Soooo, is Arabic Really THAT Important?

May 23, 2008

The Answer in short is, yes, it really is that important!  Check out the statements of just a few scholars in terms of the importance of the Arabic language in Islam (from various sources):

Abu Bakr (ra) said, “That I recite and forget (a portion of the Qur’an) is more beloved to me than to make a grammatical mistake!”  (Understand that one letter omitted changes the entire meaning of verses!)

Umar ibn al-Khattaab (ra) wrote to Abu Musa al-Ashari (ra) and said: “Understand the Sunnah and understand the Arabic language because the Qur’aan is in Arabic.”

Ubay ibn Ka’b (ra), the Sahaba, said, “Teach Arabic like you teach the memorization of the Qur’an!”

Al-Hasan Al-Basri said, “They (the heretics) were destroyed by their inability in Arabic.”

Imam Shafii said, “People did not become ignorant and did not differ amongst themselves except because they left Arabic and leaned towards the language of Aristotle.”  It is reported Imam Shafii indicated what he did because the cause of the heresy is ignorance of the Arabic language.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah even went so far as to say that, “The Arabic language is part of the Religion, and knowing it is an obligation.”

Check out the following lecture entitled, “Why Study Arabic and How?” by Nouman Ali Khan:

Nouman Ali Khan runs the Bayyinah Institute that offers week-long intensive Arabic courses throughout the United States.  To see if his program is coming to your city (or to invite him to your city and reap the rewards of providing your community with ilm AND ajr), check out:

2 Responses to “Soooo, is Arabic Really THAT Important?”

  1. amal Says:

    Asalam alaaykum , it is true learning arabic is important , so you can juts pick up the hadeeth books and quran and not rely on translations .

    But what my understanding has been that just because you know arabic does not mean you understand islam , the reason why i am saying this is because , my parents know arabic they recite the quran beautifuly , I was sent to an arabic school , and spoke arabic at home . Did I understand islam all those years ? no , does my mum understand tawheed ? no . So knowing the arabic language is one thing , but having an understanding is another .

  2. Wa assalamu alaikum sr amal,

    definitely, i agree that arabic does not eman, obviously there are loads of arab christians out there and there are some amazing brothers and sisters out there that don’t know arabic…

    i think was jus tryin to make the point that any student of (islamic) knowledge or anyone aspiring to be one needs to make it a cornerstone that they understand arabic properly not jus in terms of reading books or listenin to lectures in arabic, but mainly in terms of havin a better relationship wit the Quran

    may Allah swt make us among those that have an amazing relationship with the Quran

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