole entire time since being on the board.

      Here you are Usman saying that we are here to share experiences , but my experiences are always followed by accusations and derogatory remarks. If your statements were really sincere Usman then making about sharing experiences and not reigion, as I see no need to comment that “you don think I know what I am talking about.” That statement is not about sharing experiences.

      All the satements I have made are about my personal experiences, not quotes from a scholar I do not know and then accuse the peerson who I am actually speaking to with disrespect. I respect all life because of where it originates, yet if you only repsect life based on its relationship with your god, you have missed the point of all prophets.

      be Well

  166. AFZ Says:

    Dear Sis Warda,
    I have been following this post since last month. this guy warlockasylum doesnt seem to be a muslim (Allah knows) or if he is, hes deviant. all he is trying to do is to get ur email id. just read his posts and note down how many times he has mentioned Allah swt. so my advice is to ignore this guy, dont reply to him, he will drag u to his vain discussions. you can make out from his replies that he is no half human half jinn but is pure shaytan.

  167. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks AFZ! You have proven my point. Here you are telling Sister Warda to ignore me because I am not a Muslim. That is good so now these people cannot learn how to interact with non-Muslims. How is it ygat Warda a “muslin woman” can call me scum in public and you still accept her as being muslin? Am I not a creating of Allah? So now its okay for Sister Warda to degrade Allah’s creation as well as you? Re-read the blog and stop the gossip! It was Sister Warda who was asking some user, for their email address to find out what the Jinn looked like,and we the Jinn were so happy to see her interested in our kind-so I had to respond.don’t worry anoit Sister Warda. You should take more time securing your financial situation AFZ!:) you humans fail to understand that all are Muslims because our physical bodies are in submission to the world around us. That is called being a Muslim whether or not one worships Allah. Anything else like dressing up in 1400 year old clothes and praying five times a day is not about being a Muslim, ny is just a fan club for the Prophet, and there are many of them. I have no time AFZ to play games. I have written a lot of information on my spiritual work here: I am not here to play monkey business

  168. warda Says:

    Thank you very much Usman and AFZ!!!
    there are some very sketchy crazy lunatics online,which is why i NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR put my personal info online!!!

    I think we studied his type in psychology.
    I know enough about Islam’s teachings mixed with common sense to know this guy is pure trouble.
    Maybe in the future computers can be advanced enough to filter out trashy sketchy people, but nowadays….take no risks.
    Im soo glad you 2(and others) see through this guy.
    Let me tell you something warlocklunatic…NEVER have I asked a person for their email!
    soooo how about you go and improve your reading skills because clearly u have no clue whats going on.

    • warlockasylum Says:

      I don’t have any problems with you Sister Warda except the fact that you use offensive terms and name calling in your posts, then you wanna act like you know Allah. You are are product of self-deception. This happens to many humans who think that the van access spiritual things by doing mechanical things like fasting and some of the other things like that. You have a temper and the you start name calling people “scum.” I think you should work on that before you start talking about being a Muslim. I do apologise if I offended you and the others with my opinion on human religion. If that works for you then fine, but don’t put me in your “box” because of it* as far as Mo’s statement is concerned, the Jinn are much like the human world with a lot less issues. Yes I communicate with them. You seemed to believe that you can communicate with the the creator of all worlds by just praying-why is it so difficult to see that there are those who can talk with the Jinn. The Jinn also have to work on their ability to project in this world like humans have to work on meditation or yoga :).

  169. Mo Says:

    Warlock,tell me,Do you have the powers that jinns have?Can you travel from one continent to another in just seconds?Just like your mother/father?Can you describe what the jinn look like in its’s original form?How tall are they?How do their faces look like?
    Can you write something in jinn language here on this forum?Ever went high up to the sky to listen to what the angels are saying?

    • warlockasylum Says:

      Some of the question you ask are relative. However, this whole thing about flying high up in the sky to listen to the angels speak is very symbolic and pretty much is a myth. What you call angels are Jinn. First let me state that I was not ignoring your questions. I was writing from my phone. Anyways, I possess some gifts as the Jinn possess. However let me comment on this further. The powers that the Jinn possess come with training just as with the human world. For example, suppose you visited the human world for the first time and you saw a man dressed in a martial arts uniform breaking bricks with his bare hands. Then you went backed to your world describing humans as all having these abilities. The problem in this is that there are some humans who can break bricks with their bare hands but they are skiled at martial arts and others are not. So it is the same with the Jinn some have abilities that they are trained in that others don’t simple because their focus is something else. Jinn are able to enter this world in the same manner that humans can perform astral projection. Some Jinn can and some Jinn have to work on things, though the Jinn are more spiritual and have a civilization that is based on spiritual technology. When the Jinn enter this world they can do more here than in their own world, since they are not limited as humans are they appear to be able to perform great feats, just like what you do in astral projection. I can’t appear at a place in a couple of seconds. However, i can project into someone’s mind to a degree and a few other things. However, this is not about me. Its about giving some clarity to things.

      First, I wouild like to apologize if I have offended anyone here. it is not my purpose to be sill, or a piece of scum, or whatever Allah’s servants want to call me.

      I cam on this blog because just the same way many of you get upset over “conflicting” Islamic perspectives maybe the Jinn and their progeny, get upset when you talk about our kind as being mostly rebellious if we are not muslim, and etc.

  170. Mo Says:

    Warlock,I i think you didn’t answer any question i asked.

  171. MALEK Says:

    Warlockasylum First you posted:
    ‘It is man who has lost certain abilities that he once possessed. Remember, the angels were told to bow to Adam. Why would they be told to do such an act and man cannot see into those worlds? Because man’s mind today is too entertained.’ <—I actually thought you knew what you were talking about here..

    Then you posted:
    ‘the creator wouldn’t tell another creature to bow to anything other than him/herself.’

    Can you make up your mind , stop contradicting yourself arent Jinn supposed to be clever?

    Oh and your not a Jinn stop being silly, i checked out your site your just obssessed with satanic rituals.

  172. warlockasylum Says:

    Well Mo and Malek thanks for responding to my post. I am not trying to put out contradictory info here. I would like to be more direct about things but even when i speak on some things some of you all here cannot handle it at all, the truth is what i am talking about.

    First of all, Malek my site has nothing to do with Satanic Rituals. Satan is a Christian deity, whether good or bad. Much of my page is devoted to the deities that existed or were worshipped in the “Arab” world before the rise of Islam. I understand some of your points Malek, I was also making a point through the contradixtion that appears in Islamic Lore. See this is why I gave my email out because some here would be offended by the truth.

    Think about it Malek and answer it good, even if it is for yourself.

    Why would the creator of this whole universe tell the angels to bow to man? Yet this same god says that nothing in creation should be worshipped? that was my point behind that statement.

    It is not contradictory to the fact that “man” has lost certain abilities and has fallen asleep, the man I am speaking of here are those that are relative to the Jinn. Let me ask you something, since no one wants to email me here, keep in mind I am bnot trying to offend anyone’s beliefs.

    How long did it really take for the creator to create the seen world?? While your thinking about that ask yourself another question or just ponder on this?

    Some biblical theologians claim that each of the Seven Creation Days were from a period of 7,000 to 10,000 years, which means that the week of creation may be anywhere from 49,000 to 70,000 years. Now if you took man with his technology today and gave him 49.000 to 70,000 years to create, plus increase his brain power from ten to 90 percent you would have the divinity which explains why the fall of man occurred at the same time god rested in biblical lore. I will tell you a few things which i haven’t spoken on before

    The World of the Jinn is not that problemic as the human world..,however there are certain conflicts that we face from time to time. Just as man has wars over earth’s resources, man is also a resource in the world of the Jinn, so they volley over the control of man, Yet they are some of the Jinn who are here to help humanity and have taken up human bodies to understand the human experience and can thus see how best to rule humanity when they rise once again.

    I think the problem I have with many of the correspondence that i have had with people on this blog is that they try putting the Jinn into a box like there examining a plant are animal. THE WORLD OF THE JINN IS MORE DIVERSED THAN THE HUMAN WORLD IN ITS MAKEUP. So all these question as to what Jinn look like could have many various answers as what humans look like? humans come in many appearances though the body is about the same. The funny thig about it is that the world of the Jinn there are many manifestations, or what you humans call races, yet The Jinn co not divide themselves up on the basis of appearance. Talk with you later Malek. Mo asked some questions that i need to answer now

  173. AFZ Says:

    salams to all bros & sis
    guys please dont respond to warlockasylum. you respond to his vain talk, you let him control this blog. v have many other islamic topics to discuss, v have been created to worship Allah Taala. remember vain discussions are makrooh. if this guy warlockasylum is interested in Islam sure we will explain it to him but no entertainment for stupid ideas.

  174. warlockasylum Says:

    Greetings AFZ!

    Have you taken the time to stop and re-read what you are posting. Here you are suggesting who should communicate with who. Maybe you are trying to control the blog, not me.

    Here I have been polite and respectful to people here, though they may not agree with me. Yet there are people here who have used foul language against me for no reason. Even if you do not agree respect should still exists, or does Islam tech that it is okay to disrespect those who are not Muslim? Yet you are the one to accuse the respectful one of talking “stupidity.”

    Maybe you should re-read the posts in this blog.

    Be Well

  175. warlockasylum Says:

    Since you said you were available to answer questions on Islam AFZ, then tell me what evidence is there that Allah is the Creator and not a “pagan” deity? Is there any evidence of this outside of the Qu’ran?

    Be Well

  176. AFZ Says:

    warlockasylum : We Muslims believe in Allah, We believe in Muhammed (peace be upon him) as last prophet, we believe in Quran unconditionally. Alhamdulillah, we dont go around looking for evidence of our Creator. Allah has created the whole universe, Quran has been sent to guide the believers and we dont need, neither do we look for any other evidence. If you want to believe in Islam then you are welcome, otherwise there is no compulsion in religion.
    Quran Al-Hajj Ayah 46: Have they not travelled in the land, and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear ? For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind.

  177. warlockasylum Says:

    I am just asking you a question AFZ, and I think it is important to know this. I am interested to know this, how do you know that Allah is the creator. How do we know it is not Jesus, Horus, Krishna, or Yehweh, or Enki? Are you saying that the only evidence you have that Allah is the creator is based on a the Qu’ran? Are there not any artifacts and etc, that bears the name of Allh in ancient history? Also how is it that you can link Allah as being the God of Abraham? Is there any archeological evidence to support this?

    I am intersted to know these things

  178. warda Says:

    the last thing i need is for a satanic idiot that’s destined to hellfire to tell me about religion.!!!
    never did i insult u! i only called u what u are…scum.
    stop trying to piss off people and then when they attacck u back and u have no defense u lay down like a dead dog and act like ur a victim and ur not being treated right! ur pathetic!!
    thats like a thug speaking to kids about non violence or a thief talking to kids about not stealing
    ur gonna sit and talk about God!!!!
    ur a hypocrite and ur phony!!!!
    my language is justified(ACTUALLY IM BEING NICE) most people; muslims or non muslims would just cuss u out of this world! got that? nobody would be able to take ur garbage.
    1. ur clearly lying
    2. u post lies about Islam
    3. u act like u know about jinn…i hope to God that u get possessed one day so it could teach ur butt not to mess with them!!
    4. u disrespect other people with ur phony presence
    5. and now i read ur a devil worshipper

  179. warda Says:

    amen to afz and the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    educate this fool

  180. Just a side note:

    As Muslims, we should not condemn anyone to the Hell-fire, because in all honesty, we do not know the state in which any of us will die. I leave you with a statement of our beloved Messenger (SAW) where he (SAW) said:

    “Verily the creation of any one of you takes place when he is assembled in his mother’s womb; for forty days he is as a drop of fluid, then it becomes a clot for a similar period. Thereafter, it is a lump looking like it has been chewed for a similar period. Then an angel is sent to him, who breathes the ruh (spirit) into him. This Angel is commanded to write Four decrees: that he writes down his provision (rizq), his life span, his deeds, and whether he will be among the wretched or the blessed.

    I swear by Allah – there is no God but He – one of you may perform the deeds of the people of Paradise till there is naught but an arm’s length between him and it, when that which has been written will outstrip him so that he performs the deeds of the people of the Hell Fire; one of you may perform the deeds of the people of the Hell Fire, till there is naught but an arm’s length between him and it, when that which has been written will overtake him so that he performs the deeds of the people of Paradise and enters therein.”

    (narrated by Imam Bukhari)

  181. warlockasylum,

    If you would like to learn more about Allah, please watch:

    • warlockasylum Says:

      Thanks CoolGuyMuslim i got a chance to see the video on my home computer 🙂

  182. warlockasylum Says:


    I would like to summarize my points in this discussion, since there are many people here who cannot get beyond what is happening in from of them versus what they have heard. Some people take the things that they have heard and turn it into a religion while ignoring what is in front of them. From the very first day I came and posted on this blog, I was attacked, when all I mention was the fact that I am of Jinn and human progeny. I can cannot understand why is that so hard for you all to comprehend. Here you say that your prayers can be heard by the creator of the hold universe, but find it hard to believe that someone I can contact the Jinn and have that in my lineage.

