Pitying the Kuffar?

March 22, 2009

Ibn Abbas held the opinion that touching the kafir breaks your wudhu.  I believe I read the above statement in the work of an orientalist and it had no evidence to support it so I am not sure if this truly is the opinion of Ibn Abbas.  However, the statement got me thinking about the issue of the kuffar and the Muslims approach to them.  Indeed, al wala wal bara is a part of the Muslim aqeeda and it is something that Muslims must adhere to very strictly.  The topic seems to be the current hot-topic amongst many Muslim bloggers after the article posted by Shaykh Tawfique Chawdhury on MuslimMatters and Imam Anwar al-Awlaki’s response to it on his own blog about working with the kuffar. 

However, one thing I wanted to point out and emphasize while all this debating is going on is the blessing, we, as Muslims, truly have been blessed with.  I mean, subhan’Allah, can you imagine life without Islam?  We have been blessed with guidance from the Lord of the Worlds.  In addition to al wala’ wal bara’, I feel great remorse towards the non-Muslim and I feel great pity towards them.  I was at a restaurant less than a week ago and they were playing a music-video of some MTV rapper.  The MTV rapper had women and money and the dunya in his music video, yet you could tell he wasn’t happy.  If you look at people in the Western society today, you notice that they go through ups and downs like it’s nobody’s business.  Depression is extremely common in the USA and UK nowadays.  When I look at the non-Muslim, I realize they have been deprived of so many things.  Just think about the following, the non-Muslim:

  1. Does not realize who is His Lord nor does he have a relationship with His Lord
  2. Does not understand the purpose of life
  3. Is in a continuous state of najis (impurity), hence why the first thing someone does after converting to Islam is take a bath (ghusl)
  4. Has never tasted the sweetness and khushoo of the prayer
  5. Has no comprehension of tawakkul and relying on God, therefore causing stress and depression
  6. Will never be truly happy for we know happiness is not with wealth but in the heart
  7. Has never experienced true brotherhood (not the one where you pay money to have friends in a fraternity)
  8. Does not have a proper relationship with society (where it’s with the parents, the masjid, or the community)
  9. Does not have the beauty of the greeting of the salam
  10. Does not experience the sweetness of faith (emaan)
  11. Solves problems with alcohol instead of with dua or the Quran
  12. Does not know what true fun/pleasure is (compare going to the club with brotherhood)
  13. Has nothing to look forward to it (everyday is a blessing for us and we look forward to meeting our Lord, insh’Allah)
  14. Money is their Lord and the lack of it depresses them and they will never have their fill (b/c of greed)
  15. Their women are completely degraded and slaves to a sexual society

Number ten really hits the nail on the head.  We need to be thankful everyday for the Islam that has bestowed upon us.  We need to make dua to Allah (SWT) that He allows us to die in a state of emaan.

Therefore, O Muslim, be thankful for the blessing that is Islam and feel extreme gratitude to have been excluded from those that have been deprived of it.

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4 Responses to “Pitying the Kuffar?”

  1. Saba Yousaf Says:

    Who are the Kuffaar? Is it fair to label anyone as a kafir? We need to understand there is a difference, it’s either due to ignorance or Kufr(disbelief).

  2. Sr. Saba,
    Assalam Alaikum,

    You are correct that we cannot label everyone not Muslim out there as a Kafir considering there are many people out there who are completely ignorant of what Islam truly stands for. However, nonetheless, this post can still be applied to non-Muslims in general and not just the Kuffar. Jazak’Allahkhair for the correction and clarification.


  3. […] -by being awed by the non-Muslims in their dunya accomplishments when we should be pitying them instead […]

  4. piro Says:

    Reading your post made me sad and angry. How can you call yourself a Muslim while slandering others the way you have done in this article!? The Prophet (PBUH)showed compassion and respect to all people on his path – have you not read the Hadith and the Sunnah? And if your read the Quran carefully you will see that the Unbelievers were those who followed the Pagan customs -neither Christians nor Jews.
    If you have never been a non-Muslim how can you know how non-Muslims feel? How can you know with certainty that a non-Muslim has never felt close to his God? Never felt brotherhood? Their women being degraded to a sexual society?? Have you ever been out in the country with the highest Muslim population? What do you see? Muslim women wearing a jilbab, lipstick, tight jeans and high heels? Are they not victims & slaves of a sexual society? Listen to the comments from the men!!

    I am a Muslim and Alhamdulilla I am blessed with open eyes. I am embarrassed on behalf of my beautiful religion when I read blogs like yours. Read the Quran and see the Truth – remember ghibah ! People like you are the reason Islam has a bad name, SHAME ON YOU! Your words are poison in the ears of Allah.
    I suggest you start reading 39:9, and Listen to The Message.

    I will pray for your soul and that Allah may guide you back to the right Path.
    Bow your head in Shame

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