Signs of the Day of Judgment

June 4, 2007

No one knows when the Hour will occur.  All we know is about the Hour is that it falls on a Friday and that it is very near.  Rasoolullah (SAW) mentioned signs that will appear as the Day of Judgment draws closer.  There are major and minor signs of the Day of Judgment.  The major signs are found in the hadith of Hudhayfah Al-Ghifari who narrated that Rasoolullah (SAW) found the Sahaba while they were talking about the Hour.  Rasoolullah (SAW) asked, “What are you discussing?”  The Sahaba answered, “We are speaking of the Hour.”  Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “It will not be established until you have seen before it ten signs: the Smoke; the Dajjal; the Beast; the Rising of the Sun from its setting place; the descent of Jesus, Son of Mary; Yajooj and Majooj; three landslides: a landslide in the East, a landslide in the West, and a landslide in the Arabian Peninsula; and the last of this is a fire which will emerge from Yemen, driving people to their gathering place.”  This hadith is found in the books of Muslim, Abd Dawud, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah.

From the above hadith, we have established the ten major signs of the Hour.  Some scholars add the appearance of the Madhi as Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudree narrated that Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “And the Madhi will come out at the end of my Ummah’s time.  Allah will send a lot of rain with him, and the earth will bring out its plants, and wealth will be passed out in abundance, and cattle will increase and the Ummah will be great.  He will live seven or eight years” (narrated by Al-Haakim).  Ali (ra) narrated that Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “The Madhi is one of us, Ahl Al-Bayt (i.e. from the descendants of Rasoolullah (SAW))” (narrated by Ahmad).  The Madhi will go from Madinha to Makkah and the people will give him baiya (allegiance).

There is a difference of opinion amongst scholars whether the appearance of the Madhi is a major or minor sign of the Day of Judgment.  Nevertheless, let us attempt to understand the other major signs of the Day of Judgment.

  1. The emergence of ad-Dajjal (a.k.a. the False Messiah) is a major sign.  Dajjal is mentioned generally, not specifically, in the Quran (Surat an-Anaam, 6:158) because he does not deserve to be mentioned since he claims Ruboobiyyah (to be the Creator) as the Pharoah did not claim this as the Pharoah claimed Uloohiyyah (to be worshippeh).  Dajjal will appear when he is not mentioned too often in the minbars (i.e. khutbahs).  Dajjal will appear when there will have been no rainfall for one year as the earth will be very dry (as the believers will survive on dhikr (rememberance of Allah (SWT)).  Dajjal will come from the east (most of his followers will be Jewish) and he will enter every city except Makkah and Madinah and will enter every place except for four (al-Kaaba, Masjid an-Nabawi, Masjid al-Aqsa, and Masjid al-Tur in Sinai).  Dajjal will stay for forty days (the first day will be like a year, the second day will be like a month, the third day will be like a week, the remaining days will be normal).  We know that the Dajjal is alive right now.  True believers will read the letters kaf, fa, and ra on the forehead of Dajjal and it is known that he will have only one eye.  Dajjal will bring rain to the earth, raise the dead, and will reveal the treasures on earth.  He will first claim to be a prophet, then the Messiah, and then he will claim to be God.  Every prophet warned his believers about Dajjal since it was not known to them when Dajjal would be sent.  It is narrated that the first ten ayats of Surat-Kahf save us from the fitnah of Dajjal  as it tells us about the fitna of wealth, power, and disbelief.
  2. The Descent of Eesa (Jesus) (as) is another major sign as the Holy Quran states, “And (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me: this is a Straight Way” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 43:61).  Furthermore, the Holy Quran states about the followers of Jesus (as), “And there is none of the People of the Book but must believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 4:159).  Jesus (as) will come.  He will break the cross and he will be the one who kills Dajjal with a spear.  Eventually after Yajooj and Majooj also die, Jesus (as) will spread Islam for seven amazing years.
  3. Yajooj (Yagog) and Majooj (Magog) will be released after Dajjal dies.  People will flee the cities as will Jesus (as), who will take his followers to the mountains (causing no one to eat the fruits of the trees of the city of Madinah) when Yajooj and Majooj are released.  Yajooj and Majooj are described as having stretched eyes, flat faces, and it is known that they wear shoes made of hair and skin (leather?).  Yajooj and Majooj will be killed by worms that go into their ears.  Their bodies will be taken away by birds.  After their death, Jesus (as) will spread Islam on earth for an amazing seven years.
  4. The Great Landslide in the East (no particular order)
  5. The Great Landslide in the West (no particular order)
  6. The Great Landslide in the Arabian Peninsula (no particular order)
  7. Ad-Dukhan (the Smoke) is another major sign of the Day of Judgment.  Some scholars argue this has already occurred in the Arabian Peninsula.
  8. The Rising of the Sun from the West
  9. The Appearance of the Beast
  10. The Great Fire