    So far I have learned that despite what Muslims claim to be, here on this blog page they are very close-minded and will attack you for anything you say that is in conflict with their religion. Notice what was said to me when I first appeared on this blog:
    curious Says:
    April 4, 2009 at 10:47 pm
    “no warlockasylum,
    you’re the product of drugs and alcohol”
    Now this man has never met me but he feels that he is right to disrespect me because what I said about my origins are in conflict with his/her beliefs, but I am alive here today, yet he will deny my heritage even though he does not no me, The other problem is-is that all these “Muslims” who read this page didn’t take the time to denounce an inappropriate act. Yet this Blog can be accessed anywhere in the world, and this “Muslim” has shown us what it means to be a “Muslim?”
    I am also learning to that “Islamic” women are not as pure as they are projected to be. For example, I would like everyone here to notice what one Islamic woman said to me on this blog page not to long ago. Her name is Warda.
    warda Says:
    May 11, 2009 at 9:05 pm
    “the last thing i need is for a satanic idiot that’s destined to hellfire to tell me about religion.!!!
    never did i insult u! i only called u what u are…scum.
    stop trying to piss off people and then when they attacck u back and u have no defense u lay down like a dead dog and act like ur a victim and ur not being treated right! ur pathetic!!
    thats like a thug speaking to kids about non violence or a thief talking to kids about not stealing
    ur gonna sit and talk about God!!!!
    ur a hypocrite and ur phony!!!!”

    Here this Islamic women feels that she has the right to call me “scum.” Now I should remind everyone here that she made this statement after I apologized twice if I offended anyone with my comments, due to their religious view. Throughout this whole time, I have NOT made any remarks to insult someone’s character. Now I have Warda calling me “SCUM” which refers to a SEXUAL fluid. Here Warda has put herself outside and in a dangerous spot let me explain.
    I told Warda before that she has to work a little bit on her anger. I think Warda is a very genuine person, but she has to study more and make personal application of her beliefs and let it reach the heart. Her practice of Islam has not reached the heart and this is why she is angry. See being part Jinn, Iknow that sometimes a Jinn can even make a devoted Muslim angry-why? Because anger is a gateway to get into the mind of the Muslim, even if they do so defending the Muslim god, Allah, they have allowed themselves to be exposed to alternative emotions and thru these emotions I can shape and mold things in Warda’s mind. This is how I have seen some of my Jinn family work on people. I could have sent some bad things to happen to Warda, but I am not that sort of being. I think Warda’s problem is that she is trying to impress others as to her devotion to the Muslim god and because of this she has violated her dedication to the Muslim god. Let me make this clear to everyone here, Warda because of her anger made herself open to possession by the Jinn. Believe me I thought about it. So next time Warda study and let you god’s spirit reach your heart, and no it has nothing to do with the weight you were trying to lose-lol. Notice what the Hadith says:

    Hadith – Sunan of Abu Dawood, Narrated Atiyyah as-Sa’di, r.a.
    AbuWa’il al-Qass said: We entered upon Urwah ibn Muhammad ibn as-Sa’di. A man spoke to him and made him angry. So he stood and performed ablution; he then returned and performed ablution, and said: My father told me on the authority of my grandfather Atiyyah who reported the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) as saying: Anger comes from the devil, the devil was created of fire, and fire is extinguished only with water; so when one of you becomes angry, he should perform ablution.
    Now some of you may wonder at times why I have spoken as a Jinn at times. This is the same as a Muslim whose parents are from the Arab world. The child many be fluent in both English and Arabic. So too at times I may speak more from a Jinn perspective that part-Jinn.
    As far as AFZ, Usman, and the others are concerned, you guys need to also show more of a practical application of your religion by allowing your Muslim god into your personal life and not think that Islam is just repeating what some Iman has said. Here I have asked AFZ a simple question and he cannot answer it. I want to know is their any findings of the name of the Muslim god before the Qu’ran was written and he can’t tell me anything or answer the question-why? It is because he does not have his own personal relationship with the Muslim god. These men have only stated or should I say repeated what is written and because of such they look like fools since they can tell me so much about what the Jinn is and isn’t yet they can not answer the questions I had concerning Allah because they do not have a relationship with the Muslim God, they only have a relationship with the books that describe him and this is why my question has not been answered.
    I must also state that I am no Satan worshipper. Satan is a Christian deity and I am not a Christian. I am a Priest of Inanna, most of the Jinn here today work with these same rites. Yet I must thank the administrators of this Blog Page for allowing me the time to get a clearer understanding of the “Muslim” view of our kind and based on my interactions here with people who call themselves “Muslims” I can clearly see that it is not a religion for the thinking human. Yet I must thank the writers of this blog page for allowing me say and also correcting Warda so that she does not slip away.
    I came to this page doing some side reading and searching. We do not call ourselves Jinn in that world, so I did not know anything on this term until I read more into this article and looked up some things afterwards. I know that my parentage is different. This blog has been up here for about two years, I am not a lier or looking for attention as some have accused me of but make no mistake about it, some of the Jinn will be tampering with the lives of people here so the next time it may not be so nice

    Be Well
    The Dark Knight (WARLOCK ASYLUM)

  183. warda Says:

    We dont comdemn ppl to hellfire true!!

    thats NOT a good thing.
    Paradise or hell is up to Allah and only Allah alone to decide, but I tend to stay away from people who OPENLY criticize Islam and our beliefs.
    I dont want anything to do with that liar!!!

    “Leave alone those who take their religion to be mere play and amusement, and are deceived by the life of this world. But proclaim (to them) this (truth): that every soul delivers itself to ruin by its own acts: it will find for itself no protector or intercessor except God: if it offered every ransom, (or reparation), none will be accepted: such is (the end of) those who deliver themselves to ruin by their own acts: they will have for drink (only) boiling water, and for punishment, one most grievous: for they persisted in rejecting God. (The Noble Quran, 6:70)”

    “And fear the Day when ye shall be brought back to God. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned, and none shall be dealt with unjustly. (The Noble Quran, 2:281)”

    • warlockasylum Says:

      Dear Warda!

      The only person who has is claiming to be something that your not is yourself Warda. I know what I am and I have spoken on things that I figured would be good for the forum because you cannot find this information.

      You on the other hand, have shown everyone here on this worldwide blog that you can quote the Qu’ran and provide references about what some Iman said. However, your emotional state is completely non-Islamic. Using terms to try to insult people is what you have stated. Remeber I apologoze if my views offended others, yet for you-you still continue to cndemn ppl which you have no authority to do.

      I am sure that all the Muslims here can thank you for showing how a Muslim woman can call amn “scum” publicly and still be accepted into the mosque. Thanks Warda for showing us how far off an Islamic woman is allowed to go

  184. warlockasylum Says:

    i did not get your link coolguy muslim could yyou please send it again.

  185. warda Says:

    warlock muslim shut up ur soo annoying!!
    ur fake and phony..LIKE I SAID
    not one word u said convinced me otherwise
    You deserve every bad thing that happens to u, playing around with jinn will result in bad things u nut!
    ur sooo dead to me i dont even read ur whole message, all u do is make urself “THE VICTIM”
    ur just mad cause ur fake and u got busted!
    truth be told, u need to check into the mental asylum, they need u over there.
    Myabe you should go take your lithium pills or something, youre a hot mess

  186. warlockasylum Says:

    I am not here to convince you of anything-Sister Warda. You have proven to everyone here that you have a filthy mouth. You are not a Muslim. Your hod is Satan. I told you that you need to control your temper and just focus on losing some weight! Your “hod” knows you no more.

  187. Sosaveurbreath Says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else want to punch this ugly faggot warlockasylum in the mouth?
    Go away, the forum was better without you.
    Look at you ppicking on women you punk coward!
    do us a favor and go kill yourself!
    If you were in front of me, I would wipe the floor bloody with you.
    Why hasn’t coolguymuslim deleted you?
    You are a satanist and a bastard.

    better yet, go slit your wrists deep enough so you can strike a vein and die.
    You’re not Muslim
    youre not christian
    youre not jewish
    yooure just a coward.
    We all hate you! Im glad warda called you out!
    PUNK SON OF A B****

  188. warlockasylum Says:

    I am no Satanist! I am also sick and tired of the ignorant people here who are threatening me. If someone posts a reply to my comments I will gladly reply. However, if no one responds I stay quiet.

    Coolguymuslim shared a good link though I have a few more questions. I am not here to curse people out and you need to ask yourself what sort of spirit are you manifestingwhen you and Warda are busy using words like “scum” and B***ch?

    You are not manifesting Allah’s spirit. Furthermore I know what I am capable of. I don’t need to be in your face in order to harm you for life.

    Now I haven;t taken things there because my inner peace is not threatened, and if your “god” was who you say he was- you shouldn’t feel threatened by a difference of opinion. I am being open and honest about myself and my perspective. Trust me there are a lot of people in the world who think otherwise of Islam but do not say anything. I personally do not care one way or the other what you believe, sincerity has no religion.

    Now if you wanna go on saying stupid remarks and your lack of appreciation for COOLGUYMUSLIM’S FORUM by filling it up with profanity and then acting like your his spiritual Brother and call that Islam that’s on you. I am not guilty of that, and even though I am not a Satanist, if I were I have still sgown more courtesy to CoolGuyMuslim’s Forum by not making it a place for profane language or violence.

    Now I expect you to say all Five of your prayers to your god tomorrow without a stinge of guilt-right?

    As far as Warda is concerned, I am only speaking to her about her. I am not picking on her. The only reason why I said anything to her after she called me “scum” three times, and still expects to go into a mosque without any sort of regret or anything. I happen to like Warda as a person, but for a woman to call a man “scum” and all sorts of other things, I have to think why would a woman insert such dialogue into the conversation and it was on a polite and respectful level regardless of the differences.

    Now here you come with violent threats. IF ANYTHING I WOULD EXPECT THAT YOU AND WARDA SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO COOLGUYMUSLIM FOR bringing offensive language to his forum.

    Remember, I said before I am half-Jinn. I am doing what I need to do. Maybe you should act like a Muslim and do what you need to do and stop contemplating unnecessary violent acts

  189. Mo Says:

    You say youre half jinn.But that cant be possible.I mean can a lion make babies with a tiger?Impossible!Human and jinns have different genes.We are from clay,jinns are from smokeless fire.Now explain me that.Where have you parents meet.How did they meet?One of your parents must have told you about the first time they met eachother.

  190. warlockasylum Says:

    Dear Brother Mo

    Thanks for presenting your argument without the use of offensive language. You asked how is it possible for a Jinn-Human relationship? This is a good question because it is current to the theme of this blog and is without insult because of difference of experience. Before I get into my own experience I will give you some references to consider. I am of the personal opinion that references are good for student, not exactly for those with direct experience, but here are a few:

    Into The World Of JINN by AL-JUMUAH staff writers
    Adapted from ‘ The World of JINN and Devils ‘ a book by Dr. Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar, it mentions the following statement:

    “In many instances, stories are being told of some men marrying one of the jinnor of some woman being proposed to by one of the jinn. As-Suyooti mentioned afew reports from the early generations pointing to the occurrence of marriagebetween the jinn and humans. This was supported by Ibn Taymiyyah who said:”Humans and jinn have got married and have had children as a result of theirmarriage”. However, and assuming that it is possible, Islamic scholars haveexpressed their disapproval of such copulation, deriving their evidence from theQur’an where it is stated that Allah has created for mankind spouses of theirown species:“ And among His Signs is this, that He created from you wivesfrom among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put betweenyou affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people whoreflects”(30.21).

    This means that if marriage betweenhumans and jinn could occur, it would not be possible for either party to havethe companionship and love described due to their different origins; and thus,the wisdom behind marriage would be fast.

    However, whatpoints to the possibility of marriage between the two species is the verse fromthe Qur’an mentioned above [6O;56]. And in any case, if such marriages occurtoady or have occurred before, they are certainly rare and must be regarded as’strange.’ Besides, from an Islamic perspective, if one is said to be doing it,he is in a sense possessed’ and has no way to control it.”

    Another reference to this “impossible” but possible Jinn-Human copulation is found in another Islamic reference, known as the DICTIONARY OF ISLAM, which an online copy can be found here:

    It states the following in regards to JINN-HUMAN COPULATIONS:

    “The Jinn, it has been already shown, are peaceable. They also eat and drink, and propagate their species, sometimes in conjunction with human beings; in which latter case, the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents. In all these respects they differ from the angels.”

    Those are a few references from scholars of your Islamic Religion that clearly point out that it is possible. Yet there are also the ancient legends as well.

