Tawassul through the Prophet (SAW)?

May 10, 2007

Tawassul is defined as that which brings you closer to Allah (SWT). Islamically, it is used as a way to increase the chances of a dua being accepted.

“O you who believe! Do you duty to Allah and fear Him. Seek the means of approach to Him, and strive hard in His Cause as much as you can. So that you may be succesful” (Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran, 5:35)

What are the types of tawassul confirmed by the Quran and Sunnah? They include using the Names and Attribues of Allah (SWT), by mentioning one’s state, past and present (dua of Zakariyyah), by mentioning one’s good deeds (hadith of the men trapped in a cave), and through the dua of a living person. Other types of tawassul are not found in the Quran and Sunnah and are considered innovations and can sometimes lead to shirk!

What about tawassul through the Prophet (SAW)? It is obligatory by following his Sunnah, by loving him, and by defending his honor. However, it is an innovation by asking Allah through his status, body or honor. However a number of scholars (by far still a minority as the majority of scholars were/are still opposed to such acts) have allowed making tawassul through the rights of the Prophet (SAW). Nonetheless, it should be noted that no scholars in the first two hundred years of Islam allowed such as act as it was considered an innovation. Insha’Allah, we will try to answer the evidences that are used as support for tawassul through the status of the Prophet:

  1. The first evidence used is the verse in Surat al-Maida (5:35) that is mentioned above. However, it must be understood that this verse is very general and cannot be used specifically in this issue as a proof.
  2. The second evidence used is the hadith of the blind man: “O Allah! I ask you by your prophet, the prophet of mercy. O Muhammad, I turn to you to (go) my Lord, so grant me my request… O Allah! Accept his intercession for me, and my intercession for him” (Narrated by Ahmed). Before we delve too much into this hadith, let’s try to understand it first. It should be understood that the blind man asked Allah not by the rights of the Prophet, rather the dua of the Prophet. The Prophet’s dua (or interecession as mentioned above) for this man was that he could have sight as the blind man had asked the Prophet to make dua for him. The intercession (dua) for the Prophet that the blind man himself mentions is that the dua of the Prophet be accepted for him. Therefore, the beginning of this hadith where the blind man asks Allah by his prophet is that of asking by the Prophet’s dua, not by the rights of the Prophet as clearly established by the end of the hadith. Therefore, it needs to be understood that tawassul is for the dua of the Prophet (not the rights of the Prophet). This can be confirmed by the fact that none of the other companions made dua through the rights of the Prophet (SAW) afterwards.
  3. The third evidence is the incident of Umar (ra) with Abbaas (ra). During the reign of Umar (ra) rain was needed and Umar said that they used to allow the Prophet to intercede (make tawassul) on their behalf for them to be blessed with rain. But then (since the Prophet had passed away), they asked (made tawassul) through the Prophet’s Uncle, Abbaas who then made dua for the rain (Narrated in Bukhari). This hadith itself is proof that the Sahaba did not make tawassul through the rights of the Prophet (SAW). The Sahaba did not know of such an act (as it would have been considered an innovation). They only did tawassul through means that were lawful to them (such as tawassul through a living person). This is proof that Umar (ra) did not do tawassul through the rights of the Prophet.
  4. Other hadith used as proof for tawassul through the Prophet (SAW) are either extremely weak or fabricated as the authentic hadith used as proofs have been mentioned above.
  5. The fifth evidence used is the fact that people will ask the prophets to help them on the Day of Judgement. Therefore, why can we not ask them now? The answer is simple based on the fact that we are not even in the same state of life. If we were alive and the Prophet (SAW) were alive, we could him to make dua for us. However, we are not currently in the same stage of live as the Prophet (SAW). Furthermore, this proof has nothing to do specifically with asking through the status of Rasoolullah (SAW).

The final point worth mentioning is that even if someone were to make tawassul through the rights of the Prophet, how would that do the one making dua any good as it is not related to the one making dua in his own deeds or state. Therefore, even though the rank of the Prophet (SAW) is high, what right to we have invoke upon that? Instead, we should make tawassul by dua’s such as we love the Prophet (SAW) and thus such and such…


6 Responses to “Tawassul through the Prophet (SAW)?”

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  2. Aboufazel Says:

    salam alaikom –

    you tend to define and intermix the “right” of the Prophet with some sort of independence from the will of Allah (SWT). Those who make tawassul to the prophet do not consider a right fir him …. it is always through Allah and only by Hir permission.

  3. Glory be to ALLAH who give you the strenght and guide you to right way(sunnah) be ALLAH bless you.
    My brother in islam i really impressed with you writing on tawasil especialy the way you present references from Quran and sunnah. pls i invite to visit and also contribute to my blog http://www.prophetdua.blogspot.com thanks

    • JazakAllahkhair for the kind words brother. You are more than welcome to take any and all of writings on this blog and post them on yours without restriction. Feel free to email me if need be (my email is in the About page).

  4. ummyusrah Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum, Is our love of the Prophet greater than his rank?

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