Signs of the Day of Judgment (Part 2)

June 7, 2007

After having listed some of the major signs of the Day of Judgment, I thought it may be nice to list some of the minor signs of the Day of Judgment.  When one researches these topics, there are many narrations that are found to be unauthentic and weak.  The list I have below is what has been authenticated by Yusuf Yuwabbal and used by Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki in his Hereafter Series.  Since there are so many minor signs to list, I have not included the proofs for them since it would take forever to type all of it up.  However, if one is curious as some of the proofs for a specific sign, let me know and I can get you the specific proof for that minor sign.  The signs of the Day of Judgment are as follows:

  1. Coming of Rasoolullah (SAW)
  2. Death of Rasoolullah (SAW)
  3. Opening of Jerusalem (done by Umar (ra)?)
  4. A plague in the Muslim Ummah (occurred 18 A.H.?)
  5. Abundance of Wealth
  6. Times and Trails of Tribulations
  7. False Prophets
  8. Spread of Peace
  9. Fire in Hijaz (volcanic eruption in 654 A.H.?)
  10. Wars with Turkish People (Turks originated from China, therefore the wars with the Mongolians?)
  11. Loss of Trust
  12. Knowledge will subsidize (in religion) and ignorance will prevail
  13. Increase in Security Forces
  14. Zina (fornication, adultery) prevails
  15. Spread of Riba (usury, interest)
  16. Decoration of Masajid
  17. Construction of Tall Buildings (skyscrapers)
  18. Slave Woman gives Birth to her Owner
  19. Bloodshed Spreads
  20. Shrinking of Time (time passes more quickly)
  21. Proximity of Markets
  22. Spread of Trade
  23. Appearance of Shirk in this Ummah!
  24. Earthquakes
  25. Sinking, Stoning, and Transforming into Animals
  26. Lowly people will be taking the affairs of the people
  27. People will give salams to only the people they know
  28. Woman who are dressed but naked!
  29. Appearance of Cars (cars was not stated but cars are described in the hadith)
  30. Spread of Print (printing press?)
  31. Dreams of the Believers come true
  32. Expansion/Bloation of the Crescent
  33. Lies and fabrications in religion (fabricated hadith?)
  34. People claim to receive revelation
  35. False Witness
  36. Increase in Ratio of Women to Men (50:1)
  37. Hostility between People
  38. Sudden deaths will occur frequently (heart attacks, strokes?)
  39. Arabian Peninsula becomes gardens with flowing rivers again
  40. The sky gives rain but nothing grows
  41. Euphrates River reveals gold
  42. Animals and Objects Speaking
  43. People desiring to die
  44. Population of Romans increases (caucasian population?)-whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim is not known here
  45. Battles with the Romans?
  46. Opening of Constantinople
  47. Reign of Al-Qahtani (a righteous man from Yemen)
  48. War with the Yahood (Jews)
  49. Madinah will expel its evils
  50. A blessed wind taking the soul of the believers
  51. Destruction of the Kaaba
  52. The Mahdi

4 Responses to “Signs of the Day of Judgment (Part 2)”

  1. ummadam Says:

    I can never find the hadith for point 39 about the desert being green. Can you point me in that direction?

  2. Assalamu Alaikum,

    As far as the hadith of the desert turning green is concerned, I am not completely sure of the source. The list of signs I posted were compiled by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki ( and I know his main source for his lectures is Ibn Kathir’s book, “Al Bidayah wa Nihayah” (The beginning and the end) so I assume the hadith can be found in that book. Sorry, I cannot be of more help.


  3. aamir Says:

    are these signs in order ?

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