    For example, you have the historical and Ancient Mesopotamian King Gilgamesh, who is a historical figure in history. Yet it is said that Gilgamesh was half-human and half-divine. In fact Ancient Sumerian history has many stories about deities copulating with humans, among them are the famous Inanna and Dumuzi. Interestingly, Dumuzi was a historical king as well. Then there is also the Biblical passage in Genesis, which Christians can never answer as to its full meaning:

    Genesis Chapter Six:

    “1] And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

    [2] That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

    [3] And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

    [4] There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

    What I find interesting in the above passage is that it mentions that these “copulations” between the “sons of god” and “daughters of men” occurred “in those days and AFTER THAT.” Christians can never really answer as to examples of the “after that” that is mentioned in the verse. However, the Bible mentions the appearance of the nephilim a few times after this occurrence. When Israelites were across the Jordan River and sent out spies to assess the power of the enemy and the outlay of the land, the bible presents the most graphical description of Nephilim. It states, “The land we spied devours her inhabitants and the people we saw there are of a great height. We saw the Nephilim and we seemed like grasshoppers in comparison.”
    The other thing that you may want to ask yourself Brother Mo, is that in every ancient culture there exists legends of Gods marrying Humans, So I guess according to you every indigenous culture’s history is just made-up and these people were all savages until the great three Abrahamic faiths saved them for their ignorant ways? Another question that you may want to ask yourself, is how come Man cannot build the Ancient Monuments that these “ignorant” indigenous people were able to erect? Some think that these monuments were in fact made by the Jinn. If that is the case, isn’t it possible that they had interactions with humans? Another question that you may want to ask yourself is how is it that the Jinn have existed long before man and in some ways are more clever, but it is man who has a more endearing relationship with “God”, though it is said that the Jinn are more clever? Do you really believe this.?!!!
    SEE THE REASON THAT I CAM ON THIS FORUM is not to create a disturbance Brother Mo, but I was under the assumption that Muslims were studious people and that they did not take things on face-value. So I would expect that those who have become Muslims were individuals who questioned what they presented with first and then accepted the religion into their lives, not a group of people who just read some stuff in a book and then just believed it because it seemed logical to them. Logic without experience can be tricky because each of our values are different and this is not to attack your religion or you, or your beliefs. If it works for you then fine, but when I came to this forum I also noticed the “negative” statements said towards my kind, that being Jinn as only you would call it. Let me give you an example of what I mean before I tell you about my personal experience.
    Imagine that you were an Arab man and you came across a forum that seemed to represent an acceptable religion like a Baptist Christian, and all you heard on this forum were half-truths about Arab people. You may make an attempt to correct some views just by talking about your personal experience and using some references from the Baptist belief system. Now imagine what sort of impression you would have if those same people started calling you a “drug-user’ or “scum” and then threatening you with violence because you mentioned that you were an Arab. In fact some people even questioned you and didn’t believe you. How would you view these people? See the ironic thing about all of this, is that the same people who are calling you all these names and etc, are actually displaying qualities that are inconsistent with proper human behavior, let alone anything spiritual.
    I can imagine what it is like to be a Muslim living in the western world with all the drama that has occurred in the past ten years and the war. I can respect people who are holding on to their culture despite religious opposition. Now imagine my culture. Look at how long people with so-called “occult” capabilities have been persecuted throughout time. Yet these same occultist are more one with creation that any or the religions that I have seen because the use the natural symbolism for understanding a natural process.
    The smokeless fire that you speak of is the starry matter, or what some call “astral body.” You have to keep in mind Brother Mo that my history is different than what you have read, as well as my experience, so I mean no disrespect but I am speaking to you of how we Jinn view it. Now all that needs to occur is that the Jinn find a human vessel to overpower and use to copulate with a woman or man of their choice. Some Jinn are able to create a body for themselves although holding the form is sometimes difficult for longer periods of time. In my culture different Jinn have different capabilities depending on their work. In my case it was my mother who already and my father was used by as a vessel. First, I must say that some Jinn will influence a situation long before it occurs. Secondly, I am not used to this term “Jinn” so bear with me. Let me continue. Jinn’s only concern is really about their offspring or fallen Jinn who are somewhat trapped here on this plane. Just look at nature around you. Do you see any group or species pre-occupied with the other so much so that it interferes with his/her own way of life? Humans have animal pets but humans have a life to live. Man always thinks its all about him. The Jinn view humans as a Satanic species and that man is here to work out something that he dis wrong in the Heavens. That is what the Jinn perspective is. Just look at how man is living. He has destroyed the earth, his own kind, and even if he feels religious, he usually uses that religion to sin, as we have seen here on this forum and can still be held as not guilty. Just like humans have animal pets, the Jinn are not concerned about humans unless they have a connection to them. This is what even a lot of “New Agers” miss and if they keep tampering with their “wicca, magic, and etc, they usually end up in mental straits, or just in an emotional state of poverty. Jinn don’t have time to be concerned about humans like that- they view humans as pets.
    I was raised by my family from young, but then had to hide my experiences because only a prophet or a son of god was allowed to have them. My father was to unaware of this which is why I don’t speak of it too much, but my mother would give me insights about the “family” and later I met others “coincidentally” who taught me and I learned to directly from the Jinn. Like I said Brother Mo, being half-Jinn I am doing what I need to do and you as a Muslim should be doing what you need to do. The irony in all of this is that the blog’s theme is answered in this post with references that I provided from Muslim sources, why couldn’t the Muslims who are so vocal against me do that.

    Be well

  191. warda Says:


    this video came from first source of busines’s security camera in Rahat – palestine.
    they got the mobile phone and pictured it directly from the security camera’s screen.
    at the houre 3 am they seen the jinn crawling at the street.
    a3udubillahi mn el shaytan el rajim

  192. MALEK Says:

    warlockasylum you have the wrong view of humans.

    You cant imagine what it means to be a human a decendant of Adam. You seem to think that humans are nothing.. Humans have huge potential greater than that of the Jinns and the Angels, and even though we are born weaker and less able than them, our potential to advance is far greater than theirs. You need to be able to look past what you see, man in his present form is nothing, Allah says in the Quran
    ‘4. Undoubtedly, We have made man in the fairest stature.
    5. Then We restored him to the condition of the lowest of the low’
    So right now in this form we are the lowest of the low.

    Once man advances he can become even more powerful than the Jinns.
    Prophet Solomon even commanded the Jinns
    ‘So We subjected the wind to him to blow at his command, softly, wherever he directed. And the demons, every builder and diver, and others of them, yoked together in chains.’ (Qur’an, 38:36-38)

    When prophet Muhammed(pbuh) went on the night journey to meet Allah the Angel Gabriel was his guide but after a certain point prophet Muhammed(pbuh) had to carry on the journey on his own because if gabriel went any further he would have burned.

    You cant comprehend the kind of honour and privelage it is for you and i to call ourselves the sons of Adam. Man in his perfect form is of the greatest creations.

    You also mentioned Humans ruining the earth and murdering, well the Angels said the same thing
    30. And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You.” He (Allâh) said: “I know that which you do not know.”

    When i talk to Christians i dont just post verses from the Quran and say this is true because the Quran says it is but in this case thats all i can do because its hard to discuss topics about other worldly affairs.

    I know you must think that you know alot because you may have had contact with Jinn but you should know that the bad Jinn are very good at decieving, I mean it was Iblees(who was of the Jinn) who persuaded Adam to eat from the tree even after Allah told Adam not to(We would have all made the same mistake Adam did).

    I recommend you read up on Sufism it deals with the mystical side of Islam, im not a Sufi but i’ve learnt alot from them.

    answering-islam is not a Muslim website its made by evangelical Christians who try and put out Allah’s light with their mouths. The website is filled with lies, i can refute most of the things on there and im not even knowledgable. The website contains nonsence such as Allah being a pagan Arab moon god(Astghfurillah!). You can do research on every single point they make and its always lies or deliberatley twisting words and verses, its absolutley reciculous.

  193. MALEK Says:

    Asalamualikum Warda what proof do you have that thats a Jinn? It looks like a poor homeless man to me, and if that was me i wouldnt like to be put on the internet and labelled as a Jinn to scare people. I know its not your video.


  194. Mo Says:

    Lol,maybe Asylum can tell us if this is one them.

  195. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks Malek! I will think about your words and obtain a Qu’ran this weekend to begin reading. I will also check up on some info on the Sufis. It did cross my mind as I was reading your comments. I might have a couple of questions for you later in the week. Now to answer your question Brother Month that is not a Jinn in the video. The Jinn move like every other creature except man, and that is with direct intent* Though I must say that a Jinn on the verge of dying might appear to move sluggish and in a confuse manner

  196. warda Says:

    Only Allah(swt) knows!!! and I’m not claiming to know at all.
    NOBODY can see a jinn in their original form and anyone that claims to is a liar! the only ones that could are Prophets.
    Then again, jinn can shift forms into cats,dogs,snakes,even humans…that is why some people had sightings of such things like ufos,or green men or “shadow people”
    I usually never believe this “jinn” vids on youtube.
    However, this was caught on a security camera at 3 in the morning! I don’t think anyone would be outside at 3 in the morning.

    Also, if you look closely at the feet…the feet look pointed.
    and the way it was crawling too, I dont think any disabled man can crawl that way.
    It looks very odd
    one man said this:
    no it moves too fast plus look how his feet are real pointed and they whip in circles at the joint plus look how he flips his hip when arrive by pole. i think that is a jinn, but allah swt know the best.

  197. warda Says:

    if you get ALL your info about Islam from online..I FEEL BAD FOR YOU!!!!!
    there are PLENTY of unauthentic sites who’s main goal is to spew hatred and confusion to non-muslims about Islam rather then educating them!!
    exactly what Malek said!
    You can NOT count how many times I heard true stories of people getting involved with jinn they think are good…and then one day the jinn flipping out.
    Unlike us humans, they dont have logic!if someone hurts a brother of’re gona be mad! and retaliate..TRUE
    but they will go after you and your family!!
    many of them have a hot tempered fiery nature! do u really wanna get involved with that??
    I wish I found that vid/story about that jinn that deceived a whole family into thinking he was a good jinn!!
    they have years of expereince misleading humans! theyre not stupid!!

  198. warlockasylum Says:


    You’re a very good woman Warda! I can see and feel the resolve you have towards your faith, and that is a very good quality that many women today do not possess, but as they said in Matrix 2 the only way you truly know someone is when you fight them. LOL!

    I say this so that you do not take my opinions as attacking your person or your religion. However, some of the things you have said over the course of this discussion are contradictory to me and personally annoying. Here you state the following:

    “if you get ALL your info about Islam from online..I FEEL BAD FOR YOU!!!!!
    there are PLENTY of unauthentic sites who’s main goal is to spew hatred and confusion to non-muslims about Islam rather then educating them!!”

    I can understand what your saying without all the yelling. However, if it is sad that a person got all his/her information about Islam through the Internet, wouldn’t it be even sadder for a person to get all there information about the JINN from the internet and written sources as well? Just something to think about. Maybe there is so much animosity against the JINN for reasons that are not explained in your Holy Book, which I still will begin reading this weekend. Here is another statement you made:

    “Unlike us humans, they dont have logic!if someone hurts a brother of’re gona be mad! and retaliate..TRUE
    but they will go after you and your family!!”

    How is it that the JINN do not have logic but they can deceive humans and as one of your Muslim brother stated earlier, they are somewhat clever? Just something to think about. You also made the following statement:

    “many of them have a hot tempered fiery nature! do u really wanna get involved with that??
    I wish I found that vid/story about that jinn that deceived a whole family into thinking he was a good jinn!!
    they have years of expereince misleading humans! theyre not stupid!!”

    Finally we can agree on something Sister Warda. I cannot tell you about the things I have seen and how the JINN effected them in a terrible way, but while you are coreect about this there is something that you need to understand, though I think in some ways you already do.

    Imagine you have just moved to a new country and you are always offending the people there because your customs are different thant theirs. This has happened to various people before. Usually a person moving to a new location will contact any family they have who are already living there or maybe some of your “spiritual” brother and sisters who are living in this location. They in turn will make you aware of what areas are safe, what to do and not to do, and things of that nature. Basically you learn the customs of the new location you are in though them.

    Now let’s take this example to humans relating to the JINN. Usually the people who are harmed by the JINN are people who are not initiated into there ways or customs. So many try to perform acts of divination in the “new age” book that they buy and are not initiated into the ways and customs of the JINN, which can be offensive to the JINN since usually the human beings who dabble into the occult do so based on dysfunctional reasons. What usually winds up happening is that you have a human being with no training trying to tell a JINN to give them money, or give them a woman and etc. That is just about the same thing as a homeless man knocking on your door asking for food and a woman in the house. It is just not the custom of any intelligent being and usually what is given is taken back because it was not worked for, both in the human world and the world of the JINN. This is why this occurs at times. Some things that people do also are offensive to the JINN because it effects the balance. Just something to think about Sister Warda.

    Finally you made this remark:

    “NOBODY can see a jinn in their original form and anyone that claims to is a liar! the only ones that could are Prophets.”

    I almost had to laugh when I read this because of how untrue it really is. If human and Jinn copulations have taken place, then I’m sure their human mates were revealed there nature at one time or another. JINN come in beautiful forms, but since they are astral creatures and change is their emotions change they can appear horrific at times. I think it may be good for quite a few people here to understand the nature of reality from the JINN perspective before they go on talking about what is and isn’t. Maybe we can talk about that? BUT I DON’T THINK MANY PEOPLE HERE ARE READY TO HEAR THE TRUTH!!

    Be Well

  199. warda Says:

    ughhhhhh here we freaken go again! u can never win an arguement with ignorance!!
    they punish people more then the person deserves!!
    if someone burnt their kid by mistake, they will kill ur whole family!!!

    Lord have mercy
    Im just gonna keep my mouth shut because I cant deal with idiots like warlock!
    thats all im gonna say! point blank!
    u dont deserve the time it takes to type a well thought out answer!


