Advice to the Aspiring Muslim with Homosexual Urges

April 29, 2009

In today’s world, homosexuality is something very common and accepted.  Considering the environment we live in, it is quite possible that some aspiring Muslims may also have homosexual urges even though they may not want to.  However, in Islam, acting upon these urges is strictly prohibited.  For a parallel example, as a man, I may want to have relations with numerous different women, but as we know, even though I may have that urge or desire the act does not become permissible (as we are only permitted to have relations with those that are halal to us (i.e our spouse)).  Similiar, a person who has homosexual desires must also refrain from their urges and impulses and insh’Allah they will be rewarded for their patience and virtue.  For a more complete look into this subject, please check out Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s post on MuslimMatters.


One Response to “Advice to the Aspiring Muslim with Homosexual Urges”

  1. nadia Says:

    I saw a talk show about a male widow who works as a cross-dresswer prostitute at night. He has a son from his previous marriage. The talk show host as him, if you are gay how come you got married and have a child? Shyly the gay prostitute said “because my late wife was very aggresive”.

    For all agressive dominant women who can’t make it into marriage with egomaniac straight men, maybe they will pair up better with homo-tendency men.

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