The Muslim GPS

November 24, 2007

The Quran was sent down to mankind as a form of guidance. Who is guided? Now you may think the Muslim is guided. However, is everyone who is a Muslim guided? Indeed, every Muslim asks Allah (SWT) to guide him or her multiple times a day as we recite Surat al-Fatiha. “Show us the straight path” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 1:6) has been recited by every Muslim who prays his or her salah. Therefore, all Muslims ask Allah (SWT) for guidance. Then you may think, the one who has knowledge is guided. However, how many people do we know that know alcohol is haraam or know interest is haraam yet they still indulge in these detestable acts. Indeed, knowledge without actions cannot be considered guidance. We need to follow all of our statements with actions.

Al-Hasan Al-Basrî said, “Faith (îmân) is not by embellishment or wishful thinking, but it is what settles in the heart and is verified through your works. Whoever says good but does not do good, will have his words compared to his deeds by Allah. Whoever says good and does good, will have his words raised by his deeds. This is because Allah (SWT) said, “To Him ascends the good word, and the righteous deed raises it” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 35:10).”

Indeed, as Muslims, we need to follw-up our statements with actions. We need to make sure our actions follow the Quran and Sunnah in all that we do so that our deeds may be accepted as Al-Fudayl b. ‘Ayyâd said, “Allah(SWT) accepts only those deeds which are both correct and sincere (pure). If the deed is done correctly but not sincerely, it will not be accepted. And if it is sincere but not correct, it will not be accepted.” He was asked, “Abû ‘Alî! What is the sincere and correct deed?” He replied, “The sincere deed is one that is done only for Allah (SWT). And the correct deed is one done according to the Sunnah.”

O Muslim, walk the walk for we all talk the talk. Al-Qâsim b. Muhammad, the grandson of Abû Bakr said, “In my time, people were not impressed by speech, but by actions as anyone can say whatever he wants.”

Therefore, if you want guidance, take to the Quran. Consider the advice of Ubay b. Ka’b who said, “Take the Book of Allah as your leader (imām) and be pleased with it as a judge and ruler. It is what your Messenger left amongst you. It will be an intercessor for you. It is to be obeyed. It is a witness never doubted. In it is a mention of you and those before you, and judgment for whatever happens amongst you. In it is news about you and whatever will come after you.”

(Forgive me for I make mistakes in my writings for indeed these are from me and the good is from Allah.)


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  1. Guess who just brightened up my day? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

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