Cool Guy Muslim Updates!

November 21, 2008

Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Alhamdulillah, I’ve had this blog going for more than a year now and I just wanted to give some updates about what’s going on here.  If you look at the pages on this blog, I’ve attached two more page links to Dawah and Links.  Furthermore, I’ve updated the other pages on this blog so make sure to re-check-out the About, Lectures, and Non-Muslim pages here.

Furthermore, I’ve started a YahooGroup.  If you decide to sign-up for it, you will insh’Allah receive a weekly email in your inbox with a hadith of the week (possible reflections) and an Islamic website of the week.  You can join by going here:

Moreover, I just got a webcam and so I started making some videos on youtube.  You can check me out at youtube at  I hope to make videos for both Muslims and non-Muslims.  If you have suggestions on topics to be covered, please let me know, insh’Allah.

I think that is really about it.  If you have any suggestions whatsoever, I would absolutely love to hear them.  Jazak’Allahkhair for your time and for reading this post.  May Allah (SWT) reward you plentifully.  Ameen!

Wa assalamu alaikum!


One Response to “Cool Guy Muslim Updates!”

  1. dpeat Says:


    I wanted to comment on your post about your defining moment in Egypt. I’ll just do it here: I mean, masha’Allah, it was very inspirational. I think nowadays the Qur’an is the most neglected part of our religion. Even for some of the more religious Muslims, who pride themselves upon praying five times a day, neglect Allah’s book. We need a total and complete return to the Qur’an and that’s memorization, reading tafasir, reflecting upon it, and applying what we learn.

    I know I don’t read Qur’an as much as I should, so this is also a criticism for myself.

    May Allah ease our way in returning to his blessed book, ameen.

    Oh yeah, my blog is I have been writing about politics lately, but I plan to start writing about religion a lot more insha’Allah. I just bought the whole series of tafsir ibn Kathir, so make dua for me that Allah blesses me and raises my understanding of his book.

    And Jazak;Allah khair for sharing all your stories and insight!

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