  200. warlockasylum Says:

    I sq the video Sister Warda! Have a great weekend! I will explain how the Jinn view the world on Monday and maybe pay Sister Warda a visit since she is a non-believer in what I am speaking on. I think that would be a good experiment 😦

  201. AFZ Says:

    sis warda, i saw the “jinn video”. it looks vry much like a disabled human. I have seen many such disabled in my country of origin, these people get crippled legs because of polio or birth defects. I guess u stay in US or some western country and wont find many disabled on the streets. May Allah give such brothers & sisters strength to go through difficulties.

  202. warda Says:

    actually my origins are in the middle east, but I also grew up abroad and I’m familiar with disabled crippled people. YES, THERE ARE UNFORTUNATELY people who are crippled or homeless people on every street; new yrok city,Los angeles,cairo,rio de janeiro,mogadishu,addis ababa,etc.
    My father watched this vid yesterday and he also thought it was a disabled person.

    Like I said before, only Allah(Swt) knows everything.
    I’m not gonna really comment on the vid, but something I noticed when i watched it is my skin got goosebumps watching it.
    Then again, I dont know..someone can argue something else.
    There is always that litle thought in the back of your head.
    Afterall, jinn do at times take human form.

  203. warlockasylum Says:

    Yes Jinn do take human form Sister Warda*

  204. Naveed Says:

    slam to all. complete silence on the forum 😦

  205. AFZ Says:

    i guess no more stories of human-jinn affairs!

  206. warlockasylum Says:

    Well I’m glad everyone is doing fine, though I haven’t heard anything from Sister Warda as of yet?!! I have been spending some time reading the Qu’ran just as I said I would. A lot of what I am reading is similar to the Sumerian Legends. Plus I also see the term “we” used in the Qu’ran when I thought that Allah is one. Maybe the “we” is symbolic of the Chaldean Pantheon that was assimilated into the god Allah, especially since Abraham was a Chaldean and some of what I was reading is found in older writings that relate to the Sumerians. I wonder what is the Islamic opinion of the Sumerian deities? Are they considered Jinn? And what about some of the Nation of Islam teachings? Is the “Original Man” also similar to what you describe as the Jinn? I will write out some of what I found in the Qu’ran shortly, and I am sure that some “Muslim” can answer my question? 🙂

  207. Is there anybody can controll jinn. and how to call jinn.Let me mail please at

  208. anybody can tell me that how to cantrol jinn and how to call jinn.please……

  209. anybody can tell me that how to cantrol jinn and how to call jinn.please……

  210. Abdul wasiu Says:


    I’ve been trying to find answers to my problem. the problem is that i am followed by a female jinn.
    I didnt know about this until i visited an imam. as i cast my mind back, I begin to realise that i had several experiences which can only prove that a Jinn is following me. I will describe myself as a very reasonable guy who respects human females. in all my 33 years i have only had three girlfriends and all of them left me, not because i am a bad person but sometimes it beats my imagination. I can feel a lot of human females interested in me but i cant seem to give that interest back. when i decide to talk to a human female with the intention of befriending her; that is the least i can do- just talk to her- cos after she departs I will lose all interest in her. i remember the imam telling me it will be very difficult to get married to a human female cos they will not last. few days ago i had a dream and was embracing the female jinn, she told me that i make her so happy.

    i am not actually scared but its about time i find a wonderful female woman to marry, Assalam!

  211. AFZ Says:

    bro Abdul wasiu, you have to follow some simple steps and inshaAllah you will be out of the jinn mess. Be steadfast in deen of Allah, find a Islamic Raqee – he will surely help you get rid of unseen females or males. then you can go ahead look for a suitable “human female”.

  212. swordoffaith Says:

    What did she look likw AFZ?
    when you saw her in the dream…did she look like a female human?
    any celeb look
    or did she look like a green tall alien thingy?

  213. Shadow Says:

    Asalamalaykum, Dear Sisters and Brothers.

    I just wanted to state something:
    Islam is not a religion. Islam is a way of life.

    Definitions of religion:
    # a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; “he lost his faith but not his morality”
    # an institution to express belief in a divine power; “he was raised in the Baptist religion”; “a member of his own faith contradicted him”

    Islam is not a strong belief in supernatural power. Islam is the way of life where people submit their will to Allah.

    And Allah is not to be translated as “God.”
    Allah is Al-Illah.
    Al = The
    Illah = God
    Al-lah = The God
    There is no illah (god) but Allah (THE God)
    (There is no god but THE God)
    THE God means The One and Only True Real Universal God.

    Islam = A way of life where people choose to submit their will to The One Universal God and Creator of all things.

    The Qu’Ran is the book that gives instructions on how to fully submit your will to The God and to only live by it will guarantee entry or access to the most glorious Kingdom: Heaven.

    The Qu’Ran was delivered to mankind.
    The God sent out instructions to teach people how to submit their will to The God.
    The God chose the Prophet Muhammad to be the last Messenger of the Human Race. The God sent the Prophet Muhammad the instructions and revelations through the Angel Gabriel (Jibreel). The Angel Gabriel has always been the one to be the medium between The God and humans (whether they be Prophets or not… Even Hagar [who was not a prophet] received a message from The God through Angel Gabriel)

    Lastly, I wanted to reply to the brother who claims to be Half-Jinn-Half-Human.

    Angels are not Jinns.
    Humans = Made of Clay/Ground/Earth/whatever you wanna call it, and contain free will
    The Jinn = Made of ‘smokeless fire’… NOT FIRE, but SMOKELESS fire. It can mean anything. It can mean plasma, sulfur, electricity… Allah(swt) knows best. They also possess free will.
    The Angels = Made of pure LIGHT and do not contain free will. They do as The God commands. Their will is The God’s will.

    That is why Humans are Allah’s greatest Creation, and that is why the Angels bowed down to Adam while Iblis did not.

    Angels have no free will, so when The God or Allah said to bow down to Adam, they did so.

    Iblis, on the other hand, was a Jinn who had free will. He protested and did not bow down to Adam. Iblis felt jealous because The God did not tell anyone to bow down to Iblis. Iblis said “Why should I bow down to this dirt? I am of smokeless fire, better than him.”

    By challenging The God, Iblis was expelled from heaven. Unlike Adam, he didn’t ask for forgiveness. He was too proud, and he became the rebellion who is completely against The God.

    Iblis is a Jinn, yes. Not all Jinns are evil. Iblis did not ask for forgiveness. Adam did ask for forgiveness and submitted his will to The God. There are many humans today that do what Iblis has done- They do not submit their will to God and they do not ask for forgiveness. So what I am saying is, there are some bad jinns, there are some bad humans. There are some good jinns, there are some good humans.

    However, The God made it clear that Humans are the greatest of all creations BUT… BIG BIG BIG BUT-
    Only when they are in complete submission of will to The God.

    Angels do as God says because they have no will… Us humans, we can choose to do as the Angels.

    Us humans, we are the best when we submit our wills completely to The God. We have potential to be the best. We are made of clay, we have free will, our nature is just so weak and fragile that that is the reason that we can be the best, because it’s so hard for us to completely submit our will to The God. That is why we are the best. The Jinns, why are they not the best? Because they are powerful. They can fly, they can do some crazy stuff. We humans are like “pets” to them. That’s why we are the best… Because we are the weakest and we can fully submit our will to The God.

    But we can only be the best because we have the POTENTIAL to be the best…. And only some of us are the best of creations because it is not everyone who fully submits their will to The God… and that includes me… I am not the best, I am not nearly the best… I am very far from the best….

    Salam to you all… Peace & Blessings, 1 Love.

  214. warda Says:

    I disagree with your paragraph that says why humans are the better creation, we are the best creation..but thats not why
    and in the beginning you said dont use “GOD” ,but at the end you wrote God instead of Allah repeatedly.

    Human beings are Allah’s creation. He created this whole universe. He created everything visible and invisible. He created us, but we are not like any other creation of Allah. We are a special creation of Allah. In the very first revelation that came to our Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him, Allah said:

    “Read in the name of your Lord who created, created man from a clot of congealed blood. Read and your Lord is most Bountiful. He Who taught (the use of) the pen. Taught man that which he knew not. (Al-‘Alaq 96:1-5)

    First Allah said, “He created” i.e. He created every thing. Then He said, “He created human being”. After mentioning the general creation Allah mentioned His special and particular creation.

    It is not only that He created human being, but He created our father Adam, the first human being, by His own two hands. (Allah) said: “O Iblis! what prevented you from prostrating yourself to one whom I have created with My two hands? Are you haughty? or are you one of the high (and mighty) ones?” (Saad 38:75)

    We believe that Allah has hands, but He only knows the nature of His hands. Imam al-Razi explaining this ayah says, “The great King does not perform an action by His own hands unless He has His utmost attention directed to that action.”

    Allah could have asked angels to make us. He could have asked the jinns to make us. He could have simply said, “Kun” and we would have been created. But He created us by His own two hands. This is a special honor.

    He gave human beings the best shape and form. Allah says, (Allah) said: “O Iblis! what prevents thee from prostrating thyself to one whom I have created with My hands? Art thou haughty? or art thou one of the high (and mighty) ones?” (al-Tin 95:4)

    Not only that He created human being by His hands and gave humans the best form, but He further says, “I breathed into him my spirit.” (al-Hijr 15:29; Saad 38:72)

    He called the spirit of human being His spirit to give honor and dignity to the human spirit, perhaps in the same way, as He called the Ka’bah His house to give honor to that House.

    He taught him all the names. “And He taught Adam the names of all things; then He placed them before the angels, and said: “Tell Me the names of these if ye are right.” (al-Baqarah 2:31)

    He made the angels to bow down to Adam. “And behold, We said to the angels: “Bow down to Adam:” and they bowed down: not so Iblis: he refused and was haughty: he was of those who reject Faith. (al-Baqarah 2:34)

    He gave human being intellect and freedom of the will. (al-Nahl 16:78; al-Mu’minun 23:78; al-Sajdah 32;9; al-Ahqaf 46:26; al-Mulk 67:23)

    He made human being His Khalifah and gave him the Amanah. (al-Baqarah 2:30; al-Ahzab 33:72)

    He created the heaven and earth and all that is in them for the sake of human beings. (Luqman 31:20; al-Jathiyah 45:13)

    For the sake of human beings He sent His Prophets and His books again and again. And He sent His best creation, Muhammad -peace be upon him, and He made His mercy for all the worlds.

    This is the worth and value of human beings according to the Qur’an.

    • Shadow Says:

      Ok I’m going to attempt to be clearer.

      Us Humans are THE greatest creation…


      When we have HUMANS that BECOME people like HITLER… Then we are not the best..

      We are THE BEST only if we live in an ISLAMIC WAY OF LIFE… Meaning “submitting one’s will to The God (Allah)”

      And you said that I repeatedly used God at the end.

      No I didn’t

      I used “THE God”

      Al = The
      Illah = God
      Al-Illah = Al lah = Allah = The God

      The God: refers to One Universal ONE God.

      When people say God (translated ‘illah’) it can refer to many gods, such as Egyptian Deities, and all the false idols.. they all claim to be ‘gods’…
      However, the name of Allah makes it clear that Allah is “THE God” meaning “THE ONE AND ONLY REAL AND TRUE GOD”

      I never mention god by himself, when I refer to Allah and I’m speaking in English then I call him “THE God” because that is what it actually translates to.

      In a lot of songs (well rap songs),
      you’ll hear people saying “Peace to ‘THE God'”
      and they’re saying that because Allah translates to ‘The God’ and not only ‘god’

      but yeah you’re right and i’m not attacking you i’m just trying to clear up any misunderstandings that may have occured… i know what im saying might be confusing, i’m sorry.

  215. warlockasylum Says:

    I would have to agree with Warda to some extent. “Hi Warda!” long time to hear/ Anyways, I would just like to ask if Man is the greated creation then why does everything around him live longer than he does? At the same time Man is the only creation who has destriyed much of his earthly home. So let me get this straight- Man has a short life span even in comparison to trees and etc. Man is also responsible for putting toxins in the Earth messing up the ozone layer and all sorts of pollution to the earthly environment, and the is the greatest creation of the God of Islam. Okay I think I can see that something is wrong here. Yet is still doesn’t answer the question as to why the Qu’ra=an uses the term “we” when Allah is speaking sometimes. Personally it seems that Allah is a higher class of Jinn for the name Allah derives from the term Il..and illu which was a reference to the Anunnaki. Nice hearing from you Warda! I hope you are doing fine 🙂

    • Shadow Says:

      ok look, i’ma make this real simple for you

      The length of a lifetime does not make that thing the greatest creation.

      You claim that your father is a jinn and your mother a human, but who did you love more and who did you find was the greater creation? for some reason I’m thinking you’re going to answer your mom because you didn’t really spend time with your dad.

      that had nothing to do with lifetimes, you just liked the woman that gave you birth more than your father.

      Man is the greatest creation because animals have instincts, meaning they are programmed to react however they do, angels have no free will and cannot make the decision themselves to commit an action of good, they are like slaves, they do good because they are forced to do good, when ‘The God’ says something, they do it. They are commanded and they never disobey. Jinns, on the other hand, have special powers and can do all sorts of things… Jinns are already supposed to be doing good.. why? ‘The God’ has given you so many powers, why should Jinns not live an Islamic life? Humans being feeble compared to Jinns should have a harder time submitting their will to ‘The God’. And that is why Humans are the best.

