Fearing Allah (SWT) at all Times

November 11, 2007

Umar bin Al-Khattab (Allah be pleased with him) sent an army under Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas (Allah be pleased with both of them) for the conquest of Persia. Umar (Allah be pleased with him) wrote him a convention as follows:

  • I command you and your army to fear Allah at all times because piety is the best weapon against the enemy and the best strategy in the battle.
  • And I command you and your soldiers to fear disobedience to Allah more than you fear the enemy.
  • If an army fears sins more than the enemy, Allah brings them victory.
  • Muslims victory is the outcome of the disbelievers’ disobedience of Allah. There is no power except with Allah for they always outnumber us and have better weapons and tools.
  • If we become equal in disobedience, they will conquer us due to more power; and unless we defeat them by righteousness, we cannot defeat them by power.
  • You must learn that you have some angels with you to protect you and your deeds.
  • So be careful and do not commit any sins while you are fighting in the way of Allah.
  • And never say our enemy is worse than us and that they cannot win even if we commit sins.
  • Many nations have suffered at the hands of others who were less faithful, as the Magians who won over the Children of Israel when they committed sins.
  • You have to ask Allah victory over your own selves in the same way you ask victory over the enemy. Ask it from Allah for us and you.

 [Ref. Ibn Katheer in Al-Bidaayah wan -Nihaayah]

Do we have this type of mentality?  Insha’Allah, let us make the intention to always stay away from sin!


One Response to “Fearing Allah (SWT) at all Times”

  1. kay70 Says:

    Subhannallah! Jazak Allah Khair

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