Involvement vs. Committment

August 7, 2009

I used to know this Somalian brother from Atlanta.  He was a hafidh of Quran (i.e. he had memorized the entire Quran word for word).  Then, one day, he was hit by a car in a very bad accident and he went into a coma for forty days.  After he came out of his coma, he had forgotten the Quran he had memorized as a child.  Afterwards, he started and completed memorization of the entire Quran a second time.  Mash’Allah, this brother was very committed to the deen, Islam. This brother’s situation got me thinking, how committed are we?

The graduation speaker from my undergrad made a beautiful analogy.  He differentiated between the one that is committed versus the one that is involved.  Take for example, a bacon and egg sandwich.  The pig in this sandwich is committed; however the chicken is only involved.  Now ask yourself, are you committed to the religion of Allah or simply involved?

Make the sacrifice, actually realize it’s not a sacrifice at all, it’s a beautiful trade for the Hereafter!  O Muslim, become committed to Islam!


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