      When you talk about Humans destroying everything, you’re generalizing and stereotyping. How do you know that it wasn’t jinns that did all this to the Earth? Jinns can take the form of Human Beings… And I suspect many world leaders to be jinns because they try to present themselves as gods.

      Anyway, you say that humans are responsible for so many bad things. Humans can generalize the Jinn race as well. We can say “Oh… Jinns are so bad, they possess people, they go around causing mischief, their race fell from heaven they didn’t bow down to us, they suck, blah blah blah”

      You’re doing the same thing by generalizing humans.


      The Qu’Ran, Bible, and Torah, all use ‘We’ because of two possible reasons.

      1) A reference to ‘We’ could be ‘The God’ and The Angels… (Remember… ‘The God’ sent Angels to Earth to gather soil from all section of the world… So when it says “And We created you from the soil…” it could mean ‘The God’ and the Angels in collaboration)

      2) Majesty/Royalty
      When Kings speak, they replace “I” with “We”

      So instead of King Louis X saying “I woke up this morning and I felt sick,”

      He would be saying, “We woke up this morning and We felt sick.”

      When referencing to ‘The God’ you can never personally direct at ‘The God’

      You can’t say “YOU” to ‘The God’, it’s disrespectful

      same thing with kings, you’re not gonna say, YOU did… you’re gonna say, “His Majesty did it…”

      It’s in terms of respect…

      That’s why the line also goes “In THE NAME OF ALLAH”


      “In The Name of ‘The God'”

      Notice, we don’t KNOW “The God’s” name because it would be disrespectful to call ‘The God’ by “The God’s” name… So ‘The God’ has a TITLE… And that TITLE is ‘THE GOD’

      Then there’s also the 99 Beautifulest Names for ‘The God’ which are also 99 titles.

      Allah is not a higher class of Jinn, because if Allah was, then YOU mr. half-jinn half-human would be able to SEE him because you can tune into the jinn world (i know the jinn world and the human world are the same but i mean tuning into the jinn frequency), and would be able to find a jinn called ‘Allah’ but there’s a reason why you can’t find Allah or ‘The God’ and that’s because ‘The God’ IS ‘THE GOD’ who does not reside on Earth but ABOVE not even in this spherical universe that we cannot get out of because if we go all the way at the top of the universe we will find ourselves at the bottom and then back to the same place where we started… because it’s a sphere that we cannot exit. There is only one way to exit this sphere, and that is by going through Judgment Day… Then once you get into Heaven, that’s when you leave this Earth.

      Allah is not derived from the term ll and illu.

      The term Allāh is derived from a contraction of the Arabic definite article al- “the” and ʼilāh “deity, god” to al-lāh meaning “the [sole] deity, God” (ho theos monos).[4] Cognates of the name “Allāh” exist in other Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic.[3] The corresponding Aramaic form is אֱלָהָא ʼĔlāhā in Biblical Aramaic and ܐܰܠܳܗܳܐ ʼAlâhâ or ʼĀlōho in Syriac.

      By the way just for the record… Eloha = Singular form of ‘Elohim’ AKA ‘The God’ found in The Bible and Torah.

      However, in the Bible and The Torah the name for ‘Elohim’ is ‘YHWH’ (YaHWeH), but it’s disrespectful to directly call Him by His name.

      So No, I’m sorry Mr. Warlock, but, Allah is not a reference to the Annunaki. Those Jinns can keep trying to be gods all they want but, they will NEVER BE ‘THE GOD’.

      And by the way, there is a Satanic Jinn-Human bloodline… That’s where Dajjal will be born from… Dajjal, meaning, The Deceiver… AKA The WAnnabe Isa or Yeshua ben-Yosef (Jesus’ real Aramaic name… Jesus is Greek for ‘Annointed One’… trust me.. The FAKE image of Christ is the REAL image of the Anti-Christ).

      Evil Jinns are dangerous… They come into our frequency, mingle with the daughters of men, and try to trick us and worship them… Let it be known that NONE is WORTH WORSHIP EXCEPT FOR ‘THE GOD’ AKA IN ARABIC: ALLAH.


      Asalamaylakum, Sisters and Brothers.

  216. warlockasylum Says:

    I can see that humans are destroying the Earth because it is right on the Six O’Clock news. Not only are humans destroying the Earth, but there is a greater possibility that you can get killed by a human being long before a Jinn. Are you really aware of your envoronment. I know the Bible the term Elohim is translated as God based on a Jewish custom, yet the term itself means “gods.” And just out or courtesy, if someone comes to your house to fix something, wouldn’t you thank the WORKERS that are in your house as well as their EMPLOYER.

    So if you need an angel to fix a problem why not thank the ANGEL as well. Thats what the ancient people did, and they seemed a lot omore happier. There are a lot more problems to fix and if you think that another form of creation is going to be so preoccupied with solving human problems that can easily be solved with a little comoon sense, then I suggest you follow another belief system. I can suggest one for you if you would like?

    Be Well

    • Shadow Says:

      What are you talking about? Fixing our problems? Look. The Dajjal is a problem that will be fixed by the Isa Al-Masih who will be sent down by Allah. Trust me, the Prophets were not Jinns or Angels if that’s what you are trying to imply.

      It wasn’t Angels or Jinns that fixed our problems, it was the Prophets and Allah that fixed our problems.

      I don’t even think Dajjal is human, as a matter of fact, I really do think he will appear as half-human half-jinn… or just completely Jinn taking on a Human form

      The evil jinns trick people, and it is said that The Dajjal will trick people into think he is the Messiah and at one point he claims to Be Allah and then claims to be Above Allah. AND HE WILL SUCCEED with his claims probably because he’ll perform some acts that only jinns can do such as magic and humans are gonna be like “wow… i can’t believe my eyes… he must be telling the truth,” not knowing that Jinns live among us and can do the same thing. Evil Jinns are masters of deception and trickery, that’s why I think Dajjal will be a Jinn that will get killed by Isa Al-Masih.

      Only Allah truly knows, he’s The Alpha and The Omega, The Light, and The King.

      May Allah protect us…


  217. warlockasylum Says:

    If the Jinns are supposedly the masters of deception then maybe the god you worship has decived you. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. I know many humans who are Muslims, and personally, I dont really see the difference in these people and the struggle of other people who worship other deities. So that means that although all these humans claim thattheir god is the true one and is different than the other god, none of them is coming from the sky helping any of these humans out. their world is just as veiled as the world of the Jinn, and all the prophets of these gods are in the same place as those people who do not worship the gods they advocate, which is in the ground. YES YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED- BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ok look, I’m on my iPod touch n I’m replying to you

      I have not been deceived, first of all

      Second of all, not all of our Prophets have died

      Isa bin Maryam aka Isa bin Maryam aka The One you call ‘jesus Christ’ aka the historical Aramaic nazarethean revolutionary Yeshua ben Yosef, NEVER died

      Allah raised him to Heaven so he would not suffer the pain of death. He is the Messiah and he never died, he was lifted to Heaven alive, therefore he lives in Heaven as a living Human Being. By the way, let me make it clear: HUMAN BEING and NOT a Jinn.

      So don’t even bother saying all our Prophets are under the Earth, cuz one of dem was lifted to Heaven with his Himan Body n he will descend again to slay the Dajjal
      No he is not an angel, he’s the messiah
      Humans are better than jinns, sorry. The Messiah is a Human, not a jinn
      So don’t argue that humans are the scum of all creation- Please. We’re the best, the greatest creation

      Also, King Sulayman of Ethiopia controlled your race with his ring. He controlled his own jinn or qareen. He turned y’all to slaves and made y’all construct his Kingdom. So again, don’t argue who the better creation is.

      Next, you say that us people pray to Allah but no one from the sky is coming down to help us.

      Allah cannot be held accountable for the actions of beings that possess free will. Would it be free will if The One Above intervened or interfered with our daily lives? No.

      So ocasionally, when people forgot how to submit their wills to Allah, Allah sent down his Messengers, or Prophets, to remind the Creations who their Creator is and that life is limited, when the afterlife is unlimited and the actions done in the limited time on earth will be judged on and decide where you’ll end up in the hereafter

      So no, I have not been deceived. May Allah guide you

      Peace and blessings, ‘Brother’.

      As Salam Ay La Kum

  218. warlockasylum Says:

    If you wanna really know what the Jinn perspective is and how it can heal you, then I suggest you read this article:

    • Anonymous Says:

      I hope you know that ‘The Mad Arab’ is a fictional character. The author of that book made that a horror book… He’s like a Stephen King… You make ‘truth’ out of fictional texts but question the Holy Scriptures that are DIVINE and sent to the Messenger Prophet Muhammad, which was delivered by the Angel Jibreel (aka Gabriel) who was commanded By Allah to have Allah’s words delivered to The Messenger/Prophet Muhammad who would bring it up to the attention of EVERYONE (including you jinns, because The Messenger delivered it for Humans AND Jinns)

      You can’t battle me point by point that’s why you evade the points I make and now you raise up random and weak attempts to make me believe you. You hold no weight in this discussion because all of your arguements have been obliterated.

      Your source is a fictional book, my source was sent from The Divine, it was not Human made- TRUST ME

      The Prophet didn’t go to school, he was a merchant, yet, he just freestyle rhymes from the top of his head 30 Chapters of poetical rhymes and science and everything above? Scientists are baffled at how a merchant that didn’t go to school used perfect Arabic language and poetics with no error in grammar…

      Because any human can just so it like that? Right?
      Trust me… If Allah WILLS it to happen, it shall happen, that’s why we say INSHALLAH whenever we do anything, because it translates to “if ‘The God’ wills it” or “By the will of ‘The God'”

      May Allah guide you to the right path, and may AllAh guide you, my sisters and brothers, family, the whole world, and finally, me…

      Waiting for your response, inshallah
      Allah Huakbar
      Allah Hafiz
      Asalamaylakun brother

  219. warlockasylum Says:

    Of course the Mad Arab is a fictional character, as most grimoires are narrated by fictional characters so that the Initiate doesn’t become a followed of men but focuses on the science that is given in the poetic imagery of the text. The term Mad Arab or “mad” is a reference to the Sean custom of calling some one who is Jinn-possessed “mad.” the Mad Arab that I woute on my blog page is not taken from Lovecrsft’s work but Simon’s. I thought Muslims don’t speak on things that they are not familiar with? I guess this dousnt apply to you. Personslly I don’t believe that your Prophet wrote the religious as Muslims are what happen to the original copy of the book? Maybe Isa didn’t go to heaven. Maybe it was a story that the Jinna told you humans. You have no proof of any of this. You can point to the Auran as proof but then the question arises that why don’t you believe in the written records of the gods of Sumeria? They are written records that were the beliefs and values of the Ancient People of the Sean lands. I await your response my brother from another mother! Praise Lamashtu!

    • Shadow Says:

      People that follow the Islamic way of life should not speak on things they are not familiar with. I did not speak on anything I was not familiar with. I said that Lovecraft was a writer of fiction. His tales were fictional. His Mad Arab character is fictional. I said your source is fiction. You said you were talking about Simon’s work and not Lovecraft’s. I said your source is fictional. Simon’s work comes from Lovecraft’s. Lovecraft made a fictional piece of work and the Necronomicon book is a fictional book and Simon was one of many authors trying to make a fictional book into a real one. The Necronomicon book is not real. All the sources come from Lovecraft.

      So I did not speak on anything I don’t know about, I did not say anything wrong, either. I merely stated the truth.

      Now what I was trying to say about all this is that you say that what I follow is not the truth or I have been deceived and I have no source. Well, neither do you. Why should I take what you claim is the truth. Everyone claims they have the truth. I know that I can directly prove to you that what you claim to be the truth is actually not the truth. So by denouncing everyone’s claim to the truth, I shall reveal to you all what the real truth is, and it is the Qu’Ran.

      First, by revealing that the Qu’Ran is the Truth, I will have to denounce your Sumerian/Babylonian/Mesopotamian/Egyptian/Greek/Roman myths.

      Before I do that, let me address what you have said point by point.

      You said that personally you do not believe The Prophet wrote the Qu’Ran.

      You are right, the Prophet didn’t write the Qu’Ran, because he did not know how to read or write.

      He had 4 Scribes, and he spoke the word, and the 4 Scribes wrote down what he said. Others that were not his Scribes and wrote down other stuff that he said, those documents are called “Hadiths” and only 2 of them are 100% authentic.

      The original copy of the Qu’Ran is in The Prophet’s heart. There is a mathematical miracle in the Qu’Ran, and that is the law that is used to preserve the Qu’Ran. If your copy of the Qu’Ran does not have those mathematical miracles in it, then it is a false copy of the original. The Qu’Ran is a work of miracle, therefore all copies must have the ‘Mathematical Miracle’ in them.

      You say Maybe Isa didn’t go to heaven. Maybe you don’t exist. Maybe you’re not half jinn half human. Maybe you’re not real. Maybe the world isn’t round. Maybe maybe maybe. You have no proof of your Mesopotamian claims as well. You have no proof that Jinns were the ones that told us this. Can jinns predict the future? No.