Key points in understanding the Signs of the Hour include:

  • The Signs rely solely on authentic sources (including ahad hadith) as we not accept Israelite narrations.
  • It is important to differentiate between direct textual evidence (i.e. hadith) and the understanding of the scholars.
  • We should not spend too much time dwelling over the order of the signs.
  • Abu Hurairah narrated that Rasoolullah (SAW) said, “The signs will come one after the other, like beads falling from a string” (narrated by at-Tabarani).
  • The signs will occur by themselves as we should not try to MAKE them occur as they will occur when Allah wills them to occur.
  • The signs cannot be used in helping to establish rulings.  For example, a minor sign is that masajid will be decorated towards the end of times.  We cannot say it is haram to decorate our masajid based on this hadith.  Even though it may be incorrect to decorate our masajid, we cannot use this methodology to come to this ruling.
  • Not all signs are condemable actions.
  • It is important to understand these signs by their apparent meaning.  For example, it is narrated that a pile of gold will appear in Iraq.  We cannot say that the oil in Iraq is the gold referred to in the hadith.  We are told to avoid this mountain of gold, but that does not mean we need to avoid the oil.
  • No one can restrict the meaning of a prediction (sign) to a specific incident without proof.
  • Many of these signs are unseen matters and we may not understand them fully.  We believe in what has been narrated, even if we do not know HOW they will happen.  For example, we do not know if sword equals rifle.
  • No rules in Shariah are conditional to the appearance of any sign of the Day of Judgment.

As the Day of Judgment approaches, the entire system of reality will be different (i.e. time will be longer or shorter).  If we do not understand how something happens, we should not speculate upon it.  We should place our trust in Allah (SWT).

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9 Responses to “Signs of the Day of Judgment”

  1. mustapha mophammad Says:

    i am a muslim and i was really enlighted by your write up masy Allah reward you abundantly .Amin

  2. Abdullah Mikail Says:

    A salaamu alaikum wa rahmat allahu wa barakatu,

    Dear Br. Mustaqim,

    Please expound upon your statement about not decorating our masjids , “Although it may be incorrect to decorate our masjid…”

    It is my understanding that if one is pure and seeks to beautify the masjid so that Allah Sobhanah W’TAllah will be pleased with us then that Allah may decorate our homes in Jannah.

    I have read ahadith to this meaning, although it is not at my finger tips. If you e-mail me I will find it for you, Insha Allah.

    Jazak Allah Khair
    Abdullah Mikail

  3. Wa assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Br Abdullah.

    One of the minor signs of the day of judgement is that people will adorn their masajid. An example of a hadith in reference to this is:

    Abu Dawood [448] narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I have not been commanded to build lofty mosques.” Ibn ‘Abbaas said: You are going to`adorn (mosques) as the Jews and Christians adorn (their places of worship). This hadeeth was classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood.

  4. Sahba Says:

    there is really gud i like the informationn it waz very helpful for meh

    May ALLAH bless youhh people

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  7. Mkhan Says:

    The world (but not the universe) can end because of earthquake, tsunami, meteor strike, nuclear war, supernova, and some other natural or man made disaster. These are however just local ends that have nothing to do with The Day of judgment. End will also not happen on any arbitrary date like December 2012. The end of the universe is an entirely different phenomenon that is built into the laws of the universe by the creator. The contraction of the universe with reversal of time and gravity will commence the beginning of the end which will last for thousands and possibly millions of years. We will be removed from the regressing effects of reversed time as we come back alive in our own time. We will the be taken across many dimensions to beyond this universe. A beautiful natural mechanism that is based on the laws of physics will cause all that to happen. This real end has nothing to do with wishful thinking and predictions of priests or shamans.

  8. Madina Says:

    I am a Muslim and I believe in the Day of Judgment as so should other Muslims because if you are deceased, angels will bring you up from the dead and ask you who’s you prophet, what’s you book, and who is you god.

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