TV Challenge

March 2, 2008

Challenge: Avoid useless stuff for the next week. When I say useless, I’m talking about television, movies, music, gossiping, etc. Don’t be concerned with what other people have or possess. Rasoolullah said, “Being rich does not mean having a great amount of property. Being wealthly is being content” (narrated by Bukhari).

Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “Amongst the beautiful (characteristics) of a person’s Islam is that he pays no heed to that which does not concern him” (narrated in Tirmidhi).

Lessons from this hadith from Muhammad AlShareef:
“Your mind is PRIME real estate. If you had a piece of land right beside the greatest world attraction, wouldn’t you open the most amazing store on it?

Your brain and your life is more precious then that piece of land. Only build on it that which concerns your success in this life and the next.

For the next seven days, ask yourself this question daily, ‘Am I using my time right now towards that which benefits me?'”



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