May 3, 2007

So, today, insha’Allah, I’m going to write a couple thoughts of what I consider to be my second famous masjid in this country (after Masjid ul-Haqq, of course).  Masha’Allah, Dar-us-Salaam (www.darussalaam.org) is an awesome masjid.  Located in College Park, Maryland, the community at DUS is absolutely amazing.  The masjid is extremely active.  It is home to The Muslim Link newspaper (www.muslimlinkpaper.com), which is the best Muslim newspaper I’ve came across thus far. 

Furthermore, DUS is also the birthplace of the Al-Maghrib Institute, how cool is that?  I did not live in the community when Shaykh Muhammad Al-Shareef used to live here, but that would have, no doubt, been awesome.  Whenever I come to College Park, I try to visit Dar-us-Salaam, it’s jam-packed with everything.  Alongside the musalla is a full-time store (I believe it’s called Salsbeel) with books, audios, clothes, oils, etc.  Furthermore, the masjid has a halal meat grocery located in the back. 

DUS is also home to the famous Al Huda school, which houses an elementary and middle school.  The Al Huda school is great and one that I would not mind sending my children to (if I had children, of course.  Insha’Allah one day). 

The masjid’s community is what really makes this masjid extremely special.  Everyone is enthusiastic and encouraging and masha’Allah, it seems the average person seems to be a student of knowledge.  The people really make this masjid special.  Imam Safi Khan is amazing.  Even though I’ve only heard him speak a couple of times, he is one of the best speakers I’ve encountered.  I remember the first time I heard his jumah khutbah, I didn’t want it to stop.  He left me wanting more.  Imam Safi, masha’Allah, is really awesome.  He also has an amazing voice.  The brother who leads up the hifz school, Haroon Baqai also has one awesome recitation.  Masha’Allah, this masjid is filled with special people.  Even though Masjid ul-Haqq is my favorite masjid, Dar-us-Salaam is the type of masjid and community in which I wish to, insha’Allah, raise my family in.


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