      You assume that I do not believe the written records of the ‘gods’ of Sumeria. What I believe about these records is that these ‘gods’ are jinns. They appeared as jinns, and people worshiped them. Some built monuments of the jinns to represent them so they could pray to that monument and forward their prayers to those jinns. The Sumerian Deities are equivalent to the Babylonian Deities, which are equivalent to the Mesopotamian deities, to the Egyptian deities, to the Greek deities, and to the Roman deities. In 330 CE, when the Romans turned Christianity to a religion, they tried to do the same thing. They tried to unify their main Deities into 1. They tried to turn the Prophet Isa / Yeshua Ben Yosef/ (Who they call Jesus Christ) into One Deity that would resemble their Pagan deities so that the people wouldn’t rebel. That’s why Islam came, to abolish all that.

      You say Praise Lamashtu… Lamashtu is the evil godess equivalent to Lilith, who is equivalent to the greek deity ‘Lamia’, The near-east/european ‘Abyzou’, aka Byzantine ‘Gylou’.

      That’s just only one example

      All deities are equivalent in all cultures, that’s why ‘The God’ sent down his Prophets to stop Humans from worshiping Jinns

      Osiris = Zeus = Saturn = Ra = ETC… = All fake wannabe Messiahs that tried to have their civilizations believe that they were the historical Yeshua Ben Yosef

      hence the concluding statement

      ‘The Fake Image of Christ, is the Real image of The Anti-Christ (Dajjal)’

      Yeshua never claimed to be ‘The God’ or a deity, yet they have deitified him… or have they?

      The Dajjal is supposed to resemble Isa. They are in duality though. Isa is the positibe, and Dajjal is the negative.

      Dajjal comes into the world to trick the world.. But has he actually existed since forever?

      It makes me believe so. He existed as Horus, He existed as Saturn, he existed as all those deities.

  220. warlockasylum Says:

    Well have covered some very good points. I understand to a degree what you are saying. However, you have to ask yourself…are you representing truth of a religion? I really dont believe that the Jinn came here to imitate gods. Common sense of the human mind should let humans know that the so-called Jinn could have used that same energy to advance there own civilization instead of starting from scratch in this one. Secondly, human common sense should also dictate that if indeed what you are saying is the case..there have been no other deities after the “Jinn” who has displayed the power the Jinn has.

    We can use scripture. you can use your Qu’ran and I can use my Simon Necronomicon, of which some parts of the text are quotations of the Assyrian Tablets found in Nineveh, dating about 700 BCE, that’s a food amount of time before your Qu’ran was written. Yet there is something even more profound here that cannot lie and is not prejudice based on one’s belief systems. Its amazing that the ancient structures such as the pyramids, and etc..were much more intricately built than any of the structures that Judaism, Cristianity, or Islam has ever produced. Still today anthropologist are trying to figure out how these ancinet pyramid-like structures, that appear in all continents of ethnic peples, were made, but a Jewish Temple, Mosque, or Church, whuke being unique buildings in themselves, are not beyond human design. However, what you the ancient pyramids and temples of Egypt, Sumeria, and other civilizations have baffled people for years. Why couldn’t the creator of the whole universe put a structure like this on earth and the Jinn could? Because all these deities are from various classes of Jinn. In my sacred scripture of the MAGAN Text, as found in the Simon Necronomicon, it does mention Tiamat as being the Queen of the Ghuls. Ghul is another term for Jinn. Just look at even the Eastern Sciences of Acupncture, and etc,. Yet these science come from Taoist Priest who were performinf Shamnistic practices that are almost identical to those found in the Simon Necronomicon and they were taught by spirits and immortals..arent these Jinn as well? Yet what they taught man was a benefit to him. There creation stories were much more detailed and accurate than any of the Abrahamic Religions, and look at how violent the world has become since the Shamanistic ways and the original deities aare ignored to be replaced by weak gods that claim to be the one god and cannot produce the same wisdom that the Jinn did when they openly ruled the world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Bit you have to ask yourself, are you speaking for truth or religion?

    Be Well My Brother from Another Mother

    Ps-i know who Lamashtu is, but if you are not a child of hers you would not understand…

    • Anonymous Says:

      My brother, trust me I am speaking for truth, and yes I do agree with you that all those deities were representatives of jinns. However, the one and only God that created everything made it clear that none is worth worship but The God

      You bring up a good point that there have been amazing structures built up by the jinns… But know thAt the oldest pyramid, which was pre-dynastic Egypt, meaning Egypt before they had pharoahs and gods, had a pyramid dedicated to Allah. This pyramid is about 22,000 years old, so it is 10,500 years older than the first Egyptian deity Horus (11,500 BC). Muslims perform wudu before they read the Quran or go pray. Wudu is basically a water ritual people gothrough to cleanse themselves on impurities so that thy are purified befoore praying. It is a must in an Islamic way of life to do wudu and remain pure when praying or even touching the Quran.

      Now am I defending this as for truth or religion?
      Let me state once again that Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life. An Islamic way of life is literally a way of life where people submit their will to ‘The God’. So I think then your question would be rephrased as “are you defending your way of life or the truth?”

      If my way of life were not the truth I would not have defended it.
      My brother, I can get so deep into this subject to prove to you that this is definitely the truth. Not all jinns are evil, but when they make contact with humans it is unlawful, we must say remain in our own frequencies or worlds as you may say it and do our own thing,

      Humans, when contacting jinns, are usually doin it for evil. Alesiter crowley, all I those types of people, they were not good people. Crowley was known as the world wickedest man. He invented backmasking aka putting subliminal messages in audio. A high percentage of times, these people that deal with the unseen jinn are evil. You wanna talk about the great architecture of the pyramids… Did u know there are pyramids on mars? We can talk aboutthe atomic bomb scientists made… Or did they really? Jack Parsons was a follower of Crowley, it is said he had a child but took the fetus and placed it at the core ofthe atomic bomb and invoked in sex magick with the Greek deity “Pan” before droppin the bombs… The trinity atomic bomb..

      It goes so deep my brother, so deep that I cannot uncover it in this post… I man it’s SOOOOO deep that it related to EVERYtHING… As in every subject gets touched on… And that’s how it is, the truth isnsupposed to be like that. If one thing is supposed to be the truth then it’ll affect and relate with everything…

      I will show it to you though… But I’m telling you, as time passes by even more, it gets even more clearer that Islam is the truth… The microchips, one world government, freemasonry… It’s all coming into place

      My brother… Ask yourself is it really humans creating so much damage in the world, or is it branwashed manipulated humans causing damage in the world? I’d go with the second option. Then ask yourself, who is controlling these people, who is brainwashing and misguiding these people? This who is not one person but a group of people who have existed for such a long period of time… They were the masons but became Freemasons and now they’re all together as a collective order: The Illuminati.

      These people are the ones that control everything. They own Hollywood, so they mess up the youth with their brainwashing techniques to make them iolent, to make them have sex, to make them do son many wrong things. They put subliminal pedophile disgusting messages in Disney movies… Disney was 33rd degree freemason. These Freemasons, skull & bones… Let me tell you about their practices… They go to California, where they have the deity ‘Molech’ the owl god, they perform homosexual sex magick, sacrifice people, mostly infants to the owl.

      All of these people, the world leaders, they’re playing chess. They stage all this war. Aids is man made. All I this destrucion that they orchestrate is for one reason: ordo abchao. Order out of chaos. Create a lot of chaos for one order: a one world government (communism) under a one world leader (the anti messiah dajjal) with a one world currency (credit) which ppl can only participate in if they accept the mark of the beast (the microchips)

      The microchips have gps in them, with the combined power of street cops, street and subway cameras everywhere, and a satellite in the sky (eye in the sky), no one is hidden from Big Brother who possesses the All Seeing Eye

      Let me quote Revelations and A Hadith:
      “he shall be one eyed, and The God is not one eyed”
      Yet they say that the one eyed pyramid, the all seeing eye, is the eye of god.

      Therevelations n Hadith were talking about the anti messiah and how will claim to be the god. Check the back of your American dollar bill, you’ll see the pyramid n all seeing eye, you’ll see under it, novus ordo seclorum, new world order for the ages… The current age (which I believe is Gemini) is ending and the Age of Aquarius is beginning in December 21-23 2012… The mayans said it’s the end of the world as we see it and the beginning of a new world (order?).
      It gets a lot more deeper than that. This is nothing. This is only an atom of the tip of the iceberg…

      But let me tell you something… These people own everything. There’s reason why The God made jinns and humans not bug each other and stay intheir own realms… And that’s to not have instability. Now everything is unstable, we have humans with blue faces, women that have surgery and become men and become pregnant men? Instability.

      The ones that call upon the jinns are the ones controlling everyone n playing chess. They’re the ones causing the wars. During WWII they financed both aides of the war. Today someone told me the whole entire Rockefeller family own 1/3 of the world’s money.

      Another thing to ask is… Are these people even human? They could be jinns in human disguise.

      I would also like to say that the false messiah is one eyed but blinded through the right eye and is green eyed (according to Hadith and Christian revelations).. Back of the dollar bill, the eye is green cuz da collor of the bill is green… It’s not all coincidence n fits in

      September 11, 1990
      George Bush Sr. (has green eyes): we need a new world order, and believe me it will happen.
      11 years later
      September 11,2001
      Twin Towers collapse, start of chaos… Ordo abchaos, order out of chaos, 11 yrs later… 2012… Coincidence? Or truth?

      There’s a of more my brother, but I need to go to sleep rght now, so peace my brother, peace & blessings, may Allah bless you and guide you, also the rest of the world, and finally, me.


  221. warlockasylum Says:

    Well, you do seem to be a little bit more knowledgable than some of the others here on this forum, or maybe you have a good form of expressing things, which is a better way of putting it. Let me first say that I respect some of your views, and some of the things you have mentioned are quite interesting. I suggest you read a book called “Gates of the Necronomicon” written by Simon. It is not the Necronomicon but it gives you some insight into the development of the system. So it shouldn’t cause any conflict with your religious beliefs. I must say I am not here to oppose your personal belief system, or way of life- being Islam. However, some of the things that people have posted about the Jinn are simply not true and some are.

    I would like for you to think for a second. Let us look at the history of the world. There have been so many wars and etc, fought because of people’s religious beliefs. I must also state that I am not a fan of Crowley. Hemad some contributions to the work, but he had his corrupt ways as well, yet there were certain things that he did say that are coming true today, and these are things that a man would just not have knowledge of unless he was being guided for at least part of the time by some unseen influence. In the world of a true occultist, you take what is needed and discard the rest. Most occultist do not hold a veneration for any man. Now let us get back to my original point.

    Doesn’t it strike you odd that regardless of whether you think that Allah is the one god or what have you that across the board, all of the deities worshipped in the major religions of the world conduct themselves in the same manner. They put these laws upon people not to kill unless it is in regard to their own interests. They call for certain rites of purity. They hold out the promise for a better life after death. They are able to perform works that defy human capability. They choose one man or a special priesthood to declare their message to the people. They display human emotion while not being human. Yet is this not the same as what the Jinn have done? Especially since we agree that the Jinn and the Anunnaki are the same. What is even more profound is maybe all of these deities are the Jinn, since all of them have to prove that they are the true god. .,Yet their administrative skills must not be that good because the humans that follow them have divided themselves up into different sects, even if they claim they same religion. Why would the Jewish god say that he is a jealous god if there wern’t other forces that could match his power? Why does Allah have to tell his followers through a profit that he is the one true god? If you are really about the truth, you would see that it may be possible thatthese entities have conflict even with each other. The so-called creator has conflict with the created in all amjor religions?!!! doesn’t that strike you as being odd? For if the creator has conflict with the createdthen he’she, doesn’t really know the nature of what they created and that is not really wise. Yet this is the story line in all major human religions, MAYBE THE EMOTIONAL ENERGY THAT IS SPILLED IN REVERENTIAL WORSHIP IS A VALUABLE ELEMENT IN THE UNSEEN WORLDS. That is one secret but i will tell you another. If you are familiar with the Enuma Elish. it speaks about Tiamat (sometimes associated with earth) giving the Tablets of destiny to Kingu (which means unskilled laborer) now asaide form the watered-down teaching of the New Age, or governemnt approved occultism, the real teachings that are handed down in the “dark tradition is this:

    Just go back to the biblical book of Genesis. Here you can see that the creation story in chapter one is different than chapter two. basically to make a long story short, many biblical theologians belive thatthe seven creation days were anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 years long. Now if you look at man and his technology today and gave him 49,000 to 70,000 years to create stuff, plus increase his brain power from 10% to 90% and the end of the seventh day you would have a force that could perform what is atrtribute to the creator. This would explain why the fall of man happened at the same time god rested. This is discussed in parable in the Enuma Elish. Man was the creator and the creation turned against him. This is why there are so many forces at work to keep man asleep, beause as long as he remains asleep the forces that he created can enjoy being unsubmissive to him. Yet I must say one other thing that I made mention of in the beginning of this example. See if you look at the sequence of events in genesis chapter one they are of stark contrast to those of genesis chapter twom wherein it states in genesis chapter one that there was a morning and evening in conclusion of each day of creation. what this is a reference to is the morning and evening star that was known to the chaldeans as Ishtar and to the Sumerians as Inanna but to the Ancients was Tiamat, a class of beings that took the form of man and began to mulitply on earth as theri new abode but fell asleep to themselves so they could experience the creation thatthey made and see what areas need to be “fixed.” In chapter two of Genesis shows the creation of the human being or Kingu who was made to service the God -class. Yes it does get deep. This is why in Revelation chapter four it speaks of the four living creatures who guard gods throne. These are the same four symbols of the four cardinal points of the zodiac that are above earth, showing us that god is amongst us. In the Qu’ran it speaks of the seven heavens ans seven earths, now if we comaparre the seven heavens and earths to the seven “mornings” and “evenings” one appearing after each creative day, we see how all of this corresponds. it is written amongst the Priest of Sumer an account of Inanna descent into the Underwold and this applies to the Tiamat class of divine beings descending down into the Underwold or our world. The Sumerians called space the abyss and we are definitley in it for it was said to be ruled bt Ereshkigal, a female diety. of which their are only two in our solar system. Ishtar/Inanna is Venusian and the other would be Earth Tiamat or the Ancient Goddess who was later demonized Lamashtu.

    so based on the points stated above I can agree that the Jinn can be deceptive in their appearing as the worlds creators, but amongst us are the creator clas or higher jinn who are resting. What you will find of interest that it is also said that Tiamat/Inanna/Ishtar is known today by her male counterpart Allah. This is waht is aid in the “dark Tradition.”

