The Super-Duper Dawah Pamphlet

February 8, 2008

Have you ever been passing out flyers at your MSA Dawah Table and said the following:

  •  “What’s up with these flyers?”
  • “I wouldn’t become interested in Islam after reading this.”
  • “This doesn’t relate to the common person.”
  • “This isn’t current.”
  • “This is getting tossed in the trash.”

Well, alhamdulillah, there is a great pamphlet you can now use for any dawah purpose.  It’s concise, accurate, and current.  It’s a dawah pamphlet for the 21st century. 

By all means, use it for any project you have going on whether its an MSA event or your own personal dawah project.  Feel free to edit it for your own personal use. 

The pamphlet is one page total folded in half with a front and back.  The order of the pages is back cover-front cover on the first page and inside back cover-inside front cover on the second page  (it’ll make sense when you open the document).  Check out the flyer.  It’s attached below.  If you have any problem opening the document or any thoughts or questions, feel free to email me at  Enjoy, insha’Allah!

The Super-Duper Dawah Pamphlet


2 Responses to “The Super-Duper Dawah Pamphlet”

  1. lekii Says:

    I can’t fold it so the pages get the right order. help me:(

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