Who Are Your Friends?

December 3, 2007

Take one step back and think about the people in your life.  Who are they?  Are they Muslim?  Do they pray five times a day?  Would you be proud to introduce them to your grandmother?  Would you be willing to take a bullet for them?  Indeed, the people we surround ourselves by are very important.  They are, in essence, an example of who we are.  Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari (ra) reported that the Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “The example of a good companion and a bad one is the bearer of musk and the worker on the fires.  A bearer of musk would give you some, you might buy some from him, or you might enjoy the fragrance of his musk.  The worker on the fires, on the other hand, might spoil your clothes with sparks from his bellows, or you get a bad smell from him” (narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Now, who are your best friends?  Consider their qualities and characteristics.  Do you like their character?  Well, we possess the same type of characteristics as our friends.  Indeed, if one walks into a masjid full of people in which there is only one hypocrite and if we are the other hypocrite (may Allah (SWT) protect us from such a disease, Ameen) then some way and somehow, by the end of the night, we will feel most at ease and will have the greatest connection with that one other hypocrite at the masjid.  Indeed, if we are a mumin (true believer), we will feel our heart inclined towards another mumin!  A perfect example is the Ansar.  Do you love the Ansar?  Consider the hadith of Rasoolullah in which Al-Bara (ra) heard Rasoolullah (SAW) say, “None loves the Ansar but a believer, and none hates them but a hypocrite. So Allah will love him who loves them, and He will hate him who hates them” (narrated by Bukhari). 

Now, if maghrib time is approaching and you want to go to the movies.  Is your friend going to step-in and remind you that prayer time is quickly approaching?  At the same time, why kind of friend are you?  If your boy is deciding between playing basketball or going to the masjid, which advice are you going to give him?  O my brother or sister, befriend the good and avoid the evil.  My own personal experiences will tell you that you are a product of your friends.

While we are on the subject of friendship, take time out and be thankful to your friend for indeed they are always there for you.  Insha’Allah, you benefit from sharing in the smell of musk from your friends (if not, it’s time for a change on who you hang out with!).  We need to be thankful to those people who benefit us even in the smallest of things as Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “Whosoever does not thank people, has not thanked Allah (SWT).”  Why not send that special person(s) a text message right now saying how much you love them and are thankful to them for all that they’ve done for you?  Why not make du’a to Allah (SWT) for that person right now?  That special person could (and should!) include our parents, our families, and our teachers.  Be genuine as Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “You will be treated the way you treat others.” 


3 Responses to “Who Are Your Friends?”

  1. Safi Says:

    Great post, coolguy Muslim! 🙂

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