    With that in mind many “Allah” giude you to a greater truth.


    Messiah’el Bey

    • Anonymous Says:

      I see what you are saying but just to answer some questions… Yes the creator does have problems. The creator created problems. The creator knows the past present an future, and the creator knew Iblis/Shaytan/Lucifer/Satan would refuse to obey. The creator created problems so that we would have problems in our path, or test. If there were no problems, then what kind of a life would we live? There would be no point. The creator created duality, good and bad, and it is our free will that choose which path we take. The Jewish God is ‘The God’, or Allah. Yahweh/YHWH is Allah just as Horus is Odin and Zeus. You make him out to he a jealous god, but it is actually more like The Creator being angry that some of The Creator’s Creations claim to be The Creator or Creators. That is why The God sent down messengers or Prophets to remind people that there is only One Creator that Created everything, whether it be through The Big Bang or some other way. Because of the presence of so many deities and people going against the law of not contacting the unseen, a balance is ruined and the unseen enter our world and they are more powerful, so humans start worshipping them and therefore the one Creator has to remind people to not interact with the unseen because there are two worlds in one world and each need to stay in their own land, and two, to worship the One Creator of all things and not any mystical force because all source is The One Creator. Jinns that have power… They would not have it if they were not created by the Creator, so at the end of the day, their true source of power is The God. Everyhing comes from The God. Even the devil’s source is Thw God, now us humans have many choices, where do we want our source to come from? Directly from Satan, the jinns, or the God? The God instructed for us to have a direct connection with The God and not through Jinns/Magick or the Devil either. Through magick, jinns, and the devil, it is not a pure connection to The God because corruption is involved.

      Definitely prophets needed to be sent out to remind everyone that there is a creator. The creator follows the rules the creator made such as respecting free will, so all the creator does is send out reminders aka prophets and people with free will will choose to either follow or not. And yes the days could have been numerous years… As they say it, ” a day with the God is like 1000 human years on Earth ”
      Then there are also cycles called the great or grand year (cycle of approximately 25,500 yrs) which you can divide and find the great/grand month, furthermore find the great/grand day… My friend, a Hebrew Israelite actually has the precise numbers for that… I forgot to tell him to divide that and find how much a great/grand hour, minute, and second be. From what I remember, a grand day is I beleive 7 years.

      Anyhow, I see what you’re saying about the ancient gods, and yes all the gods are jinns, and most interactions from jinns to humans involve trickery. Humans being tricked to worship other deities other than The One.

      Also, I beleive that ‘Ishtar’ is the equivalent of ‘Allat’ ?
      ‘allat’ literally means ‘the godess’
      But if you check the time frame of when allat and her companions were the gods of the middle east, you will realize that there was no deity being worshipped called Allah.

      A Godess without her male counterpart?
      If Allah was actually a male counterpart then Allah would have not ordered those 300+ deities including Ishtar/Allat to be destroyed
      Allah made it clear that none can directly claim allegiance to him in relation (as in relatives or bloodline), made it clear that there were those that would claim that they are Allah’s son daughter brother sister wife, etc, but Allah does not. Allah created everything and therefore spiritually or metaphorically we are all daughers and sons of Allah… But not physically.

      I’d also like to add that the 7 heavens are levels of where a soul could go, 7 being the highest heaven, 1 being the lowest
      Which one you enter depends on how high your frequencies vibrate. Gaining knowledge and understanding plus having a direct relationship with The God (prayer, walking a path of submission of one’s will to The God), permits people (and I guess jinns too) to vibrate their energy to higher frequencies.

      And Allah made it clear that Allah judges by intentions and that if a person has an atom of good in them they will eventually make it to heaven, even if it means they have to suffer in hell for the amount of timethey deserve, but us creations do not stay in hell forever because hell is actually a sentencing where we feel pain and get burnt because that is the pain of getting purified and extracting all the evil out of us so we go to heaven with no bad in us because bad has no room in heaven. It’s crazy I just thought of all that… The world is soooooo deep

  222. warlockasylum Says:

    i think I am beginning to understand your perspective brother! I think that our differences are a matter of perspective. For example, you metioned the Seven heavens as being an aspect of the souls ascent after death…you might want to compare that to the article that I wrote about GateWalking found here:

    I must also say that in your example of Aleister Crowley, do realize that many of the modern western occultist did in fact study Islam.

    I have studied many beliefs and just in my own personal experience it came down to this. Why study or try to memerize what someone else is saying when I can be studying the Hermetic laws myself? I also noted in years past that if you were going to hide something from someone where would you hide it? would it not be in the “dark esthetics? See humans have a tendency which leaves them ignorant of much. That tendency is to always assimilate themselves with the “good guy” as far as what their minds are being entertained with. However, if they were to identify with the “dark perspective” first they could see the mind of the author and what issues that they had. at least Islam is honest in its historical aspects of history, for it discusses the Prophet history admist pagan peoples. i find this more realistic than the Jewish perspective where the Israelites are constantly have a problem with turning to “false gods” it seems that the more honest approach is that there were several rites that existed amongst the Israelites and the cult of Moses had more power so their Priests wrote the Hebrew scriptures as if these pagan customs came from the outside when they were really internal.

    However, I remember meeting a Hebrew Israelite, and I asked him what were you before Israel? he couldn’t answer. See all these paths are after the fact, and because of their reputation and how these folks left different legacies some humans want to say they are this or that, yet the “dark magical tradition” is not one that is appeasing to the false ego and so few people explore it, yet it holds the key to understanding the universal scheme of things from a mystical and scientific place. There is a difference between knowing and following and a man can never follow a dead man because that man is not alive to directly correct him/her on what they really meant, eveen in the context of written scripture. most of what is written in the Dark Tradition can only be understood by those who are self-initiated. Our connection is eternal because the study of the stars and earth supercedes any human life but if humans were to study these things they consistency of their movements does not allow human misunderstanding as is the case with those who follow a dead man’s words. This is just a mundane perspective. Now I can go into the Jinn aspect and tell you that it is much better for a man to have direct contact with the divine than to believe he/she has a mandate from god to convert humanity. just look at the results. let me know how the article I wrote corresponds to what your teachings are in Islam and we can take it from there.


  223. muntazir Says:

    can jinn come to meet me

  224. warlockasylum Says:

    ask Warda. She will be able to help you with that.

  225. R.Islam Says:

    Why wud u want to bother with meeting a jinn ???

  226. Starry Says:

    I’ve been reading the whole blog and i’m amazed at some of the answers. Especially questions from people wanting to contact jinn, like warda has repeatedly said, it’s not right and it isn’t a positive experience when encountering a jinn. Jinns and humans are made from different stuff, humans from clay and jinns from smokeless fire, therefore we shouldn’t interfere with their world and them as i’m sure the result wouldn’t be so positive. I’m not saying that all jinns are evil but from the experiences i have had, majority have been negative. But we should respect their existence and space. And warlockasylum, it’s quite obvious from your contradictory statments that you are not a product of an Jinn/human relationship. I have observed your answers and i have no issue with people who follow different belief systems. But due to the way you state things,i find it quite hard to believe your claims. And shadow, brother thanks for you enlightening answers, i’ve learnt alot from them. All in all it’s been a intriguing read following this blog. 🙂 wa salam

  227. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks for your insights Starry. I am soory to hear that you did not understand some of my statements as you thought they were contradictory, which I am sure is a way of reassuring your beliefs rather than reality.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  228. Mo Says:

    Reality is in the mosque.Stop with your stupid comments warlock.Proof that youre a product of a jinn/human relationship.Give us hard proof and not theories wich you believe is truth.

  229. warlockasylum Says:

    I have stated over snd over what the reality is. It is just that you refuse to believe it due to your beliefs, and that is fine. Just know that the truth exists all around you out side of the limited perception that some of you may have.

  230. Mo Says:

    Why do i have to believe what you say wihout any proof?If you give us some proof that we cant deny because its so clear,then we’ll talk.If not,then not.
    Is it to much asked to proof that your father is a jinn?If you really are a jinn,then you must have some capabilities that jinn have.What country are you from by the way?

  231. warlockasylum Says:

    sure I possess some capabilities. I am sure that you will agree with me when i say that spiritual treasures are much more valuable than earthly riches. Therefore, if it is rude to ask some one how much do they have in their bank account, then why do you feel so compelled to ask me what heavenly gifts i possess. that is personal. All you need to know is that the product of human-jinn relations shows the harmony of the world that is merging and growing away from separtist views held in the circles of humanity in prior times 🙂

    Being just a progeny of jinn-human relations does not warrant one to have special abilities alone. These must be worked upon and nutured as well. It is the same thing with human beings. I am sure that you are aware that man has some latent abilities, should i expect you, just on the fact that you are human to possessthese abilities just on the fact that you are human.

    I have been cultivating certain abilities for quite some time and there is still more work to do. I would expect you to be doing the same as a human with latent abilities, but you must ask yourself the question as how you would percieve someone whowas able to unlock these abilities and still be human? would you say that they were possessed or what have you? especially if the were not a follower of your religion? it is just something for you to think about. If a human were to unlock his/her latent potential, should it be openly demonstrated to others to just prove a point. On this same note- why are you asking me for proof of the fact that i am of jinn-human progeny. i am sure that if you lived during the prophet Muhammad’s time you would probably ask him for proof, yet you still believe that he was inspired by the same force that was responsible for your creation. How do we know that he wasn’t conversing with a Jinn posing as the Creator? If you could answer that question then you wouldn’t need any proof as to what I am because you would be connected with the same source that the Prophet was connected with. Yet the very same thing that you claim to have an affinity with is still distant from you so it has to be explained in terms that a human mind who has not reached its potential could understand. Understand?!!

  232. warlockasylum Says:

    Warlock Asylum

  233. Warda Says:


  234. warlockasylum Says:

    That’s excellent Warda! Keep up the good work! It is good to hear that you are fine.

  235. Mo Says:

    Warlockasylum,i dont need you showing any video’s
    of whatever.People here just dont believe you’re half jinn half human.Have you ever seen your father the jinn?And how does he look like?And you allready said that you have some capabilities that other jinns have.
    So what are those capabilities?
    Just give us some info.

  236. warlockasylum Says:

    Listen Brother Mo. I am not here for you to examine me and my kind like a European examines the Negro. How can you tell me what to post and what not to post. Warda also posted a video. Yet I will think about the others here. One of the abilities that I possess is being able to change form, appearance and invisibility.

    I hope that answers your questions for your western mindset

    be well

  237. Mo Says:

    Ok warlockasylum,so you can change form and become invisible.Your mother is human.Is the human form you original form or is jinn form your original form?
    I mean do you live in the human form and change to like a snake,dog and other forms.Or do you live in jinn form and change from that form to other forms?
    And name all the forms you(jinns)can take.

  238. warlockasylum Says:

    I live in human form and sometimes can take another human form or possess another human and use their vessel

    I do not take animal forms often, but enjoy doing so with insects

  239. Mo Says:

    Jinns cant take insects forms.
    The smallest form a jinn can take is that of a bird.

  240. warlockasylum Says:

    Muslims can’t tell what a Jinn can and cannot do! This is the problem you believe everything you read too much.

    I don’t talk about what a Muslim can or cannot do. This is stupid/ Learn to respect what exists in the world and by doing such you will know Allah

  241. Mo Says:

    You’re really a dumb moron warlock….By doing such you will know Allah??
    So you’re gonna deny your creator?
    The one who gave you life?
    Jinns are known of their lies and deceit,and the evil ones among them(you)dont admit that God is their creator even they do know he is.They(the evil ones)just hate him because of what iblis tells them.
    99 out of a 100 things an evil jinn(devil) tells are lies.I dont even know why i am wasting my time here with a devil who hates his Creator Allah the greatest.The creator of every living creature,of heavens and earth.

  242. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks “Mo” for your comments. Maybe you need to look over what you have said because your response is that of an “infidel.” You see the need to insult me for just expressing my experience and opinion. I said “by foig such you will know Allah.”

    First, you have to ask yourself what spirit is possessing you to make such insulting remarks. It is certainly not Allah’s spirit, using such words as “dumb-ass” and etc. See if you know Allah you wouldn’t have to go to such extremes to exercise your faith.

    What I meant by my statement is that instead of parakeeting, or reciting what you have read., make your own observations through life experience and compare it with what you have learned. You are telling mt about what forms Jinn can take based on writings that are hundreds of years old. Jinn evolve just like humans, well in ways of technology. If men were riding in aircraft then and just suddenly appeared in the past, they may have been referred to in a negative sense. If you really belive in Allah as you say you do over and over again, then you would not go around trying to act as Allah’s representative by telling me what from Jinn can and cannot take. That is not your role in this movie. It is to serve Allah, and if your god prevents you from interacting with Jinn, then stop trying to irritate my kind. Otherwise i will show you how powerful a Jinn can be in your life, and you will not have your gpd’s backing sense it is you who are agitating us.

    I once met someone like yourself who had his doubts, and that is fine, everyone has that right, but insulting my being because of something you read…uhmm..he began to see just how small the world can get My advice to you is to stop trying to prove something and observe what is really going on.

    Humans are very disconnected from the rest of the world because they put their ego into everything. There is no such thing as a Muslim in the “real world.” Every human being has to submit to natural forces, the weather, and etc. For one to state that they are in submission to a higher power is nothing more than to state what is real. However, when you divide yourself up over it and find a special name for it, you are then feeding the ego. You think that you are NOT worshipping a Jinn? Only a Jinn would ask any group og Humans to engage in conflict to spread a religious theory. You are deceived. Throughout your whole Holy Book it uses the term “we’ in reference to Allah and you still can’t figure this out. THINK ABOUT IT! What sort of being would want to hear praises and prayers throughout various times a day in this big universe?All day long you have to say how great this being is and so perfect and etc? The true creatordoesn’t need worship, yet a Jinn may so that we can feed off of the emotional energy and become stronger. It is a completely scientific process, but since your EGO will get hurt if you were to examine my words. ..I will let that same ego lead you to the grave as you feel so good getting a pat on your back and told that you are a good

    Did you really take a Shahada? If so you have made a dedication to a my kind-the Jinn. Your Shahada to the Creator was taken when you came out of the womb, like other human beings and know you have to state this fromally, which indicates that your Shahada is really to a Jinn. You will not learn these things because you feel threatened and rightfully so.

    Be well my one time brother 🙂

  243. warda Says:

    well said MO, Im surprised this idiot is still squaking his trash!
    u know Iblis has 2 armies? an army of evil jinn and an army of evil humans?

    we have one of iblis’ soldiers on the board right now(warlock)

  244. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks warda for still hanging in there. I do not agree with your insulting comments, yet it is still good to hear from you. Yes Iblis is a great spiritual mentor. let me ask you a question, If Alaah is Allah, then why do his servants hae so many problems in comparison to people who worship other deities? Wouldn’t the Creator of all worlds make a way for those who follow him who are unfortunate? Thanks Warda! Hopefully “Mo” got the message. Maybe one day I will tell you the tru meaning of “warlock.” Hopefully, Allah’s spirit won’t allow you to insult me the way you have. It was Allah’s spirit that inspired you to call me an idiot, wasn’t it?

  245. Anum Says:

    if djinn and human marry and have kids so wht would they be human kids or djinn kids

  246. warlockasylum Says:

    I suggest that you ask one of the Muslims on this blog-post that question, they seem to know more about the Jinn than the Jinn know about themselves, I wonder what does that make them

  247. Mo Says:

    Devilasylum,everything you say is nonsens and false.
    If you really are a jinn,there is no way you can deny God,your creator.Because every jinn in this world knows There is one God and that the Qoran is his word.
    Why do you think when an imam does exorcism on a possesed being,the jinn inside him/her toally flips.
    It’s because they are evil and cant stand the goodness and truth of God.
    Thats exactely how you behave in this forum.
    You seem to make everything good into evil.

    And …”Otherwise i will show you how powerful a Jinn can be in your life”…?
    Thats just the prove of an evil jinn,a devil.
    The fact that you make threats to me just because im trying to teach you the right thing about your kind.
    Threats dont work on me mate.There is nothing jinns can do to people without the permission of God the greatest.There are 54 billion of your kind and 6 billion of humans in this world and still youre weaker than us.Thats because god gave you a very low intellect.Islam is the protection for everything.
    I could say i dare you to show what youre capable of,but i know devils are nothing but lies.
    So stop making empty threats.
    Nothing personal.

  248. warlockasylum Says:

    Greetings Iblis Mo:

    Let us all take a review of your last comment and see if “Allah” really speaks though you or if you are breaking your “Shahada” by talking about things that you do not know and have resorted to gossip to save face.

    “Devilasylum,everything you say is nonsens and false.
    If you really are a jinn,there is no way you can deny God,your creator.Because every jinn in this world knows There is one God and that the Qoran is his word.
    Why do you think when an imam does exorcism on a possesed being,the jinn inside him/her toally flips.
    It’s because they are evil and cant stand the goodness and truth of God.”

    Thanks for the insult, which we will discuss in a second. I do not think that my people, the Jinn, are running away when an Iman does an exorcism that it is proof of “Allah’s” power. Common sense would easily determine that “a Jinn” would already know that possessing a human would lead to him being exorcised by a servant of Allah before hand. So why would they do it in the first place?

    Well, it is a way of getting people to believe in something that is not real, by pretending that what the Iman say during the exorcism actually is working, they are further reinforcing the worship of another Jinn posing as the Creator, Allah. Just think how contradictory it is to say that you have given my people special powers just so that they can mess with humans and then know that they will be exorcized? That doesn’t make any sense. Yet it does make sense to act as if scriptures from the Qu’ran are useful in banishing an evil Jinn, so that faith is reinforced in worshipping another Jinn-Allah. An example of this can be seen in the political world, where some governments stage an attack and blame it on someone else so that the people will be sympathetic and back them up on a given political agenda. Now let us look at some of the other statements that “Iblis Mo” has been so kind to make, as he gives further evidence of breaking his Shahada:

    “Thats exactely how you behave in this forum.
    You seem to make everything good into evil.”

    I have only stated my life experience. If you want to call a creature evil just because it conflicts with your religious beliefs then really be aware of what you are saying. I am sure that you may be have heard of how religion has been use to promote racist acts of crime, why would you now use Islam to do the same thing by being involved in a religion that promotes hatred against another living species. If it was found out what I really am in the Islamic world, that being Jinn-human, it is possible that some religious heretic would try to take my life. Do you really know what your involved in? According to this article on Wikipedia, under the topic Jinn, in the section Classifications and characteristics, the Jinn are said to also appear as “tall black man in white robes.” More can be scene in this article: The Qu’ran also talks about the lue-eyed devil.” This is evidently a religion that promotes Arab Supremecy. I quess you got caught up in the fluff and actually became a believer. Next iblis Mo continues to break his vows by further gossip:

    “And …”Otherwise i will show you how powerful a Jinn can be in your life”…?
    Thats just the prove of an evil jinn,a devil.
    The fact that you make threats to me just because im trying to teach you the right thing about your kind.
    Threats dont work on me mate.There is nothing jinns can do to people without the permission of God the greatest.There are 54 billion of your kind and 6 billion of humans in this world and still youre weaker than us.Thats because god gave you a very low intellect.Islam is the protection for everything.
    I could say i dare you to show what youre capable of,but i know devils are nothing but lies.
    So stop making empty threats.
    Nothing personal.”
    Here brother “Iblis Mo” has resorted to slander. Every since I have been on this page, it is I who has been threatened:. Notice all the comments that were stated about me:
    1. curious Says:

    April 4, 2009 at 10:47 pm
    no warlockasylum,
    youre the product of drugs and alcohol

    1. warda Says:

    April 10, 2009 at 2:07 pm
    1. NO
    we cant provide any help here, we are just discussing the topic.
    I honestly believve youre faking seems far fetched and lame
    1. warda Says:

    April 17, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    silver spiked mind your business! trust me i can handle your tail, youre no challenge!!!
    I dont tolerate ignorant simple minded people!
    1. warda Says:

    April 20, 2009 at 8:24 pm
    how am i gossiping? I told you straight up how i felt! go look up the definition of gossip.
    1. warda Says:

    May 1, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    It should be clear Brother Mo, or at least hlf-brother, that I am the one who has been attacked ever since I have come on to this blog by a group of prejudice people. There is nothing new under the sun, and I am not the first of Jinn-human progeny. Before you continue to break your Shahada I would suggest that you read this article:

    I will no longer consider Warda as a possiblity to further Jinn-human relations and the Jinn that was interested in her I will mention that her heart is not pure..Calling a being “scum” She is a infidel.
    Be Well
    Warlock Asylum

  249. warda890 Says:

    loool warlock is the perfect reason why alcohol and drugs are haram in Islam

  250. Naveed Says:

    Slam to all fellows here. i think discussion on the possibility of human jin marriage is diverted to the posssibility of human jin relation.

    One thing is sure that marriage between human and jinn is not permisssible in islam. as mentioned in Holy Quran and by most muslim scholars.

    Now things forbidden in islam can be practised by any one known as sin.

    Human jin marriage is forbidden but possible. so relation is also possible and what are the consequnces of sin we all know. And whats the result (progeny) of such relation Allah subahanawtallah knows the best.

    I think this finishes the discussion on the title of the forum.

    Now we all visitors are interested to hear such incidents of human jin marriages or human jinn relations, based on truth. Others may or may not agree.
    Best regards to all
    Dr Naveed Akhter

  251. Mo Says:

    I read your comments and i dont know where to begin.
    It seems youre not very well in the upper room.
    Youre not a jinn but just mental weak.
    I hope someone can help you.
    It has no point to continue this discussion because you keep running in circles over and over.
    It’s meaningless talking to someone saying that God is a jinn.That just proofs youre not a jinn but,as i said,just sick in the head.
    Or by god you mean iblis,the leader of the jinns.
    Because evil jinns,devils,worship iblis.

  252. warlockasylum Says:

    Have respect for the blog and stop breaking your Shahada “Mo”! Why is it that you have to get the las word in and continue to possess the insulting spirit. Here it is you are accusing me of mental illness. Yet I have setup many websites and blogs:

    and many other sites because I love my heritage, but you are accusing me of mental illness. These blog pages are free to setup..yet what have you been doing for your god Allah? Are you trying to get the word out? Have you taken the time to get your message out? Or aere you just using the hard work of other to critiaize other people in the work?

    Warda..I hope you are able to find the Jinn that has been looking for you? I have nothing against you and always want to see you make your way. If its Islam that works for you then I support you. I just ask that we maintain the good friendship we have

    be well

  253. warda Says:

    friendship with u?
    ive never been this insulted in my life

  254. warlockasylum Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of your “Islamic” ways. 🙂

  255. Canuck Man Says:

    Pardon me if it’s an unusual question but is there such a thing as a police jinn? Since possible jinn cops possess certain powers that human cops don’t possess than wouldn’t that mean if a jinn of one gender is making love to a human of another gender against his or her will than out of nowhere a jinn cop(s) will arrest the offending jinn or warn that jinn to leave the human alone or face an arrest?

    • warlockasylum Says:

      First, let me say that there is nothing wrong with Jinn-human relations, although it is rare, it does occur as with the case of myself and others. Interestingly, Queen Sheba is also said to half-jinn. For more information you can click here:

      So all of this nonsense as if it doesn’t exist is probably due to a few fanatical Muslims like Warda, and Sir Mo, just going on “blind faith.”

      Yet I must also take into consideration tht ignorance breeds prejudice. Jinn first discuss amongst themselves and agree if a particular bride or groom is chosen. It is not against the law of the Jinn World. Actually this is where the term “in-law” comes from. See when the Jinn were more open in ancient times, if they desired a human that human would first have to be adopted into the Jinn family by law. Think about it, even if a Muslim wanted to dispute what I am saying how could they? The oldest records of the “in-law” concept comes from the Sumerians who in their mythologies speak about the “gods” taking human partners and before they could they would have to go to court to do so, whereas the human would be adopted into the divine family as an “in-law.” So even if Muslims detest people like Queen Sheba and myself this is still a historical fac, and it is these same “Muslims” who use the term “in-law” today. LOL!

      To answer your other question, of course every “civilization” has its own protective force just as Jinn have wars against each other.

      P.S. I will begin using the term “gods” instead of “jinn” as it is a derogatory term used by some disenchanted in the Arab world.

      Enjoy your day!

      • Canuck Man Says:

        But since realizing that ufos are either hi tech top secret aircrafts built most likely by United States or products of jinn ingenuiety,that now begs this question to warlockasylum or whoever (especially for a Muslim.)My question is if someone were to sight a flying saucer marked POLICE in English or even some other language,how should we interpret it? Should we regard the police saucer as some hi tech police aircraft to one day supersede police helicopters or could it very well be piloted by jinn cops? Finally though I’ve never heard of jinn police officials I wouldn’t be surprised if they exist.

  256. warlockasylum Says:

    I think what you are talking about is hi-tech military equipment.

  257. Comments are now closed. I have come to the conclusion that the discussion is no longer beneficial as it hasn’t been for quite some time now. Thank you for stopping by. As always, you can get in touch with me through my email posted in the ‘About’ section.

    Warm regards,

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