Assalam Alaikum,

Are you looking to get involved with dawah, but don’t know how to start?  There’s many ways whether it is in your community or on the internet.  You can do dawah with your family, friends, or anyone else.  You can do dawah with Muslims or non-Muslims.  Just make sure you take advantage of your time and call the people to Allah (SWT)!

Remember, our duty in dawah is not specifically to convert people to Islam, rather it is to inform them.  However, it is our duty to perform dawah or else we will be held responsible for not calling the people to the truth.  Even if our knowledge of Islam is limited, we know the basics (i.e. 5 pillars) and we can call people using just the basics.

If you are looking for a Dawah Pamphet to use for your MSA or do you give to the people you know, feel free to use: 

You are more than welcome to edit the Dawah Pamphlet to fit your needs.  My email address is in it right now, but if you would prefer you may edit it to give your own email address.

Other ways to get involved with dawah on the internet is through blogging (an example being the blog you are reading right now!).  YouTube can also became quite popular in terms of the potential that exists within it (I can be found at  Additionally, feel free to join my YahooGroup at: if you would like to receive weekly emails from me.  Facebook and MySpace have enormous potential for Dawah, but just make sure not to waste time on these social networking website!

Dawah within your own community is very important as well.  Whether you encourage your friends to pray on time or you tutor at an after-school program, there are numerous ways to get involved.  One amazing opportunity that often gets overlooked is being a Sunday School Teacher at your local masjid where one will be able to reap the rewards of teaching others for years to come even after one’s retirement from Sunday School.  Check out this post for ideas and motivation!

If you need help with dawah ideas or you would like to consult someone about your project or you are looking to contribute, feel free to get in touch with Tampa Dawah at


11 Responses to “Dawah”

  1. Mohamad Says:

    I would like to form Phophet Muhammad Foundation. This will be a foundation that can help the people community around the globe. Please give your comment and feedback. Regards

  2. Salaam Br. Mohamad,

    It is definitely admirable of you to want to begin a new foundation dedicated to helping communities around the globe. Please give me some details and I will try to help you begin insh’Allah. I can be reached at

  3. Loga Says:

    InshaAllah I’d like to share some research I’m doing for dawah, maybe you’ll find it useful, and other readers:

    jazakAllah khier

  4. Assalam Alaikum Loga,
    Mash’Allah your research looks fantastic and insh’Allah it will be very beneficial to those who are involved in debating with the Christians in our society. May Allah SWT reward you for your beautiful work, Ameen!.

  5. Loga'Abdullah Says:

    wa’alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah
    jazakAllah khier

  6. Maria Says:

    Asallam U Alaikum
    JazakAllah for the useful advise.

  7. Fathima Says:

    In our own little way, we should a;; try our best to strive in way of Allah inviting everyone to the truth – the message of peace

  8. Cucumber Says:


    I was wondering if you had any ideas for running a da’wah kiosk. I’m specifically interested in trying to start da’wah conversations with students who pass by our MSA kiosk in college. I find it hard to get them to stop and talk to us for a moment.

    Jazakallahu khair for the pamphlet and post. 🙂

  9. JUMUAH SA'EED Says:


  10. assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu!
    I am from the Pakistan. I am really glad to read your blog for free Islamic book visit my blog ISLAMIC BOOKS HUB

  11. Ben Says:

    Here is a blog I found and wanted to share. It debunks the trinity and might be helpful to those involved in dawah:

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