You will be resurrected in the state you died…

May 22, 2010

We know that the state we die in is the state we will be resurrected in for the Hereafter.  So if your last words were harsh profane ones right before a serious car accident then those would be the words you would be reciting as you are brought back to life.  Similarly, if you were in the state of Haraam or you were with people you would be embarrassed to be seen with, those are the people you would be raised amongst.

However, at the same time, if you died at Hajj or during some form of worship, that would be the beautiful state you would be resurrected in.  Similarly, if you were to die amongst people that are righteous and pious, you would be raised amongst them as well.  Therefore, it is extremely important that we always put ourselves in a state where we are surrounded by people we respect and honor with the hope that these are the type of people we would be raised up amongst.  Similarly, we should stop using any profane and ugly words so that we can train ourselves to have the last words off our tongues be, “La ilaha illa Allah.”  This is just a brief reminder to myself first and foremost and to anyone else who would like to read this.

Kamal el Mekki has some nice reflections in the following five minute video:

6 Responses to “You will be resurrected in the state you died…”

  1. JAK brother for this great reminder. I’ve visited your blog many times, but I never stopped to express my appreciation for this wonderful site! Masha’Allah, lots of wisdom and insight 🙂

    Speaking of death and our last words, it’s also worth noting that our last words before we sleep should always be La Ilaha Illah Allah–There is no God but Allah, for fear that our last breath of life will take place during that sleep…Again, JAK! I’m looking forward to reading more from you soon, Insha’Allah.

    May Allah reward us both.

    Rania Abuisnaineh

    • Assalam Alaikum Sister,

      JazakAllahkhair for your beautiful reminder and for stopping my blog. May Allah reward you always. Ameen.


    • Servant of the blesser Says:

      Did you know that the only sentence you can say without moving your lips is “LA ELAH ELLA ALLAH”
      (There is no deity worthy of worship beside Allah).
      Subhanallah the Wisdom behind that is, when a person is dying, they can lose the ability to move their lips, so Allah made it easy for us to say Shahadah before our death. Alhamdulilah, how Merciful He Is.

  2. Quran Says:

    We all have to taste the death. Always do good acts and you will get good fruit.

  3. Madinah Says:

    Where in the Quran or the ahadith that states we will be resurrected in the state that we die ? I have always been told this since I’ve been Muslim but have not read it and unable to find it….jazakullah khairan for your